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  1. I would have to agree wholeheartedly with you here. I also don’t think the year/number route is a good way to go, especially for a place as culturally rich as Italy. These options just both came off as bland because of it.
  2. With the 2022 Winter Olympics just under a year away, it's time for the Winter Olympics after it to unveil their new logo. It seems that the organizing committee has released 2 options for fans to voice their opinion on. The left "Dado" option is a bit more colorful, but the "Futura" option has a interesting shape, albeit with a light-on-light background. It's hard for me to say which one I prefer specifically, but both seem rather lacking in some aspects. I love the colors of the left, but the wordmark of the right is also quite different and attractive.
  3. Surprised this bad idea of a throwback look hasn't popped up yet:
  4. It looks like French carmaker Peugeot has recently revealed a new look, based off their logo from the 60's. I'm going to have to say I'm not a big fan of the change, as the old lion looked much more streamlined, and the shield shape is somewhat generic now for car manufacturers. Old: New: 1960's logo (inspired new one):
  5. It's a nice upgrade, considering their previous identity was past its prime. I do like the inclusion of bright green.
  6. BYU introduced 2 new helmets, navy and royal blue, as part of their "updated football identity". Interesting route to go in here, but not surprising. The navy is a bit meh for me, but the royal blue helmet is a nice change of pace though. I still prefer the white as it is an integral part of BYU football history. This certainly an attempt to put themselves into the modern trend of mix and match. Apparently they now have 26(!) combos to choose from. I also expect to see much more monochrome/color rush looks with the new helmets as well.
  7. Honestly that dark green reads more like a deep blue-green than a true green. It makes for a pretty jarring contrast.
  8. Kind of a letdown, but I'm feeling that they are partially a tribute to the Vince Carter era uniforms.
  9. I feel like I'm about to rustle some feathers, but I also somewhat liked the Jags' pre-Nikefied uniforms, worn for their first year with Nike. They were pretty much the more detailed version of their current set, albeit with the awesome teal-flake helmet.
  10. I’ll be honest, going back and seeing the old set makes me think it wasn’t too far off from being good. Changing the helmet to either completely matte or gloss black, and then eliminating some of the reliance on black, and you’ve got a solid set. The two-tone helmet really ruined it though.
  11. They are definitely different enough compared with each other. Lighting may make them look similar sometimes, but still noticeably different.
  12. I now have a running theory that the MLS is trying to "Americanize" the uniforms and simplify the system. No more colored clashes, less emphasis on stripes/hoops, more monochrome. Maybe they think it makes teams easier to identify. It is getting pretty ridiculous at this point though. Everything looks the same.
  13. Pros: Attractive design, good colors, not too exciting, gets the job done. Cons: Emblematic of the BFBS path the MLS as a whole has started taking, too little blue, lack of what should be their signature stripes, lots of character sucked out of the home and road sets. It's ok I guess. Good design, just devoid of any real character, much like the MLS now as a whole.
  14. This certainly is an interesting suggestion, but I feel that if they go this route, they would look too similar to the other teal team in the league, the Dolphins. I would keep the black jerseys/pants because they help to differentiate them from their similarly-colored, in-state companions.
  15. Would probably be a different story today with things like trademarks. Heck, you don't even have to be in the same field to get a trademark issue with similar/same names (Vegas/Army trademark battle as an example). Back when the twin Pirates/Giants were around, trademark laws weren't nearly as protective. While I can't say the same for Canadian law, I feel as if the general idea would be the same. Of course this is a concept, so the issue really doesn't matter. But I feel as if the Hockey Remparts would be opposed to the CFL infringing on a already-established name.