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  1. I doubt it is the actual jersey... it reminds me way too much of this two-year-old teamwear shirt:
  2. Here's the picture for anyone not bothered to click: Meh... what's with the silly "A"?
  3. Not so sure about the Wizards,but the rest... yes please,I'd have some of that.
  4. Not a fan of the shorts at all. Overall look: Meh... nice to see the 2015 BFBS went to the bin though.
  5. They're not awful... they just don't have the class needed. They're like unis for a fantasy team in an MLB game.
  6. I actually think the black Clippers uni had potential since the colours go well together,but it was ruined by the awful branding package coming with it.
  7. I haven't competed in any of the events prior,can I compete now?
  8. Erm... I see,it's actually a transparency error. Will update it a bit later into the thread... If anyone has a better quality Quaker logo I'd be thankful if they could send it my way for all versions I found were not this exact logo. For now here's the Crew: Both unis are actually relatively simple,collared uniforms with just a contrasting stripe along the upper back. The away is pretty new,as I decided to use a charcoal grey main colour complete with yellow details and a black collar. I also decided to keep these sponsorless to contribute more to the "classic" look.Up next: FC Dallas,tailored by Umbro (NOT sorry for the pun).
  9. Concept: What if the MLS let each team have their own uniform supplier? This is exactly what this series will be about: Re-hashing MLS 2015 (so no LAFC or Atl Utd sorry!) with each team having their own supplier. I decided to actually limit the teams to four per supplier,so that no brand dominates the league.Five companies (Adidas,Nike,New Balance,Puma and Umbro) each get four MLS teams. The team order is kinda random,it's actually the order my PC displays the .ai files in the folder. First team: The Chicago Fire. Nothing too fancy here,home uniform red with a navy blue crew neck and white chest hoop,road reverses the white and red but has a navy chest hoop and blue shorts as well. Supplied by Puma. Thanks to raysox for the template,which I have adapted to match the brands' 2015 uniform designs and cuts. Up next (probably tomorrow around noon) : The Columbus Crew,supplied by New Balance.
  10. I'm slowly starting to tolerate the Clippers look. Not that I'll ever get to like it,but at least I won't cringe every time I see it. Raptors also have a rather bad current set,but replacing it with something even worse isn't going to do them any favours.
  11. For those hoping for a cream Christmas uni... I regret to announce you I've seen it. And it's green.
  12. The only passable alts are Miami's and OKC's. The others are garbage. The NOLA colours look too much like the Jazz...
  13. Mods or anyone responsible,shut this one down please.
  14. *files ideas for concept use* Having all those decent logos there and ending up using what they did... beyond me.