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  1. Nice work. I like how the teal complements the red, and I like where you moved the gradient, from the top of the hat to the brim. I also like the fact that the snakeskin pattern is a similar color to the actual uniform, creating a less eye-hurting design. Good work.

  2. I like these a lot without the current logo. I think it is becoming way too dated, and this logo is nice. I love the yeti foot logo, and I think taht this would be perfect if the yeti foot was on the shoulders of your set with the Rockies logo. Otherwise, great work.

  3. Sorry but I love the double blue to be honest, but the striping's a bit better (especially on the roads)

    I like the double blue too, but this looks sharp. Maybe straighten the wordmark on the alternate, and then you have a fantastic Jets concepts. 2 and 4 are the best alternates. Carolina lokks good, I really like the alt.

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