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  1. The Heat need to knock it off and have an orange jersey already.
  2. I don't know about the difference now to be honest but at the time in 1995 when the Jaguars came around it was different enough and stayed that way for a long time.
  3. A full logo on the chest is one of the dumbest ideas I've ever seen for a Baseball uniform.
  4. I actually like this road look for the Giants alot aside from the pants striping. If they used the red/blue/red gray pants then it would be an accurate throwback too. It really pops.
  5. Might wanna tone down the intensity of it but overall I love the idea and wanna see them do it all the time. It's such a Vegas idea. It's loud, obnoxious, never been done, and more importantly it's FUN.
  6. The thing about that 49ers throwback is that it has the wrong details but that was a common occurence with alot of the throwbacks in the 1994 season. This is the real one.
  7. One of my favorite weird logo things is the original logo that Stone Cold Steve Austin had. He wore it on his very first vest for most of 1996 after he won King of the Ring until he got his trademark vest style that everyone knows. I saw this logo on a weird WWF trading card too. Also believe it or not, he wore this logo on the back of his tights! This was for like maybe 2 matches or something so it's pretty rare to find footage of it. I got a terrible screenshot when I first saw it but it gets the point across. Also here is Stone Cold in a 3:16 Patriots jersey just because.
  8. I kinda feel the same way. I was born in 1990 and I haven't seen the old logo since I was 8, same goes for Taco Bell so the nostalgia is too real for me. I remember when they made the logo switch in 1999 and introduced the Big Kids Meal with Pokemon and DBZ toys. As a 9 year old I thought it was awesome and I'd continue to buy the Big Kids meal for years afterwards. The logo change is great and now all they need to do is change the fries back to the old recipe and maybe I'll enjoy eating from there again.
  9. I wouldn't want to recognize the last couple years of the Bulls anyways...
  10. Yeah, the Clippers just swap the center court logo. I have no problem with the Lakers not having an alternate court, they don't really need one honestly. It's pretty rare to seem them not wear team colors. They haven't worn blue since the 2004/05 and 2017/18 seasons. Besides I think they would like to showcase those championship stars at center court right now.
  11. I think you just explained why they did it. They didn't want to do what everybody else does.
  12. The biggest issue I have is that the uniform schedule is all over the place and makes no sense. The NBA dictates what is worn now and it's completely random, they show zero logic in how they schedule any of it. It's out of teams hands and so you get dumb things like the Lakers wearing white on the road on a Tuesday. They should have never dropped the Home and Away designation. I wouldn't care so much if I knew that you would either get the home uniform or the alternate uniform at home like it use to be before Nike came in.. Now you can ALL UNIFORMS at home. That's stupid. I'm all for alternates but now nothing seems to be a true designated uniform. This is the only major sports league in America that does this. Why? NFL doesn't, NHL doesn't, MLB doesn't, so what's the deal? It's not innovative, it's just irritating.
  13. Local broadcasts are really good with this. The problem is networks like ESPN and TNT barely even try to keep up and as a result it can get stupid and jarring. I don't mind the uniforms but if the networks aren't gonna cover this properly then I don't know. Also another thing to remember, if an NBA jersey says Chicago on it and it's a different color? It's clearly the Bulls, I don't know who else it could be... do people suddenly think Adam Silver allowed an expansion team mid season? Come on. Hey atleast we have on screen graphics to tell you who's who now, back before the NFL on Fox introduced the scorebug in 1994 there wasn't anything at all. You had to just sit and watch to figure out who's who and the score of the game.
  14. It’s only a problem if the NFL lacks guidelines. Primary and secondary colors only. Black is not a team color for the Rams at all so its eliminated as a possibility. That’s how you do it. Make it as simple as possible, only color swaps, no logo alterations, etc.