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  1. Thanks for the opinions and feedback. The helmet design is difficult to see from that angle so here is a clearer version. It's just a tweaked version of the winged helmets the team used to wear. http://
  2. Some Oregon concepts for the Alamo Bowl. The program already released its new unis for the game, but I decided to take a stab at it. Put together a black, white, and apple green version. My Instagram account is @SulphurWing6. I have a lot more college and NFL concepts on it. Home: http:// Away: http:// Apple Green: http://
  3. Hm, well the design wouldn't work anymore. I guess the stripes would have to switch back.
  4. I didn't change much with the Packers. All I did was tweak the sleeve striping. So each sleeve has 13 stripes, representing Green Bay's 13 championships. The four yellow stripes stand for each of the franchise's Super Bowl Victories. Home: Away:
  5. Haha the Honolulu Blue is driving me crazy. This is what I think I'm going with: Slightly more saturated than the previous version
  6. Here are the Lions Home: Away:
  7. Here is another version of Houston's away uniform:
  8. I've always felt that the Jets have a great set of uniforms, so redesigning them was a pretty tough task. I tried to keep them as basic as possible and not go overboard. I can't say I'm a huge fan of the slanted number font, but I felt that it goes well with their slanted wordmark. Anyway, here they are: Home: Away:
  9. Well here is a side view of the Texans helmet. The horns on the helmet are supposed to be chrome. I did what I could to represent that as well as I could.
  10. I definitely understand the comments on the Texans concepts. The mismatching shoulder sleeves and number gradient are a bit strange. My goal was to try to come up with something more on the radical side after posting a really conservative Colts concept. But anyway, I'll have to go back and fix the Texans a bit. In the meantime, here are concepts for the Bills: Home: Away:
  11. Here are the Texans:
  12. AWESOME! Thanks mat! Oops that was supposed to be thanks MATE! You're welcome Haha, clever pun and thank you very much!
  13. The Colts concepts are basically the same as their actual uniforms. This one isn't really a redesign, but there are a few tweaks that I made. I added a second stripe on the helmet to match their sleeve striping. I also made their facemask blue and I incorporated a very small dot detail into their shoulder, pant, helmet, and sock sleeves that is intended to reflect the dots on their team logo. Home: Away: It's nearly impossible to notice the stripe details from those images, so here is a closeup that will hopefully help a bit:
  14. Yes, I'll try to come up with something new for them.
  15. Okay, I hear what everyone is saying about the watermark and I agree. I'll be posting another team up soon.
  16. And in the mean time, here is the Saints home and away. Home: Away:
  17. So here is the Titans alternate with light blue socks and a white number outline
  18. Haha, no that's just my mistake. Thanks for letting me know.
  19. Thanks! I'll definitely try out light blue socks and a number outline.
  20. I'll be posting concepts I've been working on in this thread. I tried to make at least a few significant changes to each team's uniforms but there were some that I simply couldn't change outside of a few tweaks here and there. I know that the NFL has a "one helmet" rule, but I decided to ignore that for these designs. Teams will typically have two helmets (one that goes with their home and away uniform and one for their alternate set). Criticism and advice is always welcome. Thanks for reading and first up is the Titans. I've heard rumors that Tennessee plans on switching to dark blue as their primary home jersey, so I set their dark blue set as their home and their light blue one as their alternate. Home: Away: Alternate:
  21. These look great. Especially the jerseys.