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  1. Yeah, not religious at all...
  2. I would have put 6 on each side and a star on the "i" in each wordmark. Bleh. That'd be horrible. That's like a disney movie.
  3. I am definitely going to have to have to disagree on this one. The Cardinals might have needed a little updating, but the new uniforms are just a nightmare of aesthetics. Boring (classic) >>> clownish panels and piping Classic? Just cause it's old and plain doesn't make it classic. They lost in those uniforms for years and those uniforms were hated back then...
  4. I don't know if you meant to, but you still my idea of stars around the number from eliasrappaport
  5. My predictions for all of the TBDs Sixers: White home, blue road, red alt Bucks: Cream home, Green road, blue alt Bulls: City of Chicago flag pride uniform Cavs: Blue and orange fauxback pride Clippers: White home, red road, blue alt Hawks: White home, red road, black and volt alt Heat: Some stupid typical Heat style alt 2 Hornets: Pinstripe pride Nuggets: Rainbow pride (sounds like gay rights uni haha) Pelicans: Black and gold pride Pistons: Red alternate Raptors: White home, red road, black alt with gold, grey alt 2 Rockets: Yellow alt 2, red clutch city pride Suns: Black alt 1 Thunder: Orange alt 2 Wizards: DC flag alt