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  1. I really like the Ducks new logo set, however I feel like Carolina's logo is to similar. Out of curiosity can we see the Sabres set with the current logo? Other then that great work I love all the simplistic designs!
  2. Im getting an LA Galaxy vibe from the Real third kits
  3. omg don't let this die that Arizona concept would be the best jerseys/logos in the NHL!!
  4. these have to be the BEST hand drawn concepts i have ever seen, wow, great work
  5. Florida is the best wow I love it. For Ottawa I really like the small addition of gold I think it makes the Sens look a little classier.
  6. I didn't read the other comments so this may have already been covered but I'm gonna ask anyway, Is the ball supposed to be a basketball or is it meant to be a cannon ball?
  7. hahaha this is so unique i love it!!
  8. Maybe Jack Eichel or Sam Reinhart or Rasmus Ristolainen please and thank you!
  9. MontyK17

    IHL 2017

    The SLC concept may be one of the best concepts I've ever seen on this website
  10. MontyK17

    IHL 2017

    I really like the your colour choices on everything so far. I do think you should make the road green and the alt orange.
  11. MontyK17

    IHL 2017

    The blue on the Roadrunner jerseys is a fantastic touch. I like Generals and Ice, both the cities have histories with those names
  12. MontyK17

    IHL 2017

    Great start, did you create some of these city-mascot combos or are they all IHL 90s names?
  13. LA is a thing of beauty! i also really like the gold in the Arizona alternate
  14. Those are stunning. Wow. You did my home town proud!
  15. These are all stunning. Shaping up to be one of the best NFL threads I've ever seen, great work!
  16. MontyK17

    Utah Jazz Logo

    To be fully honest I did not know the Jazz wore those colours ever! the Redesign all look great especially the Purple one its my favourite
  17. MontyK17

    Utah Jazz Logo

    It looks good. One thing is the middle vertical line isn't centre and out of curiosity why didn't you use the Jazz's current colour scheme?
  18. Washington has to be my favourite! amazing job on all of them
  19. i really really like wolfsburg! can you possibly do bournemouth fc? maybe its just me but I hate the crest lol
  20. I like the ALT, great throwback with the new colour scheme
  21. I really like the shoulder yoke on Valencia very creative.
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