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  1. I'm rather proud of this one. Its very unique, and combines different eras of ballparks into one.
  2. Yeah. I thought the latest one could look out to an ocean or something. The lack of upper level seats behind the outfield definitely make that possible.
  3. This stadium is in the style of Dodger Stadium. Its symmetrical all around.
  4. That's the exact dimensions I used. And thanks!
  5. I could definitely add dugouts. Thanks for the kind words!
  6. [=] This is stadium #2. It almost semi 's me a little of Yankee Stadium.
  7. This is the same stadium with seating behind home plate in the upper deck. I also realized a football field could fit rather snugly, so I added it in as well.
  8. I totally get what you're saying. I'll fix that soon. Eventually I might do a league with teams. Who knows?
  9. I think this looms good for LA. The A kind of looms like a star, which fits them.
  10. Check out @thealexham's Tweet:
  11. Check out @thealexham's Tweet:
  12. I've had a passion for baseball stadiums so 's I was little. Since then, I've tried my luck for 2 years at drawing my own. As an avid follower of the boards, I admire works like thegiantsfan and his Alton series. From that series, I was inspired to show some of my designs. ec0f86d11408ccb content://media/external/file/13501
  13. Custom baseball stadiums that I hand-draw.
  14. Maybe the Knicks logo could be done. And a wishbone C used by the Reds now, and by the Cubs and Indians in their histories.
  15. Great concepts so far! I love the effort you spend on the branding and the realism of the teams. However, Calgary's "Scottish" third kit actually looks very similar to France's national team's traditional style. To make it look Scottish, maybe try dropping the red socks. Overall, this thread has frat potential. Can't wait to see what you come up with next! Great* potential.
  16. Finally joined the forums. I've been a fan for sooooo long. Keep up the amazing work!