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  1. The name is... different, although I expected they would be called the Kraken for a little while now. While kinda goofy, it matches that Seattle vibe. Opens up a lot of original, unique, and fun branding and ideas. Branding is absolutely gorgeous! Fantastic logo set, fun colors, good uniforms. It's all something fun, new, and refreshing that we've been missing in pro sports for awhile now. It catches your eye, which is what a new brand needs to do. Just fantastic all around! The NHL has really been hitting it out of the park with new looks lately (Golden Knights, Maple Leafs, Panthers, etc). It might be the best looking pro sports league in North America. And for those that think the name is too silly, well the Golden Knights was along those same lines, and their brand has aged pretty well in the short span its been around. The new brands we will see in pro sports will be more unique and creative in an age of short attention spans. To stand out, you must be different in one way or another if you don't have a solid traditional background. I expect the name and brand to be endearing for a long time.
  2. Kind of a "meh" reveal. Kinda dissapointed by the whole look. Black and blue is kind of overused in the MLS now (Montreal, San Jose, Minnesota to an extent), but that could be solved if they go with the Carolina Blue as the primary. Roundels are pretty overused as well. The monogram logo is pretty well designed though. Overall, its just... generic. I would have preferred another name (Charlotte Town FC could have been interesting) but even with this name there could have been some more exciting/unique elements. Maybe a lighter blue or purple/green/gold. Maybe even navy /green/purple replacing the black. This all just comes off as lower-level soccer to me. Let's hope St Louis comes up with something much more distinct.
  3. Much Better! Those small changes can make huge improvements!
  4. This is actually a pretty solid set! The Fort/Cannon logos are both pretty great! The Frontenac logo may need a few tweaks though. I would try to rework the nose shadowing a bit. Where its at right now, the lines look kind of awkward between the shadow and nose, maybe try thinning out the shadowing between the bridge and the eye before the nostril curve, and contour the shadowing a bit more around the nostril? I would also cut off the extra black lining at the far right of the logo, it looks a bit lost in the context of the rest of the logo. Overall though, very nicely done. Can't wait to see what else you have!
  5. It’s a lateral move... it would probably be better with some thicker lines and lettering though, from a 2-d standpoint. The application on cars is actually kinda neat.
  6. Ah must’ve missed that part. That explains it then. Still kind of a weird logo though. Would’ve preferred something more imaginative than just shoehorning the Dish logo in there, but at least it makes much more sense now. As a Colorado resident I should know better.
  7. Not really a big change. Spotted it while watching some tv and thought it looked new. Honestly, it seems like a really redundant change, as all they did was fill in the shape and add a "cellular" icon to it. Kinda just... feels useless, and more like an over-obvious attempt at "look we are a cellular company!". Feels like a cheap and clipart-y change. Especially since nothing was inherently wrong with the old one. Before After
  8. Honestly, I like the more or less unique take while keeping some of the elements of the old uniforms. However, I think the photos from this photoshoot don't really give the best view of these uniforms. I'll have to wait to see them on the field.
  9. The Generals logo is one of the best I've seen associated with the name! Clever use of the W in the space between the stars! However, I would probably darken the green and make the gold more of a khaki/tan/sand shade (like on the Army's desert camo) to get closer to a "military" look.
  10. Very nicely done so far! Love the creativity given to each team! Definitely helps set this project apart from others! Also I really find those templates (esp. hockey) useful! Keep up the good work!
  11. At this point, there has been so many concepts for a Redskins rebrand over the last week, that I might be beating a dead horse here, but I'll throw my hat in the ring nonetheless. I started with the expectation the Redskins name and logo/imagery will be completely dropped. From there, I liked the idea of Warriors, as it keeps a piece of the team's history, but it can be redone in so many different ways. I chose to go with something that was more taken from a monumental/iconic feel, using a less brash burgundy and gold color scheme and introducing a new shield logo complete with new W emblem, meant to resemble the Washington Monument or a warrior's sword. The uniforms take on a more classic look, as to not take away too much from the Redskins traditional look. I know this isn't the most imaginative idea, but it was one I have been sitting on for about a year. What do you guys think? Oh and apparently this somehow made it onto Yahoo Sports, which was surprising to say the least. :
  12. Continuing with the theme of group of 5 schools (or former in UCONN's case), we are heading to UAB! Birmingham has had a lasting legacy in the iron and steel manufacturing industry, even becoming the largest producer of iron/steel in the decades after the Civil War. The industry even has it's own tribute in a statue of Vulcan in the city. This uniform pays homage to this unique distinction. The color scheme of gray, orange, and black draws inspiration from the forging process, specifically drawing from iron/iron ore, soot/smoke, and fire. The Dragon logo's flame is taken as it's own unique element, another tribute to the forging process, specifically the fire that heats the metal. The helmet features a finish of gunmetal gray, mimicking the finish of iron and steel.The tapered stripe found on the helmet and pants is drawn from the Vulcan statue, specifically the arrow he is holding. As always, thank you for tuning in!
  13. You bring up a good point. In the attempt to create a more retro look, the W can become confusing. So, I switched out the W for the Bronco logo: Next up we have UCONN! The Huskies have not had a great football history. Well, that's at least compared to their powerhouse sport: Basketball. Specifically, Women's basketball with a staggering 11 national championships since 1995. This uniform incorporates elements from the uniform of the initial championship run in 1995, complete with retro script, collar/cuff striping, and navy/red color scheme. I even incorporated the asymmetrical shorts from the uniform, adding a unique element. I always appreciate the comments! Until next time!
  14. I'm back with another Group of 5 team! This time we are looking at Western Michigan! WMU, like most Group of 5 schools, provided a challenge to find a fun theme for this uniform. However, they do have a unique claim to fame: it once operated the only railroad privately owned by a U.S. college. The Western State Normal Railroad trolleyed students up the campus hill as an alternative to a 150 step climb. The railroad closed in 1949, but a replica car now lies on the former site today. This uniform is inspired by this unique piece of history. The white and brown heavy color scheme mimics the colors of the railroad's cars, and the font and logo choices are meant to evoke a elegant, yet classic feel. The striping of the uniform is taken from railroad tracks, and the finishing touch is a wood grain pattern on the lettering and numbering. This one was certainly an interesting challenge, but I would love to know what you guys think!
  15. For this next team, we are headed to the plains. It's time for the Tulsa Golden Hurricane! The University of Tulsa is home to the Gilcrease Museum, boasting one of the largest collections of Native American art and artifacts. Using this location as a basis for the uniform, Tulsa's set is meant to tribute the Native American heritage of Oklahoma. The main feature is a pattern based off of Cherokee art and weaving. This is fitting because the Cherokee nation is actually based about an hour and 15 minute drive from Tulsa, in Tahlequah. The look is meant to be simple and clean, focusing on the custom pattern. As always, thank you for tuning in!