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  1. I was told by a Magic official before LAST season began that after THIS season, the Magic would be introducing a new logo set & jerseys. He also showed me the City Edition Jersey so I trust him. That being said - I haven't heard of any updates since then. As a Magic fan/Orlando native, I prefer White at Home, Black on the Road and a Blue alternate. Anything HWC Magic has been such a hot property that they CANT go back to that full-time as it would diminish the novelty and hot market sales.
  2. This year it's the Orlando Magic's 30th anniversary. For the their 10th, 15th & 20th anniversaries they redesigned their jerseys and released an anniversary logo. They also released an anniversary logo for their 25th anniversary but the jerseys remained the same. Their current set is heavily linked to the Dwight Howard era and are long overdue for a revamp. While they plan to wear throwbacks this season, there has been no talk of a jersey redesign and/or anniversary logo. I feel like they've been searching for a suitable replacement from their original set, which will forever remain perfect for throwbacks. They sophomore set was great as well but they only wore them for 5 seasons. They junior sets were forgettable and as a lifelong Magic fan have never been a fan of their current logos/uniforms. Thoughts from you guys?
  3. I guess to be more specific... I'm looking for the Grizz font that has the line going down thru the center!
  4. Thank man! Went to the website but I'm having a hard time locating the Grizz font...Help!
  5. Is there a resource out there that has what I'm looking for? Trying to track down the Grizzlies font! Thanks guys
  6. Thank you Shadojoker. Check out our Instagram: RockEmApparel to see what we did in conjunction with the Warriors and Under Armour!
  7. E-mail sent Those are actually some really nice designs. Thank you Dolphins Dynasty! We actually made socks for a few Dolphins players this year!
  8. Here is an example of what we did for the Hawks...We can sell directly to NBA teams but thats it... We cannot sell direct to consumer without a license but under current NBA terms we are allowed to sell to them using theirs. They can then in turn sell the merchandise at their team shops.
  9. Here is an example of what we did for the Hawks...
  10. Hello all, Do any of you guys have leads on where I can track down style guides for each team? Looking for the most current ones but ones from previous seasons will suffice too. Incase you wondering what this is for... I work for a graphic design company that uses the sock as the canvas. You can currently find our products in the team shops for Warriors/Suns/Mavericks/Magic/Hawks and Bucks. We want to pitch more teams and while the logos on this site help, having the correct color codes and font type help even further! Thank you guys!
  11. They are long overdue for an overhaul. Not very creative for a team that was spawned from scratch.
  12. Question, How much input does ADIDAS and the NBA have on a rebrand? Does the NBA ultimately have to approve of any changes?