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  1. The logos are really nice! I also like the uniforms a lot. I am a huge fan of light blue, and I really wanted the Clippers to go with it in their redesign, but you know. This would bring light blue to the NBA, which is pretty nice, and definitely would improve the quality of the league.
  2. Empire NY!!! I could see it happening, we're pretty stacked. I'm actually really hyped for this to kick off, the NFL style group charts got me pumped. The zoomed in logos and the solid color background makes it look like something you would see on TV, and really looks sharp. Great work.
  3. Missed the last couple posts, but I really like what has happened from the last I have seen. This is a really good series.Will you do a NYR NJD (too lazy to type the full names) rivalry series?
  4. I like the Revolutionary War inspiration for the NE region. It really fit the area well. Nice work. My only complaint would be to add blue, since it is on the flag. Drop yellow.
  5. I'm pretty sure Dallas does. Yeah, Dallas does. But I really like that cream away. I think they should seriously switch to something like this full time. Habs look good, believe it or not. I actually really like the blue away.
  6. This is so cool! Loving Abidjan! Keep up the great work.
  7. I really love the white one. That is awesome, and I like the design and helmet. With the new one, I would add the horns on the sleeves. It is such a classic look, and really makes the Rams' stuff special. After that, I would make a yellow alternate, basically just the color rush from this year. I really liked that uniform, and I feel that it would really complement the whole set that you made. Of course, the NFL has to ruin all the fun with the one helmet rule, basically killing this idea, but this really would be cool and would totally be an awesome set in LA.
  8. jrcollis714

    Noir's MLB

    All of these are great except for the Braves and the Red Sox. I love what you did with the Braves and the veteran image, but I think that it is a little sloppy. And with the Sox, the gray really muddies it up, and ruins all tradition.
  9. jrcollis714

    LA Rams

    This is really nice. I like the old scheme too, and would want to see it in LA. My only complaint would be to add some white to the primary. Maybe just on the facial features. That would be cool, and would improve the logo by toning it down a bit.
  10. OMG. I was going to list a top three, but they just keep getting better. Shoutout to Saporro, Edmonton, Cleveland, and Moscow for just wowing me.
  11. This is really nice! Just a few minor changes, and you got a great series going on! Eliminate the 90's Flames on Calgary's alternate. Yeesh. Also, eliminate the alternate logo going along the waistband on Florida. Otherwise, this is absolutley gorgeous.
  12. Great start in the NE division.
  13. Completely agreed. Nice work. Maybe just make an alternate with just the head, like their current primary.
  14. This is really nice. I love that alternate helmet, and seeing it in an all green set really improves how it looks. Nice work.