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  1. MOD EDIT: Stop trolling this thread by trying to inject politics into it unnecessarily.
  2. It's only a matter of time before cancel culture comes to Dallas. After all, Cowboys murdered thousands of American Indians. While they shouldn't have to change their name, they should have to disown the 'America's Team' moniker which they so graciously dubbed themselves in 1976...after losing the Super Bowl to the Steelers. If any team has a 'right' to call themselves 'America's Team' it should be the Patriots.
  3. Because at the end of the day the owners only care about fans when their wallets are being threatened. Many owners think it's fine to change unis every 5 years or so to force the fans to shell out more of their hard-earned money that goes straight into a billionaire's pocket. And they only change back to the original uniforms and claim they "listened to the fans" when it becomes apparent that their newfangled uniforms are HATED and are not flying off the shelves (like the Bucs and Browns)...because owners have yet to understand that fans are actually thinking human beings and can tell when they're being taken for a ride. Looks like Arthur Blank has yet to realize that, but probably will by 2025 when fans have been clamoring for 5 years for a return to their old unis...that's my prediction for 2025, and I'll add the Rams to that too.
  4. I'll second/third that notion. Just imagine...Snyder could have saved himself all this grief if he had actually gotten in front of the name change years ago. He could have said "we want to eventually change the name with input from our fans"...and because he didn't his team is stuck with a blank helmet with no name for this season. Since he clearly wasn't capable of thinking in this manner to begin with, he deep-sixed the identity of one of the oldest franchises in the NFL. He's only agreed to change the name now because of his multi billion dollar sponsors who were threatening to pull out...that says a lot about his character. Of course, the harassment of 15 female employees on his watch also says a lot about his character.
  5. [MOD EDIT: Trolling and attempting to derail. Per this post, review is underway for disciplinary action.] Seriously, I think Washington Gridlock would make the most sense.
  6. Wasn't Red Clouds a possible name? I think Red Hawks or Wolves are also passable, while Warriors is far too generic. Anything affiliated with our incompetent federal government (Federals, Senators, etc.) is right out. A proud team should not want to be affiliated with greed, avarice, and cronyism.
  7. That's right, all the Navy admirals would complain and threaten not to participate in the national anthem.
  8. That's true, but I do believe that the throwback jerseys were outselling the 'newfangled' ones for each of those teams...if that were not the case, they would likely have kept the more current uniforms.
  9. You nailed it, and this is the problem with letting players, who are with a team only 4-5 years on average, have input to a team's uniform while not soliciting input from the fanbase who has been there since the team's inception. Perhaps this explains why so many recent rebrandings have been undone (Jaguars, Buccaneers, Browns, Bills, Vikings) and reverted to more conservative designs. Maybe it's because most of the current players in the NFL grew up watching "Any Given Sunday" which heavily featured all-black unitard uniforms.
  10. I'm hoping the Cowboys wear their blue jerseys at home vs. the Steelers, since the last 16 meetings between the two have been white vs. black. You have to go back to 1969 when the Steelers wore white at home vs. the Cowboys to find that particular matchup.
  11. And that's the problem, and why we wind up with dumpster fires like these new Falcons uniforms. Players shouldn't have any say in the uniform, especially considering the average career is only 4 years, and most players wind up playing for more than one team during their career. It's the FANS who should have input, and it's quite clear that the new/old Buccaneers and Browns uniforms came about because they listened to the fans and undid their ridiculous player-sanctioned uniforms. I suspect we'll see the same with the Falcons and Rams in 2025. What is it with players wanting to be dressed head to toe in one color? There's nothing unique about it if everybody is doing it, and if anything it is bad for branding. Maybe that's why the Yankees haven't changed anything since 1927...
