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  1. I'm sorry guys for this long waiting, but after my exam, I had trouble being motivated for anything and I had a lot of other things to do but now, I will try to stay constant (at least until the end of August because after, my course restart) !
  2. All of your concepts are awesome. You have very good ideas, specifically NYCFC home kit with the "Man City-Yankees mix" and the Colorado away kit . Orlando kits are beautiful ! Great job !
  3. I also prefer the white helmet/orange facemask for the Bucs. Creamsicle alternate is a lot better than the black one ! The use of the sword as stripes looks great, especially on the red pants ! And the number font is a very good update !
  4. Great logo ! I also prefer the first version of the logo, it looks better than the "white inner circle" version or the "white background" in my opinion ! And the full-bodied bird logo is a very good idea !
  5. I want to say thank you to all of you for the continuing demand for my banners, it's great ! Also, I should work for my exam, so until the end of the month, my production will be slower than actually !