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  1. I could have sworn to have seen this logo somewhere out there. I can't seem to pinpoint it's origin. I know of a high school that currently uses it but it looks like it is a re-branded logo of a college or professional organization. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. @officeglenn Thank you for that. I thought it had a little expression but after you mentioned it I noticed that it was lacking in that area. Here is the update.
  3. Thank you all for the feedback. I think I am close to figuring this thing out. Here is an update.
  4. I have been working on this concept for a local high school and need some advice on how to finish the eyes. Anyone got some ideas on how to finish up the eyes. Thanks in advance.
  5. But when other teams do it they follow their color scheme. The Thunder seem to have a 'Marlins' color scheme of CMYK, with another color or two. They need to pick two or three colors and run with them. Dark Blue/Navy and Orange. Or their Teal and Orange might be the place to start.
  6. Anybody else think that the Oklahoma City Thunder have a bit of an identity crisis going on right now? I mean it is one thing to have a 'throw-back' or alternate uniform but its also another to have a three totally different home uniforms. Am I crazy in thinking this?
  7. Referring to Seattle set. Why did you decide to drop the "feather" element on the pants and top? Also what about adding a white pinstripe down the middle of the double-stripe around the shoulders? Tie it in with how the two stripes are separated on the left side of the logo. Just curious more than critiquing. Nice job none the less.
  8. Is this whole asymmetrical trend going to stick? It looks like someone either got lazy or they just wanted it to look awful. The Hornets don't look as bad.
  9. There is no reason to put real games in Europe either... so if they want to send games to Europe lets send the Pro Bowl over there. It definitely seems like is all they show up for is a couple of practices and then a half-hearted game, that is getting worse. Other all-star games have a day or night prior to the game where they have skill challenges, why doesn't the NFL? Oh yeah I forgot, Goodell.
  10. Tried what? The Pro Bowl at Super Bowl site? NFL Hawaii?
  11. What if the NFL made a game or two take place in Hawaii every year? Basically the same idea as "NFL Europe" while giving Europe and Hawaii games. Give Hawaii a chance to watch a competitive game instead of the monstrosity that is our current Pro Bowl. I think you could still leave the Pro Bowl at Hawaii or you could move it to different places around the US (not necessarily the same site as the Super Bowl. I don't have the solution to fix the game itself. I do however believe that they should bring back the skills challenge. I remember growing up watching the challenge and then going out to the yard and setting up trash cans or tires and trying to hit them. It's something that isn't stressful or serious in nature but gives the players something to compete at with cash prizes and maybe even money for charities.
  12. I fully expect the NFL to continue with numbers. Yes it's non-traditional in the sports sense but it's the NFL. With that being said I doubt that they will use roman-numerals for a few years seeing as L is not very easy to use. I could see them using Arabic numbers and then possibly going back to roman numerals when it returns to LV or LX.
  13. The details in the head are whats bothering me. The head seems like it could be a touch larger along with more aggression [as LoyolaProp1 stated]. And maybe with the logo that has the work mark you could try setting it below and in front of the ram. Make it look kind of like its coming out from behind the word mark. Otherwise a great start.
  14. This is my first template creation and I really want to make sure that it is correct before I launch it as an editable format. If I get positive remarks from this I will be uploading a template with helmets, pants, socks for all to use. So please let me know if there is something I missed or needs to be cleaned up. I am wondering about the half-loop on the front of the uniform, should I leave it looking like that or should I make it similar to the back?
  15. I doubt that they would want similar colors... do I dare say that one organization needs to buck tradition and try and create a new identity with a new color? Definitely think that the Chargers should emphasize the powder blue. Rams might be the place to change things.
  16. I can confirm that the PDF version, of both templates, will work in Illustrator. There are some errors that appear but all the lines are there and editable.
  17. Maybe try an EPS export as well. I will test them out when you make them available.
  18. The wordmark should have the same arch shape. The 'Seattle' is more arched that the 'Space Rangers.' Other than that I would say you can start on the uniforms.
  19. Unfortunately this SVG file doesn't open in Illustrator.
  20. To add to this... as a good rule for sports logos, and even all logos, you want to limit your colors to no more than 3 colors... so in your case you have Green, Blue and White.
  21. Definitely like the no shadow option. Now it seems like something is supposed to fit into the 'windows' of the space needle... a curve line(s)? The font looks awesome. Don't change anything with that.
  22. Be careful on how you use gradients and bevels. They usually end up creating a muddy look. The logos look great but maybe try and create a flat look (not just for the black & white).
  23. Agreed. Maybe find the most prominent or popular company in each state [example for Washington State could be Amazon].
  24. Where did you get your Nike template?