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  1. oh, man. thats nice. they should do this.
  2. I dont think the rams look bad by any means, however the current logo but in the new colors looks way better. Hopefully no gimmicks in the uniforms, I hope they look like the throwbacks. 4/10. My biggest thought is that it could've been a lot worse in the logos. Chargers nailed it so far. Great colors, better fitting logo, yet they kept the established brand. The titans gave up on the powder blue so it seems right that the chargers stepped up. Hopefully the uniforms match the upgrade, i give it a 10/10, i cant think of a way for them to make it better.
  3. I love this look. lets hope the jerseys look just as good. Their helmets are some of the best in the league, hoping they keep the white with the bolt
  4. I’m still not convinced it’s real, just cuz we see it on a hat doesn’t mean that it’s 100% true
  5. the better question to ask is @canzman, what are some looks you like/dislike in the NFL today? We could then see a trend as to what he likes and ballpark an overall feel rather than him giving us details (which I assume hes contractually not allowed to)
  6. I believe I am in the minority here, but I think all they need to do is tweak their set a bit. I love the oversized helmet flag, just the chrome has to go, it should be all pewter. A better number font for them, and they should wear better combos (red-pewter home, white-pewter or white-white) away exclusively. And they shouldn’t even bother with a color rush. Just my 2 cents here. i love the creamsicle look but I can’t imagine the logo modernized and looking good.
  7. There was a lot of nitpicks that I really didn’t like about the titans. Wish there was more powder (thank you chargers at least) and I SO wish they changed the navy in the helmet to white. I loved their old set I thought it was always cool with the color balance. BUT when they keep showing old pics and videos of this team in the playoffs, wow what an upgrade this current set is. It is just cleaner and is way more modern, doesn’t scream “outdated” again i I still have a lot of tweaks in my head but the overall look is really good
  8. With Dorsey and the entire coaching staff getting cleaned out, what does this mean for the uniforms? The reason for Dorsey getting axed is “disagreement about the future vision of the organization”
  9. Hey guys, I've done some concepts on here before but never posted anything like this just yet. I want to start by saying that this is the brand of my mathematical College Football rankings, 100% bias-free, called "Power Digits". Not trying to advertise it but if you're interested, this is the website. I spent the summer working on getting familiar with Adobe Illustrator, and have a base understanding of it at this point. I'm here to share some of the graphics that I've made over the year and I'm looking for feedback to make it seem *more professional* Its a step above beginner but isn't up to par with the graphics that teams and top news outlets post. So let me know what you guys think, and any way to improve them!! The logo I created entirely on my own, it is a "p" and a "d" if you didn't see it at first. Also apologies if these images are huge!
  10. It looks like they made a roundel, and tried to make it bigger but accidentally made it too tall
  11. LSU has the best set of uniforms (besides penn state) and Georgia have a close second. Both SEC teams have modern takes on classic feeling looks
  12. HUGE change for penn state this week, THON helmet stickers I’m a student at PSU and heavily involved in THON, which for those of you who don’t know, it’s the worlds largest student-run philanthropy, meant to help children and families suffering from childhood cancer. Basically it’s a huge deal here in state college and for the team to rep decals of it (even if they’re just that small) it’s pretty special. (I apologize for my plug but that’s the once in a blue moon PSU update)
  13. Penn State: Navy Blue and White Jacksonville Jaguars: Black and Teal Philadelphia 76ers: Royal Blue, White, Red Philadelphia Phillies: Red and White (Powder Blue and Maroon?) Philadelphia Flyers: Orange and Black Tottenham Hotspur: Navy Blue and White All im really missing is yellow/gold and purple, and i guess a true green. I do cheer for the eagles too, its just the jags are my "team"
  14. literally they have very close to a great modern set. they just have to drop the gimmicks. i love the helmet and the thick stripe. they can own it since they dont have a helmet logo. make "cleveland" wayyyyyyy smaller on the chest. numbers on the brown and orange should be white with colored shadows. the whites i think should have the same as now. drop the off colored stitching. extend the pats stripe all the way and remove "BROWNS." they'll look modern yet classic, should please both sides and will look pretty damn good (at least in my head it looks good). they should keep the ability to mix and match. the teams that do this (obviously ending up with favorites) look fantastic.