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  1. The newest version looks like some sort of cheap Chinese knockoff version. The white space is all over the place and the font is pretty uninspired. This just keeps getting more and more sad.
  2. This just screams Microsoft clipart and wordart. It also looks like something a 2nd grader would throw together. Just... yikes.
  3. Oh... that must have slipped my mind. I thought Triple-A and ended up confusing that with Pacific Coast/International. My bad.
  4. I like it… but I think that there really isn't any reason to change it. Their previous look was great and unique, but this one is very reminiscent of the nearby (and league rival) Louisville Bats. A modernization/simplification with a roundel and blue/red color scheme. The logo set is fine, but I have a problem with the new colors.
  5. I love the look of it. If Tottenham was a team, I imagine that this would be their look. I wonder if their new stadium has anything to do with it. They have opened up a lot to the American market (Ted Lasso, this jersey, etc.) and that may be because their new stadium is going to host NFL games, and a possible team in the future. Heck, their stadium is almost purpose-built for American football (with the dual field system). I think that there is a very specific reason behind this push.
  6. I thought this was a great looking matchup: ECU vs Memphis. This colors and uniforms worked well. Bright and lively.
  7. You know what, I really want to hate that new Bucks city uniform. But I can't yet (yet being the key word). But it is definitely what I would consider to be a true "City Uniform". Something out of the box and fun, but it still has a sensible inspiration and (somewhat) simple execution. With that being said, I still need to see the shorts so I can get a gage on the whole set. I am not overly disappointed with this year's crop of league-wide city uniforms. While I would like more color variety, I still think that this is very much an improvement over last year's set.
  8. Ideally, this is how uniform design should be. Meaningful, but with a clear definition and inspiration. This is probably one of the best one-offs, if not uniforms overall, I have ever seen. Its design influences and execution make sense, while still maintaining a "trendy" vibe to it. It just works.
  9. Here's my take: Arizona Hotshots: I like the color scheme. The name is a bit cheesy, but very unique. This brand is a bit more unorthodox for a Phoenix team, but it could be worse. The uniforms for this team should be very interesting. Atlanta Legends: I love the retro aesthetic. The name is very ambiguous, but the branding and color scheme can make that less of an impact. Birmingham Iron: This team is probably one of my favorites. Yes, the name is a bit clunky, but the branding is sleek and the possibilities are there. Memphis Express: A very confusing name. I really don't have much to say other than this brand does have me scratching my head a little. There are much better options out there. Orlando Apollos: The brand is very well rounded. The name is a bit eh, but the whole brand around it has been developed very well. Salt Lake Stallions: I am left wanting a bit more from this brand. The color scheme, name, logo, everything just feels a bit out of place. This branding could work better for a team in Texas (looking at you Dallas Mavericks) than a team in Utah. San Antonio Commanders: I love the name, but defenders is a bit more fitting. The dark red and silver is very good, but the brighter red feels out of place and ruins the natural flow of the look. Not bad, just get rid of the bright red and you have probably the best brand in the league. San Diego Fleet: The name is a bit awkward, and admirals, armada, or destroyers would have worked better. The color scheme, font, and logo is on point and is one of the best in the league. I immediately wanted to get some merch as soon as I saw the color scheme. I will echo what others have said. This league looks very good, but falls flat in a few places branding wise. However, I do not feel disappointed. All that I am hoping for now is uniforms that don't follow a template or single design (don't mess up Starter!!!).
  10. The new logo looks like a small hipster pizza chain more than an established brand. It also has wayyy too much blank space to work (look at the ribbons surrounding Papa and Johns). It's a disappointing look. While their new logo needed to go, this new one just isn't it. Also, changing your name to Papa Johns is just baffling. If you want to wash your hands of the man, just outright rebrand.
  11. I dig it. Not surprised that they did not go with red, simply due to the fact that plenty of teams already wear blue and red and that most of their branding uses dual blue. I think that this look has a nice fauxback kind of charm to it.
  12. I'm into the color scheme. The name is minor-leaguey, but in a cool way. The logo itself makes the tuatara look he's on some aggressive drug. But, this is still not bad.
  13. Well, not only does it work, but it also has some significance to the state. Colorado has had a big part in silver mining. Heck, the largest silver nugget was found in the state. (
  14. Oh, wow. The Thunder did something right. This uniform not only looks good (from the given images), it's much better than that stupid gradient/oversize logo grey uniform from last year. Bravo, OKC ?