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  1. @BbwSofiaRose I did report the fraudulent Twitter account and the Twitter team is working on shutting down that fake account

  2. @7thGypsy If they are pitching like this now in #SpringTraining well before Opening Day, get plenty of aspirin ready

  3. @JeffBezos #DoTheRightThing and please cut ALL of @amazon's ties to the NRA.

  4. RT @SillsChar: Just got off a political conference call town hall meeting with Rod Blum! After bankrupting us and adding $1.3 trillion to o…

  5. RT @PaulMayATL: I will post this again and again until every Trump supporter who voted for this sociopathetic lunatic in the WH gets the me…

  6. @MarianelaTV I wish the people that we send to Congress could allocate more Federal funding for mental health progr… https://t.co/Brn4P1vAGH

  7. #TeamUSA is officially on the board in the medal race at #PyeongChang2018 and for the first time in this Olympics,… https://t.co/d6x1Zpmm3r

  8. Current mood for #PyeongChang2018 https://t.co/DB8HLd0piE

  9. @CHICKatNBCS I liked the Alexa commercial

  10. @PhilHecken At least with the #ProBowl uniforms, it's color vs. color instead of #ColorRush

  11. @EliteRob2914 Ovi keeping up the tradition of Caps winning the Hardest shot at #NHLAllStarWeekend #ALLCAPS

  12. @EliteRob2914 @TheKugman https://t.co/UW2wkbU1IZ

  13. RT @krassenstein: BREAKING: The Senate’s push to OVERRULE Trump's FCC on net neutrality now has 50 votes according to Democrats. Call You…

  14. #RavensFlock be like when the Steelers lose... https://t.co/NZ9UL76T30

  15. @DustNDunlap I would love to see Alabama and Central Florida play each other

  16. @CHICKatNBCS And the other amazing thing is how he wound up at Alabama all the way from Hawaii

  17. #ItsMuellerTime https://t.co/E8ICdJ3UFu

  18. @terpstationmd If the Terps ever make it to the Rose Bowl, Red Ops, White Ops or a special Black Ops with roses?

  19. @Jaredd410 https://t.co/ewcnzWSuo2

  20. @MarianelaTV #FelizNavidad

  21. @rolandsmartin You are always in the know and Black folk nationwide thank you for it

  22. RT @ChrisVanHollen: No kidding, when you borrow $$ to give big corporations a huge tax cut, their profits will go up. In fact, foreign stoc…

  23. Even though I may be part of the #RavensFlock , I hope that @RyanShazier makes a full recovery #Shaleive #Prayfor50 https://t.co/JBeQGUiYfU

  24. @ahmarr23 @GerrySandusky The Bills have to play Miami, who we have the head-to-head tie breaker on, twice with New… https://t.co/qsSU1NxwFC

  25. @Jaredd410 Last week for my @Ravens, someone on twitter actually offered to give his Achilles to Jimmy Smith

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