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  1. Next up, we have Senegal, Denmark, Serbia, and Iceland. Senegal Home Away Denmark Home Away Serbia Home Home Alt. Away Iceland Home Away
  2. Okay, next I have Argentina, Iran, and Nigeria. Argentina Home Away Iran Home Away Nigeria Home Away
  3. Thank you! Yes absolutely, once I've finished with all the World Cup kits.
  4. I was actually partially inspired by the obsidian away kit from 2010, did not realize Polish fans weren't happy with it.
  5. Next up we have Sweden, Poland, and Belgium Sweden Home Away Poland Home Away Belgium Home Home Alt Away
  6. I would be happy to do all 3. I'm still working on finishing up the World Cup teams, then I will move back to club teams.
  7. Wow, thanks so much! Yeah, it gets a little discouraging when nobody leaves any feedback. That being said, I have no intentions of stopping with this series, glad you're enjoying it.
  8. Next up I will be showing off Peru, Australia, and Mexico. Peru Home Away Australia Home Away Mexico Home Away
  9. With the World Cup fast approaching, I'd like to resurrect this thread. Today I'm presenting England and South Korea. England Home Away South Korea Home Away
  10. Now for France, Egypt, and the hosts, Russia. France Home Home Alt. Away Egypt Home Away Russia Home Home Alt. Away Away Alt.
  11. Now for Portugal, Spain, and Croatia. Portugal Home Away Away Alt. Spain Home Home Alt. Away Croatia Home Home Alt. Away
  12. With the World Cup approaching, many of the kits have been revealed. However, I have some concepts that I would have rather seen. First up we have Germany, Brazil, and Japan. Germany Home Away Brazil Home Away Japan Home Away
  13. Next up, Tranmere Rovers. From what I've seen of Tranmere, they've got a very classy kit history, I wanted to keep that going so I created a very understated home kit with subtle white pinstripes. The away is a little more fun, purple with gold hoops, and the third is a rather plain royal blue with red trim and white hooped socks. Home Away Third
  14. There have been a few requests for Mönchengladbach, they've always had really nice colours of white, black, and kelly green. Their last few home kits from Kappa have been devoid of green though, so I thought the switch to PUMA would be a good chance to bring green back for Die Folhen. Home Away Third