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  1. I always thought West Virginia would make a good SEC school,especially in your northern division. In the event that they wanted to drop Vandy for a more competitive football program. Edit: I do agree with Louisville being a good fit. I always find it funny when people say North Carolina isn't southern. You could go NC State, if the fan base is the issue but, UNC gives you a dominant Basketball Program and solis baseball team. The football team always underacheives though.
  2. Raiders sliding in at the last minute, hopefully we can shock some people.
  3. In getting an AZ Rattlers vibe from the Sol, I dig it.
  4. Atlanta Steam would be my vote, I have have a thing for locomotive related identities. Arizona Tribe (if its not considered offensive)
  5. If I remember correctly random.org is a site mentioned here. Or randomlist.org. Sorry but that is the best I can do off memory.
  6. qckgnc

    Fixing the CFL

    Ironically thats my squad and city, needless to say I agree.
  7. So two purple and teal teams in the league? I guess the copper is a nice way to make their scheme unique from Charlotte or, do you plan on changing Charlotte up? Im feeling that 6ers look.
  8. How would that fly (no pun intended) with the air force? I know San Antonio has a solid AF presence but, would a branch of service be okay with a sports team using a variation of it's imagery...another nice look none the less.
  9. I say JVille as a rival to Orlando or Cincy...Cincy does well with supporting new teams (look at FC Cincy). As a Charlottean I'm interested as to what you would do for an identity in the QC. Add the Sol to that list of identities I love, not sure how I feel about the logo for Sac but the rest (uni) looks gorgeous there.
  10. qckgnc

    Fixing the CFL

    Purple and teal? Going with a nautical theme almost demands a bluish color imo.
  11. As much as I dislike the nickname rule I love the identities put out for Orlando, San Diego and, Memphis. Looking forward to the updated Rush identity.
  12. This info is greatly appreciated. I never understood why they dropped football and, now that I know why I feel like UNO was strong armed a little. Kinda like Alabama and UAB a few years ago except UNO apparently just laid down and said okay. Oan the concepts here are great and both look like realistic proposals.
  13. Charlotte Hornets ftw...the rest a great too but those Hornets tho
  14. qckgnc

    Fixing the CFL

    Although the Sea Monster identity is unique, this Schooner identity needs to be what they use come announcement day.