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  1. It would be cool but I don't think it's necessary for a team like the Lakers. You could make a fauxback court but I prefer accuracy. The problem here with accuracy is that the court they used in the 60's was blue and red and I don't think that will work even if it's historically accurate.
  2. As I expected, the Rams look much better today. I don't completely hate the all blue look but it would be much better with yellow pants.
  3. I know this won't happen to my knowledge but I found this hidden on the Gridiron Uniform Database. They prepare stuff ahead of time just in case. I'm pretty sure this would have to be labeled the best monochrome uniform ever. I've wanted this ever since Color Rush started but it clearly won't happen unless some people make noise about it. I'd love to see it for real.
  4. Sofi Stadium is about as outdoor as you can get without actually being outdoors. It's still going to get really hot and really cold for the players throughout the year.
  5. The worst part about the Browns uniforms is the number 7. It looks like doo doo.
  6. Old Broncos logo is in the endzone. Wasn't expecting that at all. Could it be a hint to the future?
  7. I think it was inspired by acid wash jeans at the time.
  8. Two reasons that doesn't work, the first reason is that if they did that it would mean the bolt would have to be white on a white helmet and that doesn't work and second the helmet then wouldn't be a reference to the first LA helmet.
  9. I was excited to see the Chargers wear the new powder blue against my Raiders but it turns out the Chargers are gonna screw this up and wear all navy instead.
  10. The only new things in NBA 2K21 currently are the Rockets, Thunder and Grizzlies statement uniforms having the Jordan logo. It'll probably be awhile before everything else is added.
  11. What makes this different than the times he wore a Reebok or Adidas jersey in the past? I gotta be honest, it seems to me like you just don't like LeBron which is fine but you can't let it guide your logic. He's been seen wearing Jordans off the court. I promise you he does not care about the logo being on his jersey, especially if it's his favorite player.