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  1. Great series so far! My favourites are Monarchs and Riders. Just wondering how a hockey rink in middle-earth would look like.
  2. With the latest updates for PL and LaLiga this was long overdue. Great to see 2nd Bundesliga getting an individual logo. I'm hoping they'll find a way of modernizing the rest of their visual identity (scoreboards, league patches...) as well. Now this abomination of a logo they have for their 3rd league needs to go. BTW, what is it with German leagues and their love for volley-kicking silhouettes?
  3. I think the secondary is pretty cool. Reminds me of the Hawks. Don't see the problem with the women's neckline. Why should a male cut should be the norm?
  4. Wow, what a solid series so far! I'm really liking all of your kits with Leverkusen (they should absolutely be in red-black stripes) and Augsburg beeing my favourites. I appreciate the clean and traditional look you are going for. Also liking your Bundesliga logo cleanup, maybe use that for the patch on the kit as well.
  5. Interesting series here. Just a little tip: Most German teams have club names infront of their city names. That would make Dortmund FV -> FV Dortmund. In case you are insisting on having the FV or SV after the city name (which is still possible) you should add an "er" to the city name, making it grammatically correct. In that case it would be Dortmunder FV or Braunschweiger SV. Also, use an ΓΌ for spelling your first club.
  6. Wow, incredible... This is without a doubt the best concept series I have seen here in years! The level of quality is amazing. I would love to see this used in a video game. Can't wait for more.
  7. What a crazy night! A lot of people must have lost "easy" money on this.
  8. And that's why you are measuring BVB's quality of play by their Europa League placement, which is due to their performance of last year? And yes, if Dortmund will be back to CL next season, that means they're probably playing quite a good one right now.
  9. What are you even talking about? They are in Europa League due to last years performance. Dortmund is currently playing their best season for years.
  10. Awesome, clean and very unique looking Beijing kits! CSL is going to look really nice this year.
  11. Wow, great effort. I have always been dreaming about stadium editors in sports games as well and that's why I am enjoying your concept. Unfortunatly, unless something doesn't have "Ultimate Team" slapped over it, I doubt EA Sports would invest dev power into something that would distract from that money-machine.
  12. Have been wondering this for years: Why they can't choose a name that is internationally marketable? Instead of one that sounds like or even sometimes literally means "dung" in some euro countries.
  13. Think you really nailed it with version A! The new logo is such an upgrade from your first version and I really like the clean, classic appeal of the sweaters. I like your version B aswell, but for me it is just about one color too much.
  14. Why not use the actual adidas logo? Apart from that, nice concepts, really liking the Metropolitans ones.