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  1. Sixers instagram has them changing to white uniforms for tonight. Good call.
  2. Fanatics dump. Apologies for repeats if there are any.
  3. The nets have 3 separate black uniforms, and the iconic Celtics have 2 greens and 2 whites. Now at least those are in team colors but that’s the problem, forcing teams to have 4-5 uniforms either gives us redundant alternates or uniforms nowhere close to the teams identity.
  4. Schedule for the series is: (PHI) White @ (ATL) MLK (ATL) Red @ (PHI) Blue (Game 2) (PHI) White @ (ATL) Red (Game 3) (PHI) Red @ (ATL) Black (Game 1) Source: NBA Lockervision
  5. Sixers-Hawks is an excellent example of how simple, yet unique uniforms can look gorgeous, as well as giving us 3 distinctly different uniform games with no loss of "Who am I watching?" 2 of the best dressed teams in the league.
  6. Its moreso the size of the spacing that interrupts the numbers. And this means no outlines either, which makes it hard to read on kits with any back pattern.
  7. I'm kind of a fan of that league-wide font mentality if there's like a reward for being able to wear it, like Gothamite said, a badge of honor. Conversely to the awesome Premier league font, the EFL one is awful.
  8. My overarching point is when we look back at these playoff games (Which might be legendary, who knows), we're seeing teams in uniforms that dont look like the normal looks. This Dame time game, the Nuggets are in a light-ish blue? Lakers-Suns has these great games with neither team in purple? The Wizards have worn grey in all their games? We'll forget these team looks in 3 years then go "oh yeah, the Jazz had those red jerseys then" type of deal. I'm definitely not a believer in forced home and roads, I just wish these teams made the city uniforms feel a bit more special rather than the primary look they want to wear with the traditional stuff being worn when they "have to". And the city uniforms should follow team branding guidelines, hot take. And can we do away with "earned"? what's the point? I know, money, but like, why????? Those are just forced bad designs anyways. Teams look the way they do because they picked that in rebranding. These kinda 1-off alts are just, there, and seem like were scraping the barrel for ideas.
  9. They actually haven't been all too bad recently, at least not in the numbers department. Sure a little funky but easily readable: They have had their share of stinkers though too: Some favorite fonts of mine: I like the tasteful flair. Gimmicky is fine if the numbers are consistent, readable (a balance between thick and thin), and don't look sloppy. Some fonts I just can't get behind with an odd 1 or a 7. There's no perfect science to it, but there are definite misses, Madrid's of 2021-22 is a miss (and last year's was a massive hit)
  10. I consider myself a massive fan of custom fonts. However, there's a point where they get to be a bit ridiculous, and this new Madrid font ruins a classy and wonderful shirt otherwise.
  11. Madrid nailed that kit. "Fly better" is a bit weird but I'm not going to argue about what specifically the sponsor puts, it's at least in team colors. As for my Spurs, This is my favorite kit of theirs in a long time. Simple is effective. The texture to it makes it look sweet up close, but clean from afar. Wish the AIA was the same blue, that's my only gripe, but they did a great job with it. A blue stripe on the collar or sleeves would be a nice addition if anything, but I'd always rather the plain versus anything over complex. Upset at the comments about Kane leaving, let me try to continue to enjoy the career-to-date Spurs player. The transfer paycheck would be nice but this team needs him if they want to not be mid-table!
  12. Interesting to see Swift stay in #32, as he wore 6 in camp all last year. Guess the price to pay off the #32 uniforms wasn't worth it (and as only a 2nd rounder, it's not like hes got a giant paycheck)
  13. To further the NY branding argument, Think New York Knicks. I couldn't tell you what a Knickerbocker is, but they're a legendary team because of history and New York. The Jets current uniforms are okay, I think the black alts are unneeded with the dark green, but I can live with them. I like the stripe being unique, not a gimmick, and fits the modern look. I wish there was some sort of jet (or branding hint) in the logo, since their logo hasn't reached identifiable icon status (which allows skipping the actual team name) like the Bears and Cowboys. We have to read the word Jets to know its them, unless you're plugged in to the uniform design community like us all. A bit gaudy with the gradient, but I liked the Memphis Express helmet logo (worn by Jets legend Christian Hackenberg)
  14. Molson is likely a camp pressure guy. Mason Crosby needs to be abysmal to lose that spot, then Molson would pick a real # I would believe
  15. Here we go with more:
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