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  1. The MetroStars (now Redbull NY) and DC United are rivals, not sure how well the name would be received by passionate DC sports fans. To fit in with the Nationals and Caps I'd go with a name like Federals, Ambassadors, Diplomats, Primaries, or Presidents.
  2. I would have loved for them to use AFC just to silence both sides of the debate. I'm fine with the name, the only thing still bothering me is that they didnt go for more of the rounded/queen style crown instead. The four wards could have been four jewels instead of four spires.
  3. I love the big logo on the throwback, the entire set is nice. I feel like some CLT blue (that's what I'm calling process blue from now on) would be cool to tie it into the real major league teams, specifically the Panthers, but I'm not sure how or where it would go. I really like the logo on the cap, a honeycomb "C" would have been cool if it wasnt already taken so I like how you were able incorporate the hornet into the "C"
  4. That's good to hear, they've mentioned taking fan input and there is time to make a minor change like that.
  5. I really dont think it would be bad if just "minted" and "2022" were mint, it actually holds the same. If the crown was moved to the top, I agree of removing the wordmark and just putting the monogram at center but, I'd go for a stylized Mecklenburg crown with 4 jewels instead of 4 spires, that way it holds the same symbolism.
  6. I wouldn't mind the checkerboard pattern but I never agree with the notion that NASCAR is huge in Charlotte itself. It's the birthplace of the sport and will always be relevant but I truly feel the majority of their target audience are people who live on the outskirts of Charlotte (Moorseville, Monroe, Lincoln, etc) as well as the rest of rural NC. There are obviously NASCAR fans in CLT but it doesnt have the presence or market dominance that is usually associated with the sport and city. I want to focus on blue for the home kit with black hoops or a checkered-pattern sash in any orientation (diagonal, vertical/one side, or horizontal/chest). I like the idea of mint and gold, especially with it also being the site of the first US gold rush, but I really prefer that they keep the blue rather than drop it. I'd be all in on using those colors for a third or clash kit. Really wish MLS wasnt set on one colored set and one white set for all (or most) teams.
  7. I don't mind the use of Black and Blue because only two other teams (out of thirty) use that specific color combination, and our shade of Blue is different enough from Montreal and San Jose to not cause any issues. At least one of those colors was going to be featured to create synergy between the Panthers and the Crowns (Wakanda Forever! ). They could've added some months green though, check these out from the CLTFC subreddit... Personally not a fan of the minty crown. First one is my favorite. I could live with two but I'm not sure if I like the monogram above the crown.
  8. Rapids definitely sounds minor league. I would have been happier with something more exciting but I like what they went with, can't please everyone and the fan reaction has been mostly positive. Folks went from nitpicking to talking about what they liked real quick and the team is likely going to end up being called Crown FC/Charlotte Crown by the fans. I've even seen some already using "Crown Jewel of the South" already. While I would've liked to see a Hornets nest or St Andrew's cross in the middle, I'm glad they didn't go for anything that was too risky or would alienate too many ppl. CLT Town could have been the same (the concept from twitter with the title text is lovely imo), and a little mint green wouldn't have hurt, but I can live with this.
  9. https://dribbble.com/shots/10482887-Charlotte-FC?utm_source=Clipboard_Shot&utm_campaign=imchristoph&utm_content=Charlotte FC&utm_medium=Social_Share Another one
  10. Town is the only one that allows the fans to create their own identity for the club. Monarchs likely didnt go over well with RSL (who owns Real Monarchs) while Crown draws the same issue. We could be FC or Town and still use some royal imagery without being restricted to it.
  11. Or when I say a word aloud too many times repeatedly. I would've preferred the city style crown as well, who know's, I'm sure being able to merchandise it played a role in using the city crown.
  12. I was thinking they could feature the crossed pattern from the flag in the center of the crest. I'm expecting the crown from the mural at center, someone else pointed out that the shape of the spires were shaped like NC & SC.
  13. Town has been my favorite since the Marcus Smith bid, I'm definitely in favor of that name over the rest. I believe it is also a favorite among the majority of the MCC. Town and Crown have about the same amount of opposition online but FC always seems to carry consistent support amongst all the polls and threads I've seen online. I think a lot of people prefer it as a safer option that allows the fans to decide the identity. Crown basically restricts the club to a royal theme for nicknames, chants, etc. Town and FC dont have as many limitations but I can't say the casual Charlotte fans are in favor of that name. The collective and potential hardcore fans will be down regardless, they have to sell seats to the ones who aren't going to be a fan just because we have a team now. That said. I still have hope for Town but it ain't looking good.
  14. Plus, it's not that great a name. Personally never cared for the Independence branding but they were our only real pro team. That name registers more with the former powerhouse HS football team with locals, than it does with the USL club.
  15. Yes and no. It won't be the most exciting name but the crest can make up for it in q major way. I'm definitely not in favor of just FC but it's the least divisive name of the bunch and allows fan input for the Club Identity. The crown will be there for Charlotte regardless. Mockup posted by MCC in twitter.