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  1. Would love to see former Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins lead the Washington Sentinels to the playoffs just like former Ohio State quarterback Shane Falco did 20 years ago. (sarcasm, of course) I’m actually all-in on the Redtails. Can keep the colors and HTTR fight song, while actually honoring a group of people.
  2. It appears they're allowing teams to use their home courts for practice:
  3. Vegas gold, but you already knew that. And that same issue plagued uniforms long ago (see the old Saints photos on the previous page) and still continue to plague uniforms today because of the different materials used for helmet, jersey, pants and socks. Some colors and shades just hide it better than others.
  4. Clearly an unpopular opinion here, but I much prefer the current shade of gold.
  5. Growing up in Ohio, I’ve always said Miami (Ohio) and Miami (FL) or added their nicknames for clarity.
  6. My wife says to me as I'm writing the article on the front page last night: "Why does it look like an IUD." Now I can't unsee it.
  7. Is it happening. Just wait a few months. (Well, pandemic permitting.)
  8. Their 1998-2013 look was easily my favorite because of that pattern and its subtle application on the collar and sleeve cuffs. It only got better when the numbers were changed from screenprinted to tackle twill, too. The addition of FSU under the collar in 2011 wasn’t necessarily needed, but not something I minded too much. I wish we could have seen that look on the Vapor Untouchable template rather than the older mesh templates (like the Destroyer in the Jameis Winston photo), though.
  9. The pattern isn’t the issue. It’s that the Mach Speed template brings the pattern to an abrupt stop rather than all the way down to the point if the collar (like it did on the Hypercool template when the set was initially unveiled).
  10. *copies and pastes lyrics to Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s “Bone, Bone, Bone”*
  11. What if that is what has been holding the Buccaneers for the last six years?
  12. Please tell me this means they're going to dump a Gatorade cooler full of mayonnaise on the winning head coach.
  13. We’ll have to agree to disagree. I personally felt the Rams lacked cohesion with white horns on their helmet and gold-trimmed uniforms, while the Falcons uniforms were too busy. Black as their primary look is also much better than red, especially when paired with a black helmet.
  14. Their 2018 and 2019 matchups would like a word.
  15. They should have just made the Nike Swoosh on both sleeves orange to match the amount of orange used in the logo on the pewter helmet. Seems like a proportional amount.
  16. Conversely, I think they look fantastic in the new Madden trailer and in this additional clip:
  17. It’s clear some of you have never been to an AAU tournament.
  18. I'm not privy to Kansas State's apparel and merchandise contracts, but I find it interesting the on-field uniforms are made by Nike but the retail replicas are produced by Champion.
  19. It's definitely the least visually jarring of the non-traditional turf fields (though I love them all equally).
  20. We're in discussions about how we can best show all of the submissions, but all of those done through social media can be seen by searching the hashtag #ArizonaCardinalsRedesign. And, of course, you can feel free to share yours here!
  21. I mentioned this in my article on the front page, but I honestly think one will be gold (an updated version of the Color Rush set) and the other either black or a very dark navy blue (Hollywood Nights kind of concept, if you will) with a corresponding helmet given the inevitable relaxed one-helmet rule. The gradient thing was obviously tongue in cheek.
  22. A great turnout with many great concepts. Excited to share the results!
  23. I do think there’s a difference between simply creating a logo and creating a brand for these kids, though. The logos are cool for signing day graphics and what not, but it’s more important to create something that has staying power. As I sort of alluded to, Ohio State has been doing this Brand “U” program for a few years now, which was established by their former creative director Sammy Silverman, where they work with the kids through the recruiting process and once they’re on campus to create a brand and teach them how to market themselves once they leave college. That will surely factor into the name, imagine and likeness conversation.
  24. That's a fair of assessment of the RCA Dome, but Indianapolis is a tremendously underrated city and Lucas Oil Stadium is among the nicest in the NFL. I love going there for the Big Ten Championship.