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  1. Man, that font is one of the most early 2000's fonts. I look at it and I just think of like anything that tried to be cool.
  2. I saw the video and can tell you that both the jersey and the game clip itself are fake.
  3. I never thought of the Pirates logo having hair.
  4. The funny thing about this picture is that those are the Phoenix Suns modeling the uniforms and not anybody from the Diamondbacks. From what I can tell from left to right, it's Danny Manning, Danny Ainge, Wesley Person, Paul Westphal and Kevin Johnson. This means the picture was taken in either 1995 or 1996 based on the players which means there was no Diamondbacks players to model the uniforms. The teal hat didn't even make it to the field either.
  5. The NBA has put out an apparent rendering of what games will look like when the season returns. It does note that the setup is subject to change so the court you see here is definitely not the real one but this gives you an idea.
  6. Yeah, they changed it in 1992. They also tweaked the shade of orange and added orange pants.
  7. The MLB has become one of the worst run leagues in America. No wonder ratings are going down and popularity is decreasing, everything has been a joke lately. They can't figure out when to play and turn it into some CBA crap, Owners want ads, the Commissioner called the World Series Trophy a piece of metal, the Astros Scandal, etc.
  8. It is reporting on a uniform change and nothing else. A uniform change is a uniform change.
  9. That would be almost unwatchable. I know Nike made an LED basketball court in Shanghai but that's all I know. I could accept this being normalized in the future as long as they don't go too crazy with it.
  10. I guess you could say the Rams rebrand is a boner. See what I did? Bone color, boner, I'm sorry, I had to do it. You know what forget I even posted this.
  11. This is exactly why they did it. Some goober on their design team was probably super into the culture and figured that to be "TRULY LA" the team needed to do that. Make the jersey look like Off White and Supreme stuff! Hell yeah! That's not gonna be stupid! A skateboard brand has influenced an NFL uniform. Think about that.
  12. There is a blog post about all the new stuff. http://nfluniforms.blogspot.com/2020/05/new-uniforms-of-2020.html
  13. Here's Tom Brady wearing the new helmet for the first time. Also note the others are wearing the old helmet. The resized logo is definitely better, it's big but not too big.
  14. I remember hearing that the Pistons were going to wear the teal horse uniforms from someone who works for the team. Either in 2021 or 2022? I can't remember but I know I read that. That's most likely the 90's throwback that Conrad is talking about.
  15. If I had to guess, it's because the logos may have been designed by NBA Properties. They did alot of work for teams in the 90's.
  16. Brad Daugherty played for the Cleveland Cavaliers from 1986 to 1994. He was injured when the Cavaliers switched to their weird paint splash era, however, he's still in the video game NBA Jam: Tournament Edition on the Cavaliers which is based on the 1994/95 season with the updated logo. This also happened on various trading cards. It turns out he apparently had an actual warm up and jersey made according to game used auction sites but they just didn't get worn because he ended up retiring before he ever could suit up in it. I even found a throwback for him. I didn't know the Cavs wore throwbacks in the 90's but this says they did.
  17. It says alot that the Rams didn't touch the horn on the helmet when they redesigned in 2000. Everybody was changing in sports and messing around at that time, but the Rams held onto their helmet regardless of anything. I like the new helmet but it's still stupid that they changed it.
  18. I don't understand the Bone uniform. Why didn't they use Cream instead? That would've worked much better.
  19. Home uniform is nice but where is the away uniform? Oh no...
  20. To put more talk into this supposed BONE colored away uniform, I realized that actual Rams can actually be that color. The team would be taking the team name literal, ironic considering the damn Ram logo isn't even that color and the horn itself is supposedly not that realistic. Really, what are you doing? No NFL team has worn something in place of white on a permanent basis and there's no need to start now. You want to screw around and put out an alternate uniform? Fine whatever, but having this as a main away uniform seems like a huge mistake.
  21. I can live with the helmet but the rest... Oh god. I don't know.
  22. Oh great, now that stupid "Rams logo is a penis!" meme is in this thread now. I hate this thread.
  23. Do they want this identity to fail or something? I'm having a hard time understanding the "We're listening to the fans!" approach and then all of this happens. Nobody is asking for a reinvention of the wheel here so I don't know what the hell is going on with the Rams organization.
  24. The issue for the Raiders wearing a silver jersey is that they would need to have a shiny fabric for it to even work right, which we now know that Nike is almost incapable of doing and it might veer into Mavs Trash Bag territory. The jersey and pants would have to have a metallic sheen to it for it to even work. When I was in middle school, I use to own a silver Charles Woodson jersey and it was pretty cool.