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  1. Same thing has been happening in the NBA. Sponsorships are like an addiction: it only takes a "let's just try it out" before the owners become hooked on more money. The helmet ads aren't going away, much like how I expect the NBA to keep court sponsorships and digital ads on TV broadcasts. This is not a road we are coming back from.
  2. T-twenty-twenty four? How long does it take to design a soccer kit for MLS nowadays? I know they have them planned in advance, but I didn't know that it was that far off and that ingrained. I am actually surprised that the MLS haven't yet picked up on the European system of widespread third kits and annual kit rotations, along that line. Unless there is something I am missing, that has to be better for league profit right?
  3. Oops... looks like I'm still getting used to the forum update Please disregard.
  4. It's a vast improvement, and the return of the Florian Cross is very much welcomed, but holy cow why does everything have to be shoved in a thin circle now? The Revolution are going to do it, Montreal did it. It just feels like they needed a way to add the navy in and so added a circle and called it a day. Makes this whole look, while solid as a whole, feel way too generic and somewhat off-brand. Maybe even adding some text around the logo instead of under it would have helped with the generic issue. Here's to hoping they bring back the red shirts w/ white chest stripe or something similar on the home jerseys. It certainly seems like those very nice away/clash jerseys are staying.
  5. Why does anyone think that white-outs are special anymore? They just kind of exist. Nothing new. This really does not fit with the Pitt aesthetic, but I guess everyone has to have a pair now. Honestly, not a bad look, but it just feels generic, especially with the pants going without a stripe. I just can't really get excited about it. Yawn.
  6. It's almost as if they had to make a last minute replacement and decided to just throw a star behind all the logos and call it a day... (who are we kidding, of course that is what happened). It's really a shame that the Rockies have no distinct uniform history outside of the home pinstripes, black vested jerseys, and purple jerseys. All-Star Games usually take the most unique aspect of a team's uniform history and use it in the set in some way.
  7. Why doesn't any Arizona team wear a turquoise uniform period? It seems like a great nod to indigenous/Native American culture in the area and would be a unique color to them. And no, the D-Backs alternates don't count (although they should be the go-to set). As for the City Connect, the color scheme and Serpientes script are both nice, but the fact that they will pair the jersey with white pants is a bit of a letdown.
  8. The Clippers at least showed a bit of restraint with their design. The Nets went a little too wild, even with the full full inspiration taken into account. The wordmark makes me want to ram my head into a brick wall every time I see it.
  9. Up next on the list of teams adding a new helmet: Florida State in an all-white getup, which seems to be all the rage nowadays. Not a big fan. It needs some more gold to keep it consistent with the rest of the uniform.
  10. Nike: What would you like on your Anniversary jersey? Just a simple mashup... Mavericks: Yes
  11. It doesn't help that their City uniform, for as much as I kind of enjoyed it, looks almost exactly like a stock car/NASCAR scheme.
  12. Figured it was close enough to next season to post this (playoffs and all). Milwaukee Bucks have found a new sponsor and, surprise, it's Motorola... again... as if 2 teams wasn't already enough Bucks sell jersey patch sponsorship to Motorola (biztimes.com) Can we just stop the ad patches already? They are somehow getting worse, as if their mere presence wasn't bad enough.
  13. Agreed. Considering that the MLB, as a whole, is a rather dark looking league and has a lot of the same colors (red, black, and navy especially), seeing this color scheme is quite refreshing. I wouldn't have an issue if the Marlins just drop black or limit it, and just go with the blue and red featured on this uniform.
  14. Seems like too Vegas a thing to hang up after a season. Maybe it was for more technical reasons (glare, perhaps?) than for aesthetics.
  15. I think the Vice uniforms were perfect for the era of Instagram and short attention spans. I loved the idea, but it is so oversaturated at this point. Not that there is anything wrong with them, but they have done all they could with them without getting overboard (putting aside this season) or starting to repeat certain elements. And hey, if somewhere down the road the one of the Vice sets comes back as a full-time alternate (especially the black set), I don't think I would have an issue with that. Miami is such as culturally rich and diverse city, so I'm excited to see what they come up with next. But yes, there is no need to overhaul or uproot a brand and color scheme associated with the golden era of Heat basketball. In this case, it's not broke, so don't fix it. They might be due for a slight update down the road, but nothing encapsulating a full rebrand.
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