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  1. @CHICKatCSN Why are the #Terps cursed at QB? This is setting up to be like 2012 when they 5 QB's start

  2. @MarkBledsoe3 @chrisfallica Pretty much?

  3. My thoughts and prayers go out to the residents of the US & British Virgin Islands as well as Puerto Rico for… https://t.co/nEe9ptwwRA

  4. @Chuckles152 Also, the Football Cardinals from Chicago to St. Louis to Arizona

  5. @terpstationmd There has to be a way for drum up some #Heisman hype for Ty Johnson #TyJohnsonForHeisman

  6. You did a good job on Maryland's floor, but traditionally, the out of bounds areas has always been red with white lettering
  7. Can you do both Maryland Football as well as Maryland Men's & Women's Basketball, Baltimore Ravens, Baltimore Orioles, D.C. United, George Washington Men's Basketball, Georgetown Men's Basketball, Washington Capitals, Nationals & Wizards and Newcastle United. Along with the Baltimore Stallions/Montreal Alouettes
  8. RT @Espngreeny: Craig Sager was truly one of a kind. Among the great characters our business has ever known. Deepest sympathies to his fami…

  9. RT @MarianelaTV: Moroccan Mint Tea Latte. My little nighttime treat. A dash of steamed almond milk and a drop of… https://t.co/JjTfALp1oy

  10. @WashWizards #Dagger-@SteveBuckhantz

  11. RT @EmpireFOX: RETWEET if you love #Empire! https://t.co/XtPasUw1Qj

  12. RT @yourfitnessmag: 6 fat-loss secrets (ssshhhh...) https://t.co/ISsUxOtgR4 https://t.co/GTNbF5YO4I

  13. #RebrandWashingtonFootball

  14. @BenKrimmel A big HELL TO THE NO! He still could be disqualified and/or lose in the #ElectoralCollege #StillWithHer #DumpTrump

  15. @SherriEShepherd My faves off that album are "Christmas All Over The World", "All I Want For Christmas (Is My Girl)" & The Joy of Christmas

  16. @GreyCupBound @GreyCupFestival One of these days I will make it to the #GreyCup festival & game

  17. @CollegeGameDay @espn #MICHvsOSU #TheOnlyGameThatMatters in the #B1G #TheGame

  18. The kickers & punters are going to love the thin air tonight #HOUvsOAK #MNF #MiPartidoMiNFL

  19. @WTOP It could pass as snow later on in the winter

  20. @PrettyRedThing @b49e927c85c84a9 https://t.co/N4nHG1e1W6

  21. @rolandsmartin https://t.co/z23QFt99Rf

  22. @SybilWilkes You shut it down this am & very proud of you #Youtellem #Notrump #NotMyPresident

  23. RT @vooda1: ATTENTION VOTERS!!! Do not be intimidated! The law is on your side! https://t.co/iccPXQYLQO

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