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  1. LSU has the best set of uniforms (besides penn state) and Georgia have a close second. Both SEC teams have modern takes on classic feeling looks
  2. HUGE change for penn state this week, THON helmet stickers I’m a student at PSU and heavily involved in THON, which for those of you who don’t know, it’s the worlds largest student-run philanthropy, meant to help children and families suffering from childhood cancer. Basically it’s a huge deal here in state college and for the team to rep decals of it (even if they’re just that small) it’s pretty special. (I apologize for my plug but that’s the once in a blue moon PSU update)
  3. Penn State: Navy Blue and White Jacksonville Jaguars: Black and Teal Philadelphia 76ers: Royal Blue, White, Red Philadelphia Phillies: Red and White (Powder Blue and Maroon?) Philadelphia Flyers: Orange and Black Tottenham Hotspur: Navy Blue and White All im really missing is yellow/gold and purple, and i guess a true green. I do cheer for the eagles too, its just the jags are my "team"
  4. literally they have very close to a great modern set. they just have to drop the gimmicks. i love the helmet and the thick stripe. they can own it since they dont have a helmet logo. make "cleveland" wayyyyyyy smaller on the chest. numbers on the brown and orange should be white with colored shadows. the whites i think should have the same as now. drop the off colored stitching. extend the pats stripe all the way and remove "BROWNS." they'll look modern yet classic, should please both sides and will look pretty damn good (at least in my head it looks good). they should keep the ability to mix and match. the teams that do this (obviously ending up with favorites) look fantastic.
  5. I am a fan of the new one. I jut think it looks sharper and more *professional?* the old one wasnt bad bad at all, but I think this new one just rocks
  6. this is gorgeous. excellent job.
  7. I wouldn’t say the panthers one. The rest I agree but I think black is more the primary on the roads, meaning it matches the homes
  8. See I’m a huge fan of the white vs grey in baseball. But I like when teams bring colors into the mix, but I’m not a huge fan of it al the time. It’s one of those “okay in moderation” kind of things. But when I see a navy Indians versus a royal cubs in a World Series, I’m not a fan of it.
  9. I wonder if they won’t be too bad on TV?
  10. I think it has to be located in a box in the center of the front of the shirt. There are dimensions of a maximum area it can cover. With the entire sash, it definitely is oversized for just the area alone, and I don’t believe ads are allowed to run up to the shoulder either
  11. Spurs fan here. This is their best kit in a while. I was a fan of the gold accents but they look great this time. When paired with white shorts it’ll look awesome. The blue is meh but I’d rather simple like that over whatever disaster we want to call last years.
  12. It’s close but not exact. They’re the only CFB team to use it that’s all. And it fits their identity
  13. It’s against the rules set by the EFL. So they can’t wear that during any league or cup match, but preseason friendlies not part of the governing body, i assume anything goes, up to referee and TV discretion
  14. I LOVE the custom font they’ve got. That’s awesome and I think it works for them. As as WSU151 said, They’ve rolled with the white-brown-gold look for a while, but the white helmet isn’t my favorite with the home set. Maybe if the numbers were white, or would look better. It just kinda sits on its own. the away I wish they have alternate brown pants because that’d be a fantastic jersey. But the white helmet looks fantastic there
  15. I am part of a fantasy sports club at Penn State. We play IM sports all the time, but our teams are always named “Bust Mode.” We wear bad jerseys because we can: i own a genius Smith jets, 18$ for the higher quality fanatics one. We also have: jamarcus Russell raiders trent richardson browns rashard mendenhall steelers Tim Tebow broncos justin Blackmon jaguars RGIII redskins ochocinco patriots that’s to name a few