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  1. Timberwolves jerseys looked like CRAP! Bright blue with red piping, no trees. UGH!
  2. Sweet! I've been looking for a nice clear version of their first logo! Madden 97 and 98 had a variation of this logo except the Gold was replaced with Silver. I wish I could find another photo, although I could break the discs out and take a pic. Also, that pic Gothamite posted is awesome!
  3. Hey guys, the Celtics/Raptors game in Rome is on NBATV right now. The shorts for the Raptors are ALL WHITE except for red piping, it looks sick. The Celtics jerseys are awkward. It's their alternate with BO in green ST in BOLD WHITE and ON in red, it also has a certain logo on the back neck of the collar.
  4. Pick one from here http://www.weirdwolf.net/FFP/1990s/1994_75th.htm# For those that might not be in the know, each team wore throwbacks during the 93-94 NFL Season. Green Bay: Pittsburgh: Los Angeles:
  5. Look what I found.. The only color photo of the Raiders original uniforms that I've found! It really WAS gold and not yellow. Also judging from the picture that DarkHaha posted, this is probably what it looked like:
  6. Neither the Cowboys or the Raiders use GRAY as an official color. The Raiders come closer to making this a true statement - although, the Silver they use for their helmet is a blended metallic color with a bit of Blue in it. The Gray facemask is a flat (non-metallic) representative of this color, but there is still a difference: With the Cowboys, it's even MORE off: The only team with Gray facemasks that actually match another uniform element is the Giants, and I still think it looks like crap. In 1963, the Raiders helmets had a blueish shade. It looked that way on NFL 2K5. It looks the same way on this Madden 08 Mod I have (yes I MADE THE UNIS NOT THE HELMET)
  7. if your lazy and you know it, clap your hands!
  8. That means alot coming from a Raider fan ! oh god i just said i love you to a chiefs fan. i feel so dirty..
  9. What this guy said. A subliminal pattern.
  10. The way the sun is reflecting off the helmet, I think it's kind of hard to say definitively whether the shield is white or silver, but it does appear that the face of the "Raider guy" is lighter than the background it's on. It's whats on the helmet (i think) for my San Antonio Raiders Throwback Football Franchise.. Yes, I made those unis (except for helmet), deal with it.
  11. A couple more things about tonight's uniforms.... 1. If you'll notice the catcher's sleeve patch, it's that 50th anniversary patch of Jackie Robinson's first season that all the teams wore in 1997 I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say Biggio wore his actual 1997 jersey.
  12. What's this "we" stuff? The Bay Area of California.