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  1. We’re at EAL IS PRIMARY. Funny they couldn’t sneak that one past us (mainly because their new tweets are very out of their normal vibe.) 2 more years left with this set, if Lawrence brings success with them I doubt they change, I think they went plain to just not have issues with it, yet people are complaining for the plain nature. (for the record I just think a number outline is all that’s needed, I like the simplicity, and they wear the wrong colors too much)
  2. LOL oops, shows my youth, 20 years young
  3. Those 49ers uniforms pictured with Steve Young are beautiful. Except that the ones they wear today are just a bit better. Not perfect, but almost perfect.
  4. The sixers 100% should've worn white.... OR the Blazers should've picked another team to debut with...
  5. Well it looks like its off the same template but theres at least some color besides a shadow
  6. The only thing I wish was we had 25 yard line logos of the teams' helmets a la the classic days. And the super bowl logo at midfield, not the NFL shield. (although that requires creative designs which we know are done)
  7. My wishlist: Take their time. Get it for 2022. Do it right. Get the college licensing. Don't have any generic teams. Teambuilder, (with also the ability to add alternate uniform options to teams). And for this, get a group of freelance creatives and let them design a bunch of logos themselves. Take the 100 most common high school team names, and give each one 5 to make. The problem with the past EA logos are they all look like they came from the same designer. NHL does a great job with customization options, we know EA has 1) the core code done, 2) the ability to be creative. Stadiums need to be right. They do. I'm pretty sure dynasty mode is the most played, and it's pointless to not have team's actual stadiums. Create abilities to experiment with playoff and bowl tie-ins. Re-make the road to glory mode, with the full "start in high school" storyline. I don't need a bunch of cutscenes, but a generic commitment video for when you pick your school would be cool. Dynasty has to have the "coaching carousel" It has to be different than madden. If they make the same game but with college teams, it will be a disaster. NCAA 14 is a great game. We will rejoice the more that that game is copied.
  8. I want Petty Blue on every single Petty car that runs. However, If painting it orange keeps the 43 on the track, that's a small price to pay.
  9. I don't have a problem with a centralized place to buy sports apparel of my teams. I've made multiple orders where I bought from different teams. I've had multiple terrible experiences with the fanatics merchandise. Bought a Jaguars and Sixers branded T-shirts, the colors were faded, and through 2 washes the design had already worn halfway off. I bought a nike T phillies shirt at the same time, and no signs of wear to this day, bought it last march. When the only designs come from either the on-field apparel or the fanatics brand of shirts, it sucks. Especially when there is absolutely zero alternative. Buying the Nike branded items of jerseys and on-field apparel, Fanatics works great! I will forever be upset with them for ruining NASCAR's fan fairs. At each track every team would bring their own merch hauler and create a giant community of all sorts of fun things. Once fanatics took over, they pop up a giant tent that acts like a department store, and it sucks. I'm glad one of these teams sets a precedent of being done with them, I hope my teams follow.
  10. I honestly like the Jaguars logo as the patch, it keeps the shoulders clean, with numbers and the oversized cuff coloring. Same with the Steelers, the logo there means it doesn’t have to be on the sleeves. I’d much rather the jags logo being on the uniform than “JAGUARS” at the base of the NFL logo
  11. The issue with the Texans is the division they play in, it’s full of blues and black. If they embraced red a bit more instead of being navy and white, it would work wonders for them. also, yes, I know Reebok didn’t design all those uniforms, I meant they’re non-classic uniforms that haven’t been updated through the Reebok era. Just trying to sort things out
  12. The only reebok-era designed teams left I believe are Arizona, Denver, Baltimore, Houston, Carolina. (Cincy obviously changing). I went through and looked at the last time teams got a new design at their uniform, which obviously applies to the 5 year rule. Teams that have kept their look since 2012, when Nike took over, meaning are eligible for any kind of rebrand: Cardinals, Ravens, Bills, Panthers, Bears, Cowboys, Broncos, Packers, Texans, Chiefs, Raiders, Saints, Giants, Eagles, Steelers, 49ers, Seahawks, Washington (sort-of). 2013, eligible: Vikings 2017, not eligible (4 years): Lions 2018, not eligible (3 years): Jaguars, Titans, Dolphins 2019, not eligible (2 years): Jets 2020, not eligible (1 year): Falcons, Browns, Colts, Chargers, Rams, Patriots, Buccaneers 2021: Bengals. (Washington in the future) Removing the "legendary looks" from the eligible teams, your pool of rebrand-able teams are: Cardinals, Ravens, Panthers, Broncos, Texans, Saints, Eagles, Seahawks, Vikings. If I were a betting man, I'd say we get Cardinals refresh (that will likely follow a more Rams path than a Buccaneers one) and Saints fixing things up, unifying the gold and picking their normal home/away color identity. Panthers rumors will probably run wild because us nerds hate how they translated to this template, but amount to nothing.
  13. The helmet has been announced as staying