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  1. They're more Culver City, but I digress.
  2. Felt this was going to happen since Rovell leaked the uniform this summer, but Northwestern announced its wearing its gothic uniform for Friday night's matchup against Ohio State. There are some small changes from the last set thanks to a template change (as outlined here). And personally, I'm thrilled that I get to see (and shoot) these in person after Nebraska failed to give me their black alternates a few weeks back. It is a bit ironic the poem they used in the teaser talks about putting up a fight against death, though.
  3. The set I was referring to is the second photo, which has a primarily white waistband with a blue stripe. The new set is the inverse of that with a mostly blue waistband with a white stripe. I certainly could have phrased it better, so I've updated the story.
  4. I mentioned that as a possibility in the article Ry responded to, as well.
  5. It was actually discussed several pages back, but here's a good look courtesy @college_logos on Twitter.
  6. Not that money is an issue with many of these programs, but they're probably holding off until next year when they can switch to the Vapor Fusion template. After all, they're still wearing the Mach Speed template. Swapping out the numbers on the current set would be time consuming, and making all new uniforms for one season (while Oregon rides out its exclusive year) only to update again next year would be stupid financially.
  7. But thunder is the sound...
  8. Boston College’s “School Heritage” uniform is absolutely no different than the Flutie-era throwbacks they wore last year, aside from the updated template. Even if it’s not new, don’t be surprised if the Roth set is “repurposed” in the same way.
  9. Per Cincinnati's release (, it's just the following 13 schools: Boston College, Cal, Cincinnati, Colorado State, Maryland, Navy, Northwestern, Notre Dame, South Carolina, Temple, Texas Tech, Utah and Wisconsin.
  10. That's the key. Utah only wore silver helmets and pants in 1966-67. FWIW, we're still waiting on Cal, Colorado State, Navy, Temple and Texas Tech.
  11. That leaves the Packers as the only team in the league not wearing the Elite 51 or Vapor Untouchable templates.
  12. The green space in the end zone looks bad. Just make the entire sideline and back of the end zone white and fill it in entirely. That's always been one thing that bothered me about the Rose Bowl, for example. If you really want to fill in that area, use the team's secondary color. I know some teams (like Arkansas or Tennessee, with it's checkerboard pattern) don't have one, though.
  13. It’s been entertaining to see this make the rounds today like it wasn’t unveiled back in April.