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  1. My Marlins fixes: simply change the black filling on the jersey to blue, and the blue outlines to black. Exactly how the word mark pictures are. Wear a black hat, with the matching logo. *maybe* a blue brim? The whites are fine with the emphasis on black imo. Sure I’d *rather* then feature the blue but I’m not gonna complain that they want to feature black. their color scheme is awesome, unique, vibrant and fitting to Miami. if I have time tomorrow I’d make a concept/visualization for it. Also the Rays: I hated the Rockies old purple. It looked bland and kinda off-putting. The rays should embrace the powder blue imo. Go UNC-esque with a powder and white feature with some navy to back it up and give contrast where needed. And a glimmer of yellow. (Gold sure whatever, what they’re using now)
  2. Not to self promote but I have my own mathematical college football algorithm ranking, and I programmed it 2 years ago under “Louisiana Lafayette” now this has become the norm on me and I hate hate hate it. I’m from PA and to me it’s always been LSU, LA Tech, Louisiana Lafayette, and Louisiana Monroe.
  3. Does anyone else miss the weekly uniform matchup posts with the pictures side by side? Do we collectively not have the knowledge as to the uniform selection or are those days gone?
  4. Surprising that the Rams are opening the new era of their stadium with the Bone uniforms. Unless they really just wanted to make sure Dallas didn’t wear white... personally i I still don’t like the uniforms, but that helmet kinda rocks
  5. I see a Premier League number font, do I not?
  6. to be fair, and although my name is evidence of me being a flyers fan, the flyers use the same logo on all their jerseys. They all have the white outline, but the logo looks way worse on the black uniforms because the logo being primarily black. (pictures all in the spoilers, didn't want to clog the screen) So when I look at Seattle, the logo looks great on the Navy and White uniforms, because the main focus of the logo is that seafoam green color. When placed on the green background it loses its luster. So if they introduce a seafoam uniform, itll look off. this is just my opinion, but logos look the best when they complement the background. The flyers logo on the home orange looks great, even with orange inside it. It stands out, and we aren't hampered to an outline showing the logo.
  7. Yeah and that's exactly my point, they were synonymous with that style, and once Nike and Adidas also made stuff of the same kind, they started losing that draw.
  8. I used to call tons of the athletic apparel just "under armour" even when it was a different brand. Now I just call it all dri-fit. Nike won the battle for me. Under Armour I think just never had the staying power to keep up with the nike and adidas. its a shame because their stuff was actually pretty good.
  9. most jerseys and colors that are visually appealing can be "clean" Bone is not one of those colors
  10. I wish they had both a gold and white pants. When theyre playing Philadelphia, sure white pants would look good. When theyre playing atlanta, yellow pants would look better. Just flexibility in what they want to go with i like the most, a la jacksonville. The jerseys are a little plain but it can be mixed and matched to clash well
  11. thank you @Gothamite, missed that post in the chaos. I still think theres enough teal on it for it to not look like the other teams. For crying out loud the NHL allows tampa and toronto to look like they do... i doubt its a problem and @-kj
  12. Have we seen a full look of the jerseys? I expect them to go navy bottoms and reflect the sleeve stripe in the socks. However, if they go the old? bruins route (i know its not the same but it fits the example) and let the light teal color come up over the knee, it might feel less navy, columbus, and winnipeg-like. The stripes make it so they cant go full reverse color, but im just thinking out loud here.
  13. I usually hate the representative talk about what all of it means, but this part: "The fear lies within what you don't see" with the subtle negative space tentacle and the eye, that's brilliant. The space needle in the anchor logo rocks. I was in Seattle for a few days last year, and the logo fits what I feel the "vibe" is there. I'm a big fan of a rebrand for the first time in a while, wow. I think the dislike of Kraken comes from the idea we knew it was coming, it wasn't a "shocking" reveal in that case. I'd much rather a team that looks good than one that has the "best name."
  14. also- costom number font, and I like it. Simple but clearly unique. hell yeah Seattle
  15. holy crap they nailed it I was hoping for a dark green and salmon sockeyes personally. But this is incredible. Unique colors, an awesome logo, and the jerseys are beautiful. Fits the Seattle feel 110%. At least they're not also neon green.
  16. Penn state basketball has a solid blue stripe on one side, blank on the other. Looks very sleek.
  17. I said it on page 1 of this thread but I’ll say it again: this is hands-down an upgrade over “volt” era The color scheme is fantastic (Chiefs and flames are only big4 teams that use it) Sure they have pretty great throwbacks, but also this is modern, sleek, and can be a long term solution. Bravo Atlanta.
  18. 2 things: this absolutely beats what they have right now the color scheme is SO cool. Yeah they have great classic unis but i is but I really like this
  19. Texas Tech didn’t *need* an update, but I love what they have done. its simple, sleek, modern, yet still unique and recognizable in a very overdesigned CFB. imo, this is what the NFL falcons should’ve done...
  20. I'll make a chime in here It feels inevitable, i obviously wish we could go no ads, but here we are and we likely will have them. Playing devil's advocate, extra revenue might do the sport some good, players could actually get their pay and would play. In the NBA, the ads that are white/ team colors actually look alright. I dont hate it. Sixers/Celtics come to mind. However, those who have company colors (Bucks, Thunder) look horrible. So if we REALLY have to have ads, they would be tolerable in small team colors.
  21. Correct me if im wrong but wasn't the Man U home supposed to be red featuring very small scattered vertical black stripes with some yellow dots on them?
  22. I guess Ill say my rankings: 1. Browns Got rid of the disaster and made it look really good. Love the custom number font that isnt ridiculous. Theyve got character, and tradition and it looks good on a modern template. Nailed it. 2. Colts All I wanted was a white facemask and the number font. They gave me half of it. The logo and such are a nice upgrade and modern. I can be super nitpicky about the black swoosh but I'll take that everyday if it means the unis still have this main look. 3. Buccaneers I like it. I wish they kept the oversized helmet logo, but I cant complain here. Its good, will look nice on the field and I can see it going for a long time. 4. Chargers I didn't like them at first but they have since grown on me. They'll look fine. Not sold on yellow pants yet but I get it. Could be a great set if they didnt use the royal blue jersey, and Im not a fan of helmet numbers (I think the bolt looks excellent in itself) 5. Patriots Good, but I have my gripes. The silver feels unnecessary now that they dropped it everywhere. Its like a meh from me. Better than the last but has room for improvement 6. Falcons Yeesh I still dont like these. This is going way too hard. They couldve easily made modern and unique updates to their throwbck set and looked good. ATL is dumb, Chrome facemasks are dumb, a GRADIENT jersey? no. They were a red and white team last year and now are a black team. It doesnt make too much sense. THis is an example of overdoing it. 7. Rams This is awful. They should've gone with the greatest show on turf uniforms. With the last year homes we know they still look good on a modern template. What a disaster this is all around. See my rants in the LA Brand discussion thread if you want my detailed complaints
  23. When we all believed this was the worst possible.... Imagine it with shiny blue helmets instead...
  24. The site shows blue/yellow, blue/blue, bone/bone, and 2 empty uniforms that say 2021 and 2022 looks like the retail bone jerseys have white sleeves..... yeesh
  25. This makes the falcons look decent. they look like a d2 school not an NFL team