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  1. When I first saw that I thought it was some sort of mistake. It's alright, probably could use an outline around the white oval.
  2. I really thought they couldn’t do any worse... the “slime” moniker adds that last bit of vomit-inducing nonsense to this whole... thing. That helmet does not look good on it either.
  3. I don't know if I have said this before (I probably have), but I think the Rams' helmet is one of the best looking in the NFL, split horn and all. Considering how many teams across college and high school sports have carbon copied the ram horn decal, it makes sense that LA would want to separate theirs a little bit and reclaim the design. The split adds a nice touch without getting too different, and on the metallic blue shell it looks fantastic (wish I could say that about the rest of the uniform).
  4. Denver's Red Rocks Amphitheatre would like to have a word with you... On that note, I think if the Nuggets wanted to do a red-colored uniform, it should have been something different. I would have loved to see a yellow or royal blue skyline uniform with the current color scheme, or something more in line with a throwback-inspired rainbow skyline. Red Rock Amphitheatre's logo would have made the perfect base for a red uniform:
  5. Or maybe just drop black all together. Huskers are a total of 0-4 in black jerseys/uniforms.
  6. Believe me Pistons, that motor you are talking about sputtered out a long time ago. Stop with the unimaginative Motor City idea.
  7. Looks like Nebraska is going black-on-black against Illinois. Certainly a surprise.
  8. I honestly don't hate this as a one-off idea. It's a bit crazy as a regular uniform, but I love the attention to detail with patterns, meanings, etc., without getting too extreme and abstract. Ok this is actually much better looking than I originally thought it would be. Yellow/black/silver is definitely a rare color combo and I love the look they made with it.
  9. Orange and Blue forever!