  12. You mean the Rams had a process??!? They could've fooled me...
  13. The Patriots had new uniforms in 1993, 1994, and 1995. I'm guessing this was before the NFL put in its 5-year rule on uniform changes. It's not a good sign that teams like the Browns and Jaguars have consistently made changes every 5-6 years since then. I'm waiting for the new Rams and Falcons uniforms in 2025, personally...
  14. Right now it's still just a rumor, but supposedly they are going to vote on it for the 2021 season. I hope it passes, since there's never been any conclusive evidence that wearing more than one helmet in a season leads to more concussions...I think this was just a CYA move on the NFL's part, and many people have moved on past the CTE issue. Colleges and high schools wear more than one helmet in a year, and NFL players who break theirs are allowed a new one, so the rule never made much sense. I'm hoping they rescind the rule, which would allow our favorite throwback uniforms on the field once again: 76-96 Buccaneers 60s-90s Patriots 66-70 Falcons 60-63 Cowboys 68-96 Broncos 54-55 Colts 65-77 Jets 74-96 Eagles 63 Steelers 74-87 Chargers 62-63 49ers 76-01 Seahawks 99-17 Titans / 75-98 Oilers 65-69 Redskins
  15. Why not just ditch the white entirely, and go with a sandy brown/khaki color since they're in the desert? Bring back the 1990-95 style uniforms with khaki, and fix the red jerseys so they match the white ones (black borders around ##s, logo/flag on sleeve, TV numbers on shoulders.)
  16. Just replace the word "Christmas" in this cartoon with "LA Chargers Uniform Unveiling"
  17. That's because they never bothered to ask anyone, other than 15or 20 Gen-Z Twitter posters. Sounds like Arthur Blank saying the Falcons rebrand was because they "listened to their fans"...if that's true, Blank must not really like the fans. Wouldn't surprise me if Johnson is one of those non-uni guys who never even noticed that the Browns had orange pants before.
  18. Based on the underwhelming response to the Falcons new unis, it sounds like the Rams are really going to screw this up. I'm guessing they are going mono-blue like the Seahawks and mono-white for road games, and ditching the yellow pants entirely.
  19. With the Browns now basically going the 'updated throwback' route, that marks the 7th time since 2009 a team has ditched new threads to basically do the same. It also follows a trend of Nike-fied looks not lasting very long: 2009 49ers (previous look lasted 13 years, wasn't Nike) 2011 Bills (previous look lasted 9 years, wasn't Nike) 2013 Vikings (previous look lasted 7 years, wasn't Nike) 2018 Jaguars (previous look lasted 5 years) 2019 Jets (previous look lasted 21 years, wasn't Nike) 2020 Buccaneers (previous look lasted 6 years) 2020 Falcons (previous look lasted 17 years, wasn't Nike) 2020 Browns (previous look lasted 5 years) Doesn't say much about Nike's rebranding efforts, does it? It's likely in 2025 I can add the Falcons to this list after they "listen to the fans" and go back their 80s or 90s look.
  20. The Falcons COULD add silver pants relatively easily...after all, the NFL doesn't require the 5-year process for pants. The Saints white pants from last year and the Ravens one-game gold pants from 2015 come to mind.
  21. That's actually the way it should be. As it stands now, it looks ridiculous for one team to be wearing a throwback and another team using their regular uniforms.
  22. It's about time, since the NFL never really provided any kind of evidence that using more than one helmet led to more concussions...it was purely a CYA move on their part. So long as it allows these teams to use proper throwbacks from now on, I'm all for it: Patriots (white) Jets (white) Steelers (yellow...er, I mean athletic gold) Colts (blue) Titans (white) Broncos (light blue or orange) Chargers (navy blue) Cowboys (white) Eagles (green) Redskins (dark maroon) Buccaneers (white) Falcons (red...or black if they go red with new design) Seahawks (silver)
  23. Thank you for that. I wish everyone in the world would adopt this as their personal worldview...maybe there'd be a lot less rancor and disharmony in society.
  24. Who wants to start the countdown to the Rams 2025 uniform change?
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