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  1. One of my favorite phenomenons from this forum is people bragging about how long it takes them to figure out which teams are playing in a game. Do you really not recognize a single player?
  2. The Knicks jersey isn’t on 2k, it’s not on fanatics it’s not on any official social media that I could see. It could be that they’re scrapping it.
  3. Beavers new alternates are gross. consider me
  4. According to Ed Graney of the Las Vegas Review, UNLV is scrapping the new logo.
  5. @noleseveryday we don't exactly need 50 Wikipedia screenshots in this 2017 college football uniform thread.
  6. Only one bfbs home game for the ducks this year?
  7. The Ohio State media guide cover is...interesting
  8. John Ross put this up on snap. looks fake though.
  9. They could, but where would be the fun in that?
  10. With you all the way, but a lot of times the wild helmet designs are not there for safety. They are merely just a way for the company to make the helmet look high tech. Really, it is possible to make a helmet that is safe and good looking.
  11. That Michigan has one of the best and classiest helmets in all of football, and with all of the cutouts and contours on the Schutt f7 that look is compromised.
  12. The new schutt f7 looks like poison for Michigans helmet.?
  13. Just binged this entire thread, great work by the way, any chance we could see the UMBC Retrievers? I've always thought that their dog logo is one of the more underrated in college sports. Hope you keep up the good work!
  14. New Jersey patch on the back of the new Rutgers unis.
  15. Let me know if I'm crazy. Am I the only one who didn't notice the polka dots on the stripe of the Zona road whites?