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  1. This is a solid look imo, the Norfolk team should have gone with blue digis instead of the green camo.
  2. The Hounds were awesome, I think the ownership (same as Independence) has a lot to do with why they went under. Team was uber succesful the first few years, think we had the highest attendance our first and maybe second year, then it just tailed off. I'd like to see them come back if the PLL ever goes to a franchise model. My favorite concept here is the Lizards, I also feel like the crossed cannons makes a better primary logo for the Cannons so I appeciate that you used it on the home set.
  3. A, with a hint of Carolina Blue. Edit: I take that back, process blue would look better in that scheme imo. Yellow, black, process blue.
  4. About those team names for my USFL series, I listed a few named you can vote on.



    1. qckgnc


      Just saw this, and voted.  Thanks for the inclusion.

  5. I was going to ask about/suggest identities of former teams so I'm glad you went that route. Memphis, the Showboat name has always been my favorite but the Hounds and Southmen were cool identities. Jacksonville, the Sharks (WFL+Arena) easily the best former pro team imo. The Bulls nickname always felt out of place to me. San Antonio was always tough for me because I've never hated a San Antonio brand (the Gunslinger logo is rough but the name was awesome, Commanders in double red was clean, Calvary Blue and Brown was...different) the Gold and Brown of the Texans just seems right. Charlotte is odd, only teams I know of are the WFL Hornets, and a few obscure minor league teams like the Charlotte Clippers. The original plan was to build a stadium at the Speedway though, that might help with influencing their identity. Assuming you havent decided on one yet. As you can see, I'm enjoying this series.
  6. I'm obviously going to be looking forward to Charlotte the most, will you be reshuffling the divisions now? Or does each team slide into a preexisting division?
  7. You could also use a name like Rollers, to double down on the gambling theme.
  8. I know Charlotte had a bid that was being put together by then-Hornets owner George Shinn and another individual. https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1985-02-01-sp-5994-story.html I know some other teams were supposed to merge personnel going into 86 but idk of any other bids.
  9. I like what you did with the Gens, I also appreciate the name change to Washington Sentinels. Will you be diving into some of the failed expansion attempts?
  10. The MetroStars (now Redbull NY) and DC United are rivals, not sure how well the name would be received by passionate DC sports fans. To fit in with the Nationals and Caps I'd go with a name like Federals, Ambassadors, Diplomats, Primaries, or Presidents.
  11. I would have loved for them to use AFC just to silence both sides of the debate. I'm fine with the name, the only thing still bothering me is that they didnt go for more of the rounded/queen style crown instead. The four wards could have been four jewels instead of four spires.
  12. I love the big logo on the throwback, the entire set is nice. I feel like some CLT blue (that's what I'm calling process blue from now on) would be cool to tie it into the real major league teams, specifically the Panthers, but I'm not sure how or where it would go. I really like the logo on the cap, a honeycomb "C" would have been cool if it wasnt already taken so I like how you were able incorporate the hornet into the "C"
  13. That's good to hear, they've mentioned taking fan input and there is time to make a minor change like that.
  14. I really dont think it would be bad if just "minted" and "2022" were mint, it actually holds the same. If the crown was moved to the top, I agree of removing the wordmark and just putting the monogram at center but, I'd go for a stylized Mecklenburg crown with 4 jewels instead of 4 spires, that way it holds the same symbolism.