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  1. Was going through games on MLB TV since it's free this week and I noticed something during the Braves/Padres game that was pretty cool. The local Braves broadcast was using brown for the Padres because they were wearing the brown alternate but for some reason the Padres broadcast didn't do that.
  2. This would make sense as white jerseys are no longer being worn at home on a constant basis in the NBA now. The NBA should just ditch this flexible ruling and make it like the NHL where color is at home for good, none of this half way crap.
  3. Correction on the Raiders, the home uniform has been the same since 1963 and nothing more. Slight font variations have happened but other than that it's been that way since 1963. The road uniform is where things get weird. They flirted with the idea of silver road numbers off and on in 1963, silver numbers were full time in 1964 and finally black numbers on the road jersey debuted full time in 1965, they switched back to silver road numbers in 1970 again, the current Raiders look on the road that we know of debuted in 1972 with the silver trim on the black numbers.
  4. As long as Coogi is upset about the usage of the Coogie pattern then the uniform is certainly never going to come back. It's a shame too it's a great look.
  5. That's amazing but not real. The tweet implies it's just a concept. https://twitter.com/brettmiyasaki/status/1146499980925886464
  6. I would be very interested in seeing those colors on the 90's uniform. Purple is basically my favorite color so if I could get that look in purple then it would be an all time jersey for me. Also worth nothing is that the Kings had a red and blue court during the last season they wore the 90's uniforms before the switch to purple. It's basically what the court design ended up being up until like 2004 except with different colors.
  7. The numbers were huge. I think the Kings had the largest numbers in the league for years but I could be wrong. No idea why.
  8. I honestly don't know if that's true here. I think this is them doing something at the last second to celebrate the final season in Oakland. I kinda wish instead of a 60 years logo, they did a Final Season in Oakland logo or something. Atleast with this 60 Seasons logo, we know for sure they will break out the silver number throwbacks.
  9. I'm so glad to see the Kings are going to wear this again. It's one of my all time favorites. The powder blue is cool but this and the split purple and black jersey are my favorites out of everything the Kings have worn.
  10. Raiders have a 60 Seasons logo. It's a little cheap looking but I like the Al Davis flame being in there.
  11. The inevitable alternate jersey with the Bay logo on it is going to sell so much. Dare I say it could potentially be an instant classic. Also, the Warriors introduced their rookies with the previous jersey so I'm guessing we're not getting a major overhaul and instead getting minor tweaks to things like the front logo and number font.
  12. It allows the team to actually try with their uniforms unlike the normal ones which were clearly just slapped together quickly after the move from Seattle to make it in time.
  13. Enough of this Browns white helmet garbage. It won't happen and it shouldn't ever happen. It only happened in the 40's/50's because the team had no established history as opposed to now where it's very clear what the Cleveland Browns should look like. If by some ridiculous chance the Browns do go with a white helmet then it would be a big mistake. Just because they won AAFC Championships with the white helmet doesn't mean switching to it will immediately result in success. It's foolish. The orange helmet is the teams identity. It's what you think of when you hear the name Cleveland Browns. Why mess with that?
  14. The Bears are wearing their own 100 Seasons patch instead of the NFL 100 logo on the collar. Their retail jerseys have it.
  15. I haven't seen any retail jerseys with the NFL 100 logo on the collar. If we can't get one then that would be a disappointment.
  16. I live in the Sacramento area and our local MyNetworkTV station now has a new logo that's totally different from the usual. I never liked the MyNetworkTV name and look but this is a good upgrade.
  17. In the spirit of NBA Jam, the team name can just be the sound of the person yelling as if they stubbed their toe. Joe Buck will finally be able to show true emotion. "Tonight's matchup is between the New York Yankees and AAAHH!!!!"
  18. I don't hate it and I don't really like it either. To me it's a middle of the road look much like the Olajuwon era uniforms. Just a simple thing that isn't trying to be more and that's fine.
  19. I seem to remember that the Rockets actually announced that it would be the inspiration for a new uniform in the future when they unveiled it.
  20. I'm glad the Warriors aren't using the bridge with basketball lines now as the primary logo. I never liked that variation but the new version is looking really nice in Warriors marketing and on TV so far.
  21. So what's going on with the Mavericks? Are we getting a new look for sure or what? I can't remember if it was confirmed or not.
  22. According to this, the Chargers are going to wear a blue facemask with the blue jersey. That's weak. It's also interesting to see the Patriots throwback is still listed.
  23. One thing that bothered me about the Raptors rebrand a few years ago was the fact that the black and gold alternate colors were much better and more unique for the league. I know it's very heavily inspired by Drake and his goofy ass, but it is a good look if you can manage to disassociate the blatant advertisement for OVO.