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  1. For the Raiders: Silver Numbers on the Aways A Silver alternate For the Lakers: Wear the 1962 Rewind Jersey from 2003 in an actual game, dammit! For the SF Giants: Wear the Batting Practice jerseys as an Alternate because it's sahweeet.
  2. It's like the Dallas Cowboys double-star jersey. Not actually a throwback.
  3. I'm pretty sure the 11 is in the E. lol
  4. What version of the game do you have? A friend of mine picked up the 360 version and says that he can't find the OKC patch and the one-time OKC jersey. I've never seen the Oklahoma City jersey.
  5. You broke my tables! I just bought them for $15 each at LOWE's!
  6. Grey Poupon. No, that's Yellow Poupon.... yellow poupon their whole uniform. More like Yellow Poop-on. Those uