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  1. The uniforms for this game are already decided, Nebraska will wear these 1997 throwback uniforms. https://twitter.com/HuskerFBNation/status/915208568084635650
  2. Chicago Bulls For the Bulls, I used their script from their Jordan-Era jerseys, and made the jerseys white. Please leave CC. Up next: Cleveland Cavaliers
  3. Any CC before I move on to the Bulls?
  4. Nets v2 Only change was the white panel on the side was changed to blue. Celtics v2 I added the gold to the wordmark/numbers, and some gold/white stripes to the pants. Hornets v2 I completely redesigned the uniform, adding the classic pinstripes that they had from 1989-2002, and changing the wordmark/font to the present-day "Hornets" wordmark/font. Please leave CC. Next up: Chicago Bulls.
  5. Charlotte Hornets For the Hornets, I used their current honeycomb pattern, and their pre-2002 colors. I also put them as the only team to have the Jordan logo on their uniforms, just like Nike did. I couldn't decide between the set with white sides or purple sides, so please tell me which one looks better. Please leave CC for any uniforms in this thread. Next up: Chicago Bulls.
  6. Brooklyn Nets For the Brooklyn Nets, I combined the colors/jersey patern from 1976-1982, with their current font/wordmark. I'm really happy with how it turned out. Please leave CC. Next up: Charlotte Hornets.
  7. It's a combination of the iconic Celtics look that they've almost barely changed from 1946/present, and the 2006 green and gold jersey
  8. Boston Celtics For the Celtics, it was harder for me to come up with something original, because uniform changes have been minimal since their first uniforms. I incorporated more gold in to the uniform, and that was about it for the uniform. Please leave CC. Next up: Brooklyn Nets.
  9. Hello everyone. I am very excited for the NBA to make the move over to Nike this upcoming season. And according to Nike, 8 teams will have throwback uniforms this year. I wanted to take a shot at some throwbacks, but I also wanted to modernize them. I will be posting uniforms for all 30 NBA teams, and maybe the Supersonics/All-Star teams. For uniform references, I used this thread by @eibram . First up,the Atlanta Hawks. Atlanta Hawks For the Hawks, I used a combination of their current color scheme/uniforms, and their Dominique Wilkins-era uniforms. Please leave CC. Next up: Boston Celtics.
  10. Here is the new logo set: The train logo needs more to it, I just can't figure out what it is. I'm really glad with how the wordmarks turned out though. Please leave CC below. Thank you.
  11. The school uses our local university's field for football, which has the university's athletic marks already on the field. So we wouldn't have to change anything there. Our basketball court is pretty plain, other than the sponsor logos, but we would need new paint on the walls and to change the court to fit the new identity. I am in the process of creating a logo using the engine that ran the dinner train right now. Also a wordmark for the rebrand. Thank you for your CC. I'll post the new logo(s) as soon as it's done.
  12. Hello. I am a Freshman at Fremont High School in Fremont, NE. Our school mascot is the Tigers and our colors are black and gold. Our school logo is an exact copy of the Missouri Tigers logo. Recently, our school got a nice little letter in the mail from the University of Missouri telling the school that we need to change our logo. Our school has used this logo since the early 2000's, and we somehow were never caught. Until now. So our school needs a re-brand. I went through things that symbolize Fremont, and the first thing that comes to mind is our former dinner train. the train was opened in 1988. I got the chance to go on it multiple times, but I don't have very much memory of the times because I was pretty young. I used to be a huge fan of trains, so it was pretty awesome that we had a train station/museum in our town. Due to funds for tracks going down, the train was moved to Baldwin City, KS. in 2012. I chose the team name to be the Fremont Express, symbolizing Fremont's rich history with railroading. The colors I chose were a light blue and orange. I was thinking about naming the team "Fever" because the Dinner train was part of the F.E.V.R. (Fremont/Elkhorn Valley Railroad) but I decided against it. I will be doing football first, and basketball after that. I couldn't decide which helmet to use, please feel free to tell me which one you like best. The "F" logo used in the first one is the decal that we used on our helmets in 2011. Now that I see it in blue and orange, I realize it looks almost identical to Florida's "F" logo. I used the last helmet in all of the uniform combinations, because it's the one that I like the most. Please comment on how to improve these concepts. Thank you.
  13. I just saw this, but my god, I wish I could have seen this earlier. This is one of the most well thought out posts I've ever seen. I have done many sim leagues just like this, but none of mine have came close to the level of awesomeness this one has. Great job.
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