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  1. I’m not really feeling this Cubs look. The fact it’s all navy is funny to me because the White Sox are actually the Chicago team that had an all navy uniform back in the 70’s.
  2. Stumbled on this weird 2009 broadcast of the Rays and A's playing with MLB.com graphics. I never knew about this. Both teams are also wearing throwbacks to add to the weirdness.
  3. I feel like the Pittsburgh Pirates need to go back to a version of the 70's look again full time. Now would be the perfect time to tap into the craziness that is all around sports uniforms these days. If there's one team that is allowed to be obnoxious with it's uniform, it's the Pirates.
  4. Rays wore their throwbacks today. Is it actually a fauxback though? It's got navy in place of black.
  5. That was my exact thought too. Nothing about it evokes Oklahoma to me as it was suppose to, instead it looks like it's a tribute to stock car racing, which is something you would think the Pacers would do.
  6. Watching the Thunder doesn't make you want to get a crappy hot dog from a convenience store?
  7. The 75th Anniversary uniforms seem like they will be alot of fun. Atleast the NBA is doing something cool to celebrate it's history unlike the NFL who completely failed their 100th season.
  8. Exactly. It would be different if the team name was San Francisco Warriors but it's not, so they can honestly get away with whatever Bay Area city they want on the front of a jersey.
  9. I have always wanted to see this and now that i have I can safely say a bullet was dodged. It works by itself but as a Packers uniform? It sucks. The helmet is kinda neat though.
  10. How is it a cash grab if it's going to charities and stuff? I believe none of this stuff has been for profit for the last several years.
  11. The camo hats are okay are on their own but don't look great on the field. However they looked okay with the White Sox uniform. The truly terrible thing here is the fake stirrups. Come on man. I understand Stance wants to make a stirrup look for people to buy but if you have access to the actual stirrups, then you should probably wear the actual stirrups.
  12. The White Sox actually did wear those uniforms during the 1990 season. It was also the first throwback game in the history of sports itself. Some players even had those small hats, and if you look up the game on YouTube, Jack McDowell even loses his hat in the first several pitches because the hat is so small. The same year that was the original Comiskey Park's final season and also the same year they debuted and wore the current look in the last games of the season, the first time I can ever recall a team debuting a new uniform in a game mid-season.
  13. This is another thing I don't like about the Lakers Statement jersey. The yellow numbers on purple absolutely sucks and it's because the contrast with a yellow number and white drop shadow is messed up, that font is not made for it at all, that drop shadow is so minimal that it makes that specific color combo look bad. Another issue is that the shade of yellow is ass and it doesn't help. Even the Showtime Era numbers look bad when it's yellow. You just can't do these colors with a drop shadow. The yellow wordmark and white number was a better color balance overall.
  14. There was a conversation about it maybe a year or two ago on here. It was weird cause I could kinda relate but at the same time I know it was totally wrong that the Twins wore purple. I don't know how, when, or why it even happened. As far as the Brewers, you might have a colorblind problem. Arguably old pictures can sometimes have warped color and whatnot, especially stuff from the 70's but I'm not seeing it in your examples.
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