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  1. They've been doing that since like 2015
  2. Agreed 100%. Rutgers, Michigan State, illinois, Purdue and Northwestern have the worst habit of wearing those stupid, bland white helmets. Ruins their identity, dilutes our otherwise gorgeous league
  3. No black Miami uniforms, no white A&M helmet, ASU is almost back to where they should be and no black for Rutgers. Is Adidas becoming...good?!?!?
  4. Millenials havent been in high school for more than 5 years bro. New generation, not millenials
  5. I remember when people used to post pictures in this thread and it actually served a purpose
  6. oh my god tulane stop now i HAVE to become a fan
  7. maybe he's from 2011 and just woke up thinking Oregon's Rose Bowl helmets are the only chrome helmets to exist?? yeah, let's go with that
  8. and people were giving me a hard time for wondering if Tulane made a beige uni
  9. not ill-advised, actually quite brave but whatever
  10. Those stripes on the pants are beautiful, please please please let this be real
  11. well....Tulane appears to have gotten new uniforms, a few screenshots: I love the shade of green used on this helmet, but.... doesn't appear to match anything else i thought these shots were interesting, they seem tan/cream to me, does anyone know about this? and what should really be their only set