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  1. I agree but i think they wanted to keep aspects of both ERA's , they made the wrong decision but they tried to recreate the JETS concorde on the helmet with the JETS football.
  2. Everyone keeps saying there not Jet uniforms/colors...I think they clearly tried to modernize the 90's era Jets uniforms. As well as trying to keep the current logo, which is why we don't get the concorde on the helmet.
  3. unwatch did mention that the NFL Logo on the neck is wrong should be 100 anniversary....but my guess is that they just put on the regular logo as that patch is only for 1 year.
  4. Jets podcaster said helmet logo is NY with football set behind it. Again who knows can't wait for this to be over.
  5. Well technically it's a German live stream at midnight which is April 2nd
  6. German guy over on Jets Reddit says there is a live stream midnight in Germany (6pm EDT) releasing all the 2019 Draft Hats. My assumption is there just won't be a Jets one but he sent the Youtube link. Maybe we'll see something but my gut reaction says no. https://youtu.be/UhNxcQVzSFg
  7. Oregon numbers came from Connor Hughes from the athletic
  8. It could all be crap but it's better then talking about city flags.
  9. Over on Jets Reddit someone has claimed to see them, described the following. Obviously this is a random Reddit account but they way he describes the names of the colors reads like it's from a press release. "It’s a bold “NY”. The whole set is way more representative of New York City than it is the Jets branding, and I actually really like that. The black set is even a love letter to the “City that never sleeps”. The new colors are “Big Apple Green”, “Jet Black”, and “LimeLight”. It’s definitely different, it’s striking, it’s not like anything in the NFL, and to me looks like a team tired of playing second fiddle ready to, well, embrace the limelight. The numbers are probably my favorite part. Absolutely massive." I asked him where did he get the names of the colors "The press release. “Big Apple Green” is a deep shade of green that is rich but still appears to glow, “Jet Black” is exactly what it sounds like, and “Limelieght” is a bright neon green with an almost yellowish tinge to it." Edit: I hope it's not true, sounds like there going heavy black and ignoring the white.
  10. I'm flattered haha but I did tweet and say they were mine and not real
  11. My last kick at the can, as others pointed out, numbers look like they will be on the shoulder, I added the jet to the helmet and eliminated white on the black alternate, which in retrospect won't look as good with the helmet but that's it. I'm Done!
  12. Pants as well - Someone had mentioned that the Oregon numbers were closer to when Mariota was there, so i went that style. Could be anything honestly. -.
  13. Added the Helmet i did with the previous Jerseys...added that NY as a patch. I wish it was April already sick of wondering haha.
  14. I'm just wildly throwing things out there at this point, but all the FA signings had the Jets hat with NY prominent, as well as all there instagram art has NY prominent. Could they try and do another NY logo (Yankees/Mets/Giants etc) all have a version of NY. The could alter the logo to fit a jet in there somewhere.
  15. I agree but it really seems like they are going to add black, i just hope its minimal. I don't like the Oregon style numbers either, ever since those Bucs jersey's i'm scared to see what Nike does.
  16. I based it off their Color Rush from this year, had similar stripes.
  17. Quick Mock based on Kelly Green/Oregon numbers and Black in Scheme. Obviously very bare bones but just trying to match what Connor Hughes Indicated.
  18. https://imgur.com/a/xFofU82 I recolored the leak very crudely to Kelly Green from Connor Hughes story thing morning.
  19. Raptors announced 2 press conferences today one at 10 another at 1130. Any chances the second one is the jerseys? I don't know why they would introduce carroll and Joseph separately. Teams normally introduce multiple players at once, it wouldnt surprise me with how they operate to just spring it on us.
  20. Never once saw an "E" lol, I think the reason we see the PACMAN in the hawks logo is that it's something we recognize as another object. Even now looking at it and changing my perception of the logo I don't see an "E".
  21. They are the current jerseys, those guys are from NBATV Canada, there just in front of the Store in the ACC, nothing new there.
  22. So very similar to the original mock up after the first detail leak:
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