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  1. I'm not sure it could work for the Packers but I feel like the Steelers could get away with it.
  2. I'm honestly surprised they haven't done it. It's probably going to look like ass but the option is there so you might as well do it. It was apart of the unveiling too.
  3. Change the helmet to black and you have one of the best looks in the league.
  4. What's even weirder is them using the Dawg Pound logo for the Browns.
  5. What happened to the Bucks alternate court?
  6. I vaguely remember the 90's look from football cards and Madden '98 on Playstation as a little kid and thought it was a lame look. It's funny because I'm 28 now and I think it actually was a sharp look. I sort of remember the 1998 change, I was at an arcade and saw NFL Blitz '99 with the Jets then new look. I was confused as to why the Namath era logo was there, I didn't hear anything about that happening. I was just a kid but I knew Joe Namath from videos and books I saw. I thought it was cool that it was back especially since I wasn't even alive when it was around the first time. I feel like the look has ran it's course by now and is just associated with sucking ass. It's unfortunate it had to end up that way.
  7. I realized this weekend that I don't mind the uniform approach to the All-Star Game logos because the actual design emphasis everywhere else isn't boring like the NFL has it with the Super Bowl. That court was awesome, the on screen graphics from TNT were great and the alternate logos were great too. We still got the uniqueness where it counts.
  8. That number font fits in line with the font they have been using in the endzones. I wouldn't mind seeing them use it. It's got that old school Hollywood feel to it.
  9. I love the Diamond Era hats. I have a couple and they are great to wear in hot weather.
  10. I'm only fine with it if a team really wants to wear a color alternate at home and so it forces the away team to wear white. It's like a reverse of the NFL's white at home and that's fine with me.