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  1. Sorry about that... I accidentally shrunk it to half it's original size. I will try to fix it to make it bigger, I have been having some trouble.
  2. Below is the new layout of the two leagues after expansion and relocation as of 1930, along with each league's early logo. Stay tuned for more Timeline and some team's primary logos coming soon. Please feel free to leave feedback and suggestions.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I decided to change the Orcas to the Killer Whales, maybe it will change later on. I also like your idea for the North Stars. Thanks.
  4. The NFL started off with teams in Canton and Dayton and Akron. The NBA once had teams in Sheboygan and Fort Wayne. Those would never actually be able to support modern day teams. All great leagues start with small cities. If you read the timeline, Bangor relocated to Rochester, a much bigger market. Eventually, I will have a league full of big market teams.
  5. I love the Rockets and the Flyers is sick
  6. Timeline The Early Years: 1917-1930 October 10, 1917: The first season of the CHA begins. Each team plays 16 games. The Boston Colonials finish with the best record, 14-1-1 and go on to win the first Kean Cup, named for founder Alfred Kean. The Colonials defeated the Moncton Maroons 3 games to none in a best of 5 series. The first season has an average attendance of 4,365 per game. October 12, 1920: The first season of the PHL begins. Each team plays 24 games. The Victoria Thunderbirds finish with the best record, 19-3-2 and go on to lose 9-1 to the lowest seed in the playoffs, the Portland Pioneers in the Steller Cup championship game. The Steller cup is named for founder Frederic Steller as well as the Steller's Jay, a symbol of British Columbia. The first season has an average attendance of 2,990 per game. 1923: The Kelowna Kermodes of the PHL relocate to Calgary and become the Mavericks after 3 years of having attendance around 500 per game and having the worst record in the league. 1925: The CHA undergoes it's first league changes. The Bangor Blue Stockings relocate to Rochester, New York due to low attendance; The Moncton Maroons Relocate to Montreal and become the Monarchs because the league believes there will be more success in Montreal; 2 expansion teams are added: the Toronto Giants and the New York Metropolitans. 1926: The Spokane Chiefs of the PHL relocate to Edmonton and become the North Stars after being sold to Carl Morris. October 9, 1927: The 10th CHA season begins. Each team plays 24 games. Average attendance in the CHA reaches 7,500 per game October 1, 1930: Francis Hillen purchases the Victoria Thunderbirds right before the 10th PHL season and brings them to his hometown of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. However, the team is unable to find an arena agreement and Hillen instead decides to move them north to Saskatoon and they become the Bucks. Stay tuned for the next post, where I will update the map and show the logos for the two leagues and maybe some teams. Please feel free to give feedback and suggestions.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. Maybe you're right, I chose that name because of the Native American legend in that area. If I were to change the name, what would you suggest?
  8. I've created an alternate history of what would become today's equivalent to the NHL. It all starts with two independent leagues, the Continental Hockey Association(CHA) and the Pacific Hockey League(PHL) The CHA, founded in Quebec City in 1917 began with 6 teams across New England and Eastern Canada. The PHL, founded in Vancouver in 1920 began with 6 teams across British Columbia, Washington and Oregon. This thread will give a timeline of the expansion and eventual merging of these two leagues with logos that I have created for the teams. Please feel free to give feedback and criticism. First I will give you a chart that shows the teams in the CHA and PHL and the map above. CHA North Division Quebec City Harfangs Moncton Maroons Halifax Citadels South Division Bangor Blue Stockings Portland Lobsters Boston Colonials PHL North Division Vancouver Killer Whales Victoria Thunderbirds Kelowna Kermodes South Division Seattle Cascades Spokane Chiefs Portland Pioneers I will start the Timeline in the next post and start incorporating logos. In the meantime feel free to give feedback and suggestions.
  9. With Springfield, MA, you can reference armor because I believe there is/was an armory there. With Toledo you could reference the city's nickname: Frogtown. It was built on top of a swamp and was infested with frogs in it's early days. Madison is surrounded by lakes. Hope this helps a bit.
  10. Cincinnati doesn't have any particularly distinct characteristics to give it an obvious team name. Also Cleveland.