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  1. Just keep the current logo and bring back the '97 uniforms, including shiny pants. Their current pants are dull and look brown, especially when wet. You can hardly tell the difference between the Browns' pants and the Buccs:
  2. This will be the first time ever that the Bills have worn blue pants against the Giants, according to the GUD:
  3. Maybe they will. The NFL said last year that teams could 'mix and match' their Color Rush eyesores with their other uniforms. What surprises me is that the NFL ever approved the regular brown jersey in the first place, with the numbers being so hard to read. In fact, they were harder to read than the 1984 preseason uniforms, and yet some suits in 2015 thought it looked good.
  4. If Dallas goes to the Super Bowl this year, the Patriots will likely wear their white jerseys to force the Cowboys into their blues.
  5. I get what you're saying, but the NFL doesn't even sell pants, just the jerseys. It would make sense if the Saints stood to make more money sporting the ballerina look...but I think it's a couple of hundred fans voting on Twitter. Never let the inmates run the asylum!
  6. The problem is the people who vote on the uniform combos on Twitter are more likely under 30 and spend their entire lives online, and think that the all-black look is 'dope' or 'rad'. The traditional fans not only don't vote, they probably don't even know that the team allows fans to vote on Twitter...heck, they may not even know what Twitter is.
  7. Not sure about other sports, but in the NFL we almost had: Oakland Senors in 1960 Jacksonville Oilers in late 80s Cleveland Tigers Baltimore Bombers St. Louis Stallions Charlotte Panthers Tampa/St. Pete Buccaneers Minneapolis/St. Paul Vikings The Redskins/Raljon Redskins (JKC threatened to remove any affiliation with the city of Washington at one point)
  8. Sam Wyche is still alive... Oh wait, you mean later and not late.
  9. Why don't the Chargers add light blue pants to wear with their white jerseys this year? They don't need the NFL's approval to add new pants, only jerseys and helmets are subject to the 5-year rule. Remember the gold pants the Ravens suddenly wore back in 2015?
  10. Mods, please move this to The bad.
  11. They look awesome...but I truly hope the Army didn't bring them back due to nostalgia for the last time the USA won a (declared) war.
  12. Dallas Grassy Knolls Houston We Have Problems Los Angeles Riots New York Heroin Needles St Louis Baseball Townies Seattle Grunge (flannel uniforms) Tampa Bay Devil Rays DC Gridlock
  13. Maybe the 49ers were trying to create an "alternate Color Rush." (Which just means shoehorning black into a uniform in any way possible. It's the ongoing 'Any Given Sunday-ization' of the NFL...the uniforms in that movie were amateurish at best, but NFL players seems to think all-black unis are "dope" and "sick") (By the way, that 49ers BFBS uniform is one of the worst in history, bar none. The fact that this uniform was even approved by the NFL shows how poor their quality control has become over the years. The jersey ##s were unreadable, especially during night games. Same thing happened with the Browns jerseys from 2015...WTF is going on at NFL HQ?