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  1. Houston outlaws is an overwatch league team name... (yes it’s a actually a big deal look up the OWL size) New York knights just LOOKS too close to the knicks so that’s probably also a no
  2. Also- man city wore white socks on the normal home kit for their matchup against schalke. Why that is not their permanent look, I won’t know. It’s gorgeous
  3. Wow... missing the old Rex font of the 2014-15 WCs for team USA. Oh well, we can’t have a good kit AND numbers I guess
  4. I love the non-league fonts that teams wear. And I’m not opposed to teams having 3 different kits. But in the biggest game of the Year for both teams up to this point, they wear: this? (The tweet I linked had 2 pictures I refer to the latter one). PSG instead of wearing their all (dark) blue kit, wore a black one. And man united, who have worn their RED kit with multiple short and sock combinations, decided to wear their light pink and white kit. I am ANNOYED to say the least. Tottenham-Dortmund yesterday was a gorgeous white vs yellow game, both teams wearing the usual, iconic, “home” team kit. And it was awesome. And this game looks AWFUL. Rant over.
  5. There’s no way the numbers are italicized like the name font. If I were to guess, they’d probably look something like the jaguars new font. Unique but still very similar to a block football font. And I almost guarantee (i have zero inside knowledge) that they aren’t just using the spike on their helmet. It is definitely used on the uniform but not as a primary focus. Also- I think we can tell that the helmet isn’t going to be matte... unless they added a fake reflection, no matte helmet would give off that kind of a shine at the top. Also it looks to be the same shade of gray as the jersey, and not the color of the numbers. I assume this is green and white respectively. So if I were to guess, it’s a glossy green helmet. and I’m not sold on anything significant below the Nike swoosh. That can just be the way the jersey sits on the pads with the lighting primarily above/behind. well see if I’m right, but like I said I have no more knowledge than the rest of you I’m just guessing
  6. But in terms of the Jets, i think they would do themselves a great favor in going with a lighter green. Yes maybe the eagles are the kelly green team in our hearts, but after the SB win, they arent changing their colors up anytime soon. And when i think green in the nfl, the packers come to mind. The Jets are a perfect team to move to a light green (no not the seahawks light), but dare I say, kelly green. And if they roll out with green as the primary color and white/gray/black as the alternates, im on board. Theyre named after "jets" and those colors are reflected in real jets. As long as the unis have some kind of character to them but not gimmicky, they could look really good. What i like about the previous concept, is the idea of using identifying parts of a jet to make the design. The tail-fin looks really good. not on the helmet, but everywhere else. This team really could have the best unis in the league, or be worse than the bucs. Lets pray for the former
  7. i only ask because i truly don't know. Was he a credible source when the Jaguars unis were coming out?
  8. If I had to cheer for a team on look alone, it’d probably be Clemson. But I still believe in my heart penn state has the best uniforms in football. Nfl- a lot of good choices, Id probably take the saints or chargers though nhl- flyers still mlb- blue jays or athletics nba- sixers still (maybe pelicans or jazz tho)
  9. neon looks awesome in moderation. For example, I think the seahawks (minus color rush) nailed the neon. Its bright and significant enough but in no way is overbearing. Im not a fan of highlighter looks, but neons are awesome accents if done correctly.
  10. No, this is actually a great point. Its really easy to tell teams apart when they have the same color schemes but keep the socks different. Thinking back to the WC (maybe just on FIFA idk if it happened in real life), there were tons of red and white teams. when teams wore RRW versus WWR, it was absolutely horrendous. But instead of teams changing sock colors, they wear alternate kits, and really it doesn't make sense. I get tradition on colors, but when it means changing the sock color in order to wear the traditional home kit, or switch to a crazy colored alt kit, teams opt for the alts. I personally think city looks best with white shorts and white socks. And if chelsea goes blue socks there, its a beaut of a matchup. But hey, fair play to them both wearing their blues in a big game.
  11. I think its an awesome idea. If these can be policed where they are enforced to be stuck to the helmet shell, and they have the same performance, and don't cause shrapnel or anything to break off, its a great fix. I think it really is a wonderful idea and i could absolutely see it implemented at the smaller levels. I think the NFL won't accept it ever, but hey, theyre the No Fun League anyways
  12. Okay, lets get this started: Overall: happy with the amount of chrome since i HATE IT. and the teams def have the semi-pro feel Atlanta: i thought i would love the color scheme and logos, but the helmet ruins it all, a la my jaguars two toned nightmare. They really missed out on what could be good. San Antonio: Beautiful, although i'd love to see a version with maroon pants, i think it'll look way better. and the alamo part of the helmet can be a bit higher. Birmingham: Only not a fan of the helmet stripe. I wish they did something like the browns have for a stripe. Bold but very clean. I like the matte helmet, this is in the top half of the looks in the league, no doubt. Arizona: I really like it somehow. THey seemed gimmicky but it works great here. I love it. I wished the helmet orange matched the jersey, but its minimal so i can't complain TOO much Memphis: nailed it. it could be better with a better side stripe, but hey, i like it so far, the helmet looks wonderful though Salt Lake: I was under the impression the light blue would be more along the lines of the lions blue, and i think that'd make it look way better. It's alright, its not a terrible thing, and the blue facemask is AWESOME Orlando: meh. just looks like a normal semi-pro team, i dont love it, and i wish the facemask orange was right. If only they could have colors on their uniform that isn't white... San Diego: see atlanta above. just a bad helmet jersey matching, they could've done a world better, and they could wear better pants, either the dark gray or yellow. Just my 2 cents, feel free to comment on any or all of that
  13. im only speaking about current identities, i think the city edition and all that nonsense is ruining team's identities. When we remove those and look at just like a traditional home-road-alt mentality, a few teams come to mind. maybe im a homer, but the sixers are beauts. I love the pelicans, jazz are good, and the warriors are great too. Those i say are the real solid sets, but the pelicans are the most underrated of them all. I really think theyve got an awesome unique identity, color scheme, and it fits the city. I think theyre the best in the league
  14. I had a different idea in mind but hey I like yours better, those are awesome. How do they not have people that come up with these kinds of things?
  15. I love the idea of having the team logos featured. Or wordmarks, whatever it may be, but its a great idea. I wish the jerseys were a bit more creative. Hear me out- why not a white team with purple accents and a black team with teal accents? Keeps it black vs white to avoid anything crazy, yet adds the colors of the hornets, since they are the hosts. Just an idea, i dont have a basketball template to explain what I mean, but yeah thats my 2 cents