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  1. new purples are out
  2. It looks very much like the uniform that the LA Pama Cyclones Pro Roller Hockey team have worn for the past couple of years
  3. I assumed the three mountains represented the Vancouver North Shore mountains; Seymour, Cypress and Grouse
  4. That stitching is the Nike flywire, so in theory it ought to be lighter; as they can use a thinner, more breathable mesh. In addition with the flywire it will be stronger too.
  5. looking forward to seeing the rest of these!
  6. As the title suggests
  7. {click to enlarge} AWESOME!!!! thanks so much!
  8. Is this essentially the NFL's version of the Reebok edge uniforms?
  9. valid point on the melting pot culture, but maybe the VANOC native angle (with the inukshuk logo etc....) that seems to have been taken may have been the reason why this particular design was chosen? Who apart from Hockey Canada if at all were involved in the design and final decision? IOC, VANOC? Might explain the design perhaps.
  10. I totally agree that an England team doesn't need to contain the st george's cross, the lion is just as representative and as Davidson clearly showed it works for most other sports team. However, i do see why calling it England monarchs and using a union flag irks a few people edited for typo
  11. These keep getting better, even if some of them aren't 'my' teams
  12. dcameronh thanks for making the new topic and posting the link. Eklund has a few other rather fuzzy pictures taken on his cellphone i would assume. Here is one of the blue and white teams at center ice:
  13. curtosy of Eklund's twitter:
  14. team USA are being unveild officially as I type
  15. will have live streaming video of the unveiling from thunderbird arena.