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  1. These are all really cool. Can't wait for the Subway Series!
  2. Nice work. I like how the teal complements the red, and I like where you moved the gradient, from the top of the hat to the brim. I also like the fact that the snakeskin pattern is a similar color to the actual uniform, creating a less eye-hurting design. Good work.
  3. I love cream (referred to as wheat here), and I thought that I would hate this when I heard you got rid of it, but it actually isn't bad. Nice work.
  4. This is so wrong but so right. I like the logos, but it just feels wrong to change this identity. Not that I have anything against you logos/uniforms, which are great, its just that they feel so strange without the classic chief.
  5. Sweet. You definitely upgraded, it but not too much, which is a good thing. Solid work.
  6. BTW, Packers fans, Dez caught the ball. Anyway, nice update. This is more modern and, in my opinion, is very needed. Good work.
  7. I like this work so far. The gears on the alternate are a clever touch! My only concern would be that football probably would never pass soccer (I sound like an American but I don't want to confuse you with multiple "footballs"). Anyway, the Serie A will always be more prominent in Italy.
  8. I agree with the color scheme as well. I also like the howling wolf logo, so this is good. My only complaint is that I would create a new, more modern logo to work better with it.
  9. These are so cool! Great work. This gives a more Ranger-esqe feel, and it captures Texas. Cool set.
  10. This is a nice set, but I don't think it casts a fierce mood.
  11. This is really great. I would love to see this in the NBA, but change the R so it doesn't look like an A.
  12. I really like this a lot. All of these are really cool and they usher in a new era to the league.
  13. This is a phenomenal concept! I definitely will be following this series.
  14. I like these a lot without the current logo. I think it is becoming way too dated, and this logo is nice. I love the yeti foot logo, and I think taht this would be perfect if the yeti foot was on the shoulders of your set with the Rockies logo. Otherwise, great work.
  15. Please no!!!!! I really hope that Adidas doesn't ruin some of the NHL's classic sweaters. I hate to think that ads and stripes will be on my Rangers' classic uniforms.
  16. Sorry to hear about being struck by lightning, but this is very good work.
  17. This is a nice start. I like how you brought purple back, and the font works well with the logo itself. Good work.
  18. I like your look a lot! I also think, however, that the "TC" should stay the same. Nice job, though!
  19. I like the double blue too, but this looks sharp. Maybe straighten the wordmark on the alternate, and then you have a fantastic Jets concepts. 2 and 4 are the best alternates. Carolina lokks good, I really like the alt.
  20. This is really interesting. I like them all so far, can't wait to see more.
  21. All of the unis have something great. Seattle has the trees in the striping, Portland has a great color scheme for the city adn simplicity that makes it awesome, and Halifax has a really good striping pattern. Only thing is in the title for Halifax it says Hafilax. lol
  22. This si absolutely phenominal work!!! Keep it up. I would like to see Las Vegas Silver Bullets next.
  23. Totally summed it up. Also not very clear what it is.
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