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  1. RT @UnrevealedTips: Apologizing doesn't always mean you're wrong and the other person is right. It means you value your relationship more t…

  2. @TheBrooklynLife @MySportsUpdate I like the @Giants #ColorRush. A nice tribute to the '86 Giants

  3. @BaltimoreLuke G.O.A.T.

  4. Hard to believe it's been 15 years since 9/11 happened & sadly, the aftereffects from that morning are still being felt today #NeverForget

  5. RT @Mediameldstudio: Good Mood= Good Food https://t.co/mu9Qfnb6Ji via @HuffPostBlog @MarianelaTV

  6. @PhilHecken @jordangottke No matter if it is the old helmet or the current one, the helmets for @NDFootball are classics in my book

  7. @rthrntn711 @NASCAR Though this throwback scheme is cool, My memorable scheme for the 5 car was the Levi Garrett colors during the mid 80's

  8. @GerrySandusky #RavensBooth If Keenan Reynolds does make the team, will there be any special offensive packages tailored to him?

  9. #RIPMrFuji Probably one of the best managers in professional wrestling, period

  10. @PepeRosas84 To me, it would be a easier way for fans to know who's in the playoffs and who's not and to determine wildcards

  11. @MarianelaTV @TerpsFootball is just nearly a week away against Howard. First DC university the #Terps played in football since 1955 (G.W.)

  12. @mjsmcd I was trying to get football restored at nearby GW & if both Mason and GW have gridiron teams, it would spice things up b4 hoops

  13. @SimonNRicketts Somewhere Vince McMahon is watching...

  14. @KirkHerbstreit Do you think @CoachDurkin will have a successful first year with @TerpsFootball and challenge right away in the Big Ten East

  15. @ESPNCFB @Pitt_FB a neat way to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the 1976 national champs

  16. @reesewaters Cause he's dat ish

  17. @AnatomyMer93 @NBCOlympics And a small portion of the medals that #TeamUSA are winning are coming from the state of Maryland

  18. #RIPJohnSaunders longtime on-air host at ESPN & former sportscaster at WMAR in Baltimore, @ABC2NEWS

  19. @TerrapinHoops #wewantduke

  20. #FakeOlympicHistory @Beakermeeps relit the caldron at the 1976 summer Olympics in Montreal using fireproof paper from Muppet labs

  21. @WTOPFreebies @mosaicdistrict @WTOP @WTOPEnt I'm feeling very Olympic today. How about you?

  22. @rolandsmartin @BuzzFeedNews For Trump to reach out to us black folk... #goodluckwiththat #DumpTrump

  23. @MarianelaTV If you had the once in a lifetime chance to be an Olympian, which sport would you partake in & for which country, #ARG or #USA?

  24. "The truth is.... He's a real liar.... Boom" https://t.co/qHeIbUIWh9

  25. @alex_kirshner but to longtime fans, either PSU, UVA or WVU would be, but GW was also a football rival, but they dropped the sport in 1966

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