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  1. IMO that instance could be excused - the Raptors and Magic were in London, so it was an away game for both teams. On a Raptors uniform related note, did you guys here listen to Kyle Lowrys interview with Zach Lowe from a few weeks ago? He mentioned that the Raptors were going to go all out black/gold rebrand for their colours/uniforms. DeRozan and Lowry were asked for their input - DeRozan wanted to keep the current "Canadian colours" and so the OVO rebrand was reduced to an alternate.
  2. I knew I recognized the Raptors new number font... Rode the Toronto Transit, and there it was on the transfer: Anyone know what the actual name of the number font is? (Pretty sure it's not "We the Numbers")
  3. Raptors Gold vs Heat "Legacy" jerseys
  4. 99/00 Raptors in 2k16 have RAPTORS on the away instead of TORONTO (they changed the away jersey to say RAPTORS in 2004) They hyped up that Raptors team with VC and TMac for 2k16. In the roster/team selection screen they even use actual pictures with Vince and TORONTO on his chest. The red Raptors jerseys in old 2k games were kinda pink-ish. 95 Raptors jerseys in this year's 2k is missing the claw nameplate thing NBA Showtime had pinstriped 2000 Raptors jerseys
  5. Raptors black and golds coming up vs the Cavs whites Should be interesting
  6. I'm in love with the black/red Raptors jersey. Not so much the grey/green sleeved jerseys of the Celtics.
  7. The rare color vs color game
  8. Great. Even more things they can rip off of my team You do know that the Raptors had the herringbone first right?
  9. Even the red (the worst of the lot IMO) looks good!
  10. https://vine.co/v/ewJEXXMZjjQ Vine video of the Raptors jerseys. Numbers don't seem as close together Another with the shorts: https://vine.co/v/eHY3X3pFzgb
  11. http://www.nba.com/raptors/uniforms/home
  12. I know Summer League uniforms aren't the greatest indicator of uniform direction... But the Raps' summer league uniform has a TORONTO wordmark rather than RAPTORS (remember all the jerseys that Chris saw had RAPTORS)