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  1. Anything new coming up? This has been a really creative thread, I'd really like to see more.
  2. Well, yeah, but it's still a crown. You can still adhere to Tolkien's design. I admit that his own drawing of it looks a bit odd, but it's not impossible to make it look pretty cool. This picture does a good job of staying true to the master sub-creator's vision while retaining a sense of practicality.
  3. The update is a big improvement. I'll second canucklehead's desire for shoulder numbers, but it looks good. One nitpick is the crown on the shield. Why the departure from Tolkien's design?
  4. The shoulder stripes look a bit out of place for the Blue Jackets. I think a solid shoulder yolk or none at all would be better. There are enough stripes on the jersey as it is. The Oilers look good, but I don't think that they need much of an update. I understand that you want to try something new with them, but they aren't a very modern team and I think that there are several traditional styles that haven't been used that would suit them better. On the flip side, Colorado has the opposite problem. The Avs are definitely a more modern team, but they have so little going on here. It's too bad you changed the blue to navy. Now they just look kinda dull. The colors are so dark that they don't really stand out. The navy blends right into the burgundy. Plus the designs have no pizazz to them. They remind me of recolored Dallas sweaters. I know that you said that you wanted to imitate their stadium series look, but as a primary set these don't have much personality to them. Also, you chose the least interesting logo for their main crest. The awesome ''A'' logo or even the new ''Rockies'' knockoff logo would liven it up a lot. Hurricanes, Hawks, and Flames are all good. Bruins are very good. I hate the design they used for their outdoor game, but by inserting some white, you make it a decent sweater. Buffalo could use some white on the blue jersey, but it won't kill the look if you don't. The Coyotes dark jersey could use a white outline around the logo. The red side of the coyote head blends right into the rest of the uniform. Otherwise, nice job. I look forward to seeing the rest of your concepts.
  5. Dude, if you're going to post something don't half-@$$ it. They are really rushed and it shows. I'll save my critique for whatever design you settle on, but if you want others to take this seriously don't just throw something you made when you were bored at us. I don't have a problem if you want opinions on a few variations, but if your audience is going to be making decisions for you, at least make it look good for their benefit. That being said, I don't see copper being necessary in the way you are using it. I think it can work, just not for this design. When you place it next to the red, they tend to blend into each other especially if seen from a distance. You also use too many stars on the other variations, making it too busy. If these are the given choices, then No Copper and No Stars.
  6. Intriguing, I don't think I've ever seen a Middle-earth hockey concept before. I started one several years ago, but never finished it. Looks like you put a lot of effort into this. As a fanatic for all things Tolkien, I like most of what I see so far. From a hockey standpoint, might I suggest making the celtic/Rohirrim border green on the white jersey? The gold pattern just doesn't show up well against the white uniform and from a distance will look very bare. Or you could keep them gold and add a green stripe behind them. Also, from a practical perspective if the team is wearing gloves then the border on the arms probably won't be very visible if they are that close to the cuff. If you move them up the arms a bit they will be more noticeable. Numbers on the arms will make it look more complete. This is your project so don't feel obliged to change everything, but I do have a couple of suggestions for the team names. Minas Morgul Wraiths rolls off the tongue easier than nazguls. Isengard Wild could be different. Something like: Fighters, Brawlers, Warriors...etc. Forgers isn't a bad name, but Moria Miners has a good ring to it. I'm surprised you don't have Dunedain Rangers or Lorien Sentinals, they seem more worthy to have teams than some of the others. Maybe replace Anduin and Ithilien? Dale Blazers isn't bad, but what about Archers, or even Bowmen (I know you have Bowmen for Ithilien)? Also Mordor Watchers? Like I said, just suggestions... Overall, good ideas, but they could use some tinkering with.
  7. Why is the Bigfoot navy when that color isn't used on any other part of the set?
  8. That ''dated'' logo is the best crest to come out of the 90s. There's a reason that it's one of only two logos from its era to have gone unchanged since its introduction. Can it be updated? Sure, but that also applies to every logo for every team in the league. The ''Rockies'' logo is a knockoff. I wouldn't mind it being used as the primary for a Winter Classic or Stadium Series (heck even a celebration night commemorating Colorado Hockey would be fine), but it's still a knockoff. My main gripe with it, is that the Rockies have no ties whatsoever with the current organization. The only thing they have in common is geography. It would be like the Wild copying the Star's logo or the Jets borrowing elements from the Coyotes. Two separate teams who played in the same place for a time. Plus, we don't need a state wide identity. Playing good hockey will give your state more recognition than finding an excuse to mimic a deduct team, which, by the way, never even had a winning season. The new logo just looks like it's trying too hard to imitate the original Rockies logo without running into copyright issues. Plus the original looks better anyways. A nod to history is fine, great even, but this is simply an inferior design that is out of place. As for the navy working better, well it just isn't true. Burgundy and navy are very dark colors that don't provide a lot of contrast from each other. Mixing the two just looks drab and they don't compliment each other like the burgundy and steel blue. The lighter blue provides contrast with the darker burgundy which is pretty essential in sports. In action, the new 3rds just look like a dark mess with white shoulders. The bugundy doesn't stand out at all and just gets lost in the navy. Other teams that use navy use a brighter red if it's part of their color scheme. Take for example the Rangers and Capitals. The Av's original '96 look worked since the blue was darker and the burgundy was lighter, but it just wasn't easy on the eyes which is why the steel blue and darker burgundy work so well. Not trying to sound snide but what do you know what look I love? For your information, I prefer the Av's look from 1999-2007. There was change there, and it was for the better. But what's this line on ''progress''? What's so great about progress? Change for the sake of change is a terrible argument. Try that line with any original six fan and they'll probably take it very badly. None of those teams did a whole lot of ''evolution or change. Don't take it personally, I'm not attacking you, just stating my opinion which you made an incorrect assumption about. It isn't likely that we will agree,but I'm just clarifying what I believe and why for you. There we go! Much better. It looks really good now and I don't even mind that there aren't any mountain designs on the jerseys. The colors work so much better this way. Personally, I've never liked the removal of black from the Av's color scheme, but the navy works very well in place of it. I really don't have a whole lot to say on the other team designs because they've all been pretty solid so far. Keep it up.
  9. No....! You chose the far inferior logos for Colorado. The ''A'' is so much better looking. Also, why are so many concepts obsessed with choosing navy over the steel blue. It looks so drab with the burgundy. Lighten it up!
  10. Muuuuch better. Good job guys. I'm still a bit unsure of the recolored logo, but overall, I like this.
  11. Hmmm... I like that you guys wanted to do something different, I'm all about thinking outside the box, but taking inspiration from Denver's basketball team? It doesn't really work here. The only times it seems to be acceptable to borrow elements among a city's teams is with Pittsburgh and sometimes Los Angeles. Colorado's teams aren't really connected to each other except for mountain themed imagery and even then its a stretch. Stay away from anything rainbow related, it just looks terrible. It's one thing for the Nuggets, but it was more of a gaudy and garish 60s thing. Of all the Colorado teams to imitate, the Nuggets are the team with the least amount to brag about. One last thing, you're missing the team's strongest logos. The Av's ''A'' crest is the best they have, it's a shame not to have it somewhere on the uniform. The Rockies knockoff logo is one thing, but having the ''c'' logo on the helmet is redundant. Plus it's easily the weakest and most boring logo they have. The Avs are a modern team, perhaps you could come up with something new. It's important to preserve a team's identity and respect its history, but I think a third jersey is a chance to be really creative. As a Colorado native, I like the direction you're going, I'm just not a fan of the execution.
  12. You've still got loose orange pixels in the Duck's logo
  13. Not bad, not bad at all. It would have been nice to see a little variation in design with the third jersey instead of rehashing what you've already done, but not bad. I do like the increase in black, it suits them.
  14. Their Winter Classic logo looked even more similar...
  15. Just thought I'd throw my two cents in on the Panthers redesign. It's not bad... but not great either. I'm really tired of teams trying to look like they are original six teams Tampa, Dallas, Carolina... etc. I mean the Sharks and 'Canes actually ruined their jerseys by trying to look ''classic''. Florida managed to scrape by with a decent look, but just barely. The yellow in the jersey is misused, the blue is underused and it just looks kinda bland. Now they definitely could have done much, much worse and this IS an upgrade over the RBK edge look, but that's not saying much and so many opportunities were missed here.