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  1. it is very very bad, but probably not the worst we will ever see, some school will probably come out with something before next year.
  2. i honestly don't see Brady getting suspended, or if he does he'll appeal and it will go by the letter of the rule which states that altering of the balls is a 25k fine and that is it. maybe they might do something like a 25k fine per ball or something but that is it.
  3. the mountains are too realistic, what made the 90's uniforms so good is that they were simple but still looked like mountains
  4. im guessing a Cleveland like update to the logo, that most people won't notice, like a dropping of the block around the circle
  5. Is Pepe Reina wearing his socks inside out (and backwards)? maybe they are new cleats, and he's wearing them inside out to prevent blisters. I know it helps me when I'm breaking in a new pair of boots.
  6. Hate the chrome facemasks but actually don't mind the mirror finish and really like the white helmet. But why are the KU logos different? Looks like they used bold for the white helmet... I think they are the same it's just the red bleeding into the blue that is making it look different, and yes the chrome facemasks are ugly
  7. IMO, violating the salary cap is on the league for allowing it. Unless I'm wrong, the league has to approve each and every contract. They should be able to track things just as well as each team's cap guy. the salary cap thing was pretty much guys like elway and terrell davis getting paid under the table outside of their contracts, so the league did have no knowledge of that.