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  1. Not only that, it would have to be shimmer fabric for it to even work properly and then you'd have to consider the fact it will probably look goofy at that point. The St. Patrick's Day look should be the Celtics alternate and not the black and green garbage they have now.
  2. Lakers having names below the number is weird and stupid.
  3. I hope that's the logo. What I see right now is just not going to cut it in any way. The pic below is at the bottom of NFL.com and it's honestly ridiculous.
  4. Padres road uniform is incredible. What would just be a standard brown jersey that is already cool is made even better by the tan pants. It works.
  5. Just wait until the Brewers inevitably come out with a powder blue alternate. It's gonna be real good.
  6. I'm just extremely happy the ball-in-glove logo is the primary logo for good now.
  7. You mean to tell me teams can have the same colors as other teams and brands!?!? Unbelievable!! I never would have guessed!!!
  8. It appears that TNT did not learn it's lesson with the terrible shot clock and are now supposedly testing ads on the actual court. The digital team logos work for the current situation but the ads need to go. I hate it.
  9. I just really wish this team had a name. They can have generic uniforms temporarily but I just wanted a NAME. Washington Football Team is dumb. Snyder apparently already knows the name, so just tell us man. I can live with a plain uniform set for awhile, what I can't live with is potentially 2 years of this nonsensical name. What if this team makes it to the Super Bowl (HAHAHAHA) and then you have the biggest sports event ever and the team has no damn name.
  10. I think this is the first ever nameless team in NFL history or possibly even the big four US sports?
  11. I just think they're wearing the blue jersey because of the spring training catch up games. The rest of the league seems to be the same way right now. I'm sure once the season starts we'll see the gray uniform.
  12. I'm pretty sure it's going to be Washington Red Wolves. It was a Navy helicopter squadron based in Virginia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HSC-84 It keeps Red and the letter R in the name, references the location of the team and references the military as Rivera stated. They could be vague with the identity or not. It works in many ways.
  13. The Hawks always do this and I hate it. 1. Unveil crazy looking new uniforms and wear it for a few seasons. 2. Revert back to something more normal and wear that for a few seasons. 3. Repeat. All they had to do was switch volt to yellow.
  14. They probably could unsew the wordmark from the jerseys and remove the decal from the helmet. I wouldn't like it but if it's what needs to be done then so be it. I have to wonder if the Browns would be irritated by another blank helmet team and possibly try to stop it? It seems like the kinda thing that would happen.