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  1. I remember Thanksgiving week was sort of an unofficial throwback week. Actual Thanksgiving day games were official throwback games, but some teams would come out on Sunday or Monday wearing a throwback. That's when you want to do it.
  2. I don't really understand the segmented part of the horn. I know it's suppose to represent the Ram's head at an angle but when you attach it to the LA like that it doesn't really work.
  3. It looks like a cannoball is about to take out the Quarterback.
  4. It's going to upset some people, yes, but I see this as something similar to the Vikings. The idea that the Rams have a horn on the helmet will still be there. I don't personally find the idea to be anything too drastic if it's the same signature idea. A sorta different horn design isn't a deal breaker for me personally.
  5. The reaction to the Rams stuff by their fans is pretty bad but Eric Dickerson's response is embarassing. The logos aren't perfect and I know the uniforms certainly won't be, but it's not the worst thing ever of all time. People are calling for Demoff to be fired over this. The whole thing is an overreaction. Maybe you don't like the LA logo, there's always the Ram head and maybe if you don't like the Ram head then there's the horn or the helmet. You have options and the team even says as much. The reality is the Rams could put a turd emoji as the team logo and it wouldn't matter because the helmet is the driving force.
  6. Here's an HD screencap I got when the commercial came out. Looks like the Patriots jersey doesn't have the logo on the sleeve for some reason.
  7. They're not playing at the Forum and if they did it would piss me off as a Lakers fan and I know it would for alot of others too. Ballmer only bought the venue so that they can go ahead with plans to build a stupid new Clippers arena in the area because Dolan was blocking it. The Forum is staying as a concert venue.
  8. The more I look at the logo, the more I see the Chargers comparison is weak. Yes, the Draft hat itself looked like a Chargers hat because we couldn't identify what team the logo belonged to and the logo had a neon treatment. Outside of that, this is nothing like a Chargers logo. Alot of people acting like the Chargers suddenly own the design of a spiral or something which is hilarious, their logo is a damn lightning bolt, does anybody know what a lightning bolt is? Also the Angelo State comparison is stupid too. They're using the old Rams horn so if anyone should be pointing fingers it should be at ASU and not the Rams. Yeah, I'll admit the curve part is a bit weird but I don't see anybody trademarking curves in design. You know where Angelo State's logo comes from? The Rams! It's not even their idea!
  9. Full as in it's not just recreating something that already existed previously. Every team has just done some upgraded version of a logo that already existed. The Bucs and Broncos actually put out totally new designs altogether.
  10. I believe this is the first full NFL team rebrand since the Buccaneers and Broncos in 1997. Yes, it's been that long.
  11. This video is Madden 20, not Madden 21. They leaked nothing. The person who put this video together screwed up in the uniform select and picked the throwback pants and throwback socks.
  12. The gradient somehow doesn't annoy me. It's weird how well this works. When we see that horn on the helmet it's all gonna make sense. I'm more worried about the jersey and pants than anything though.
  13. I actually like this look. It looks much better with the context instead of that stupid draft hat. This shouldn't work but it works.
  14. This might look good on a jersey but I don't know. I've never seen the logo anywhere and I live near the Bay Area. They had it on a BP jersey once but it didn't go so well because they went and made the script grey. Why does any team do that? The Mets do that and it's trash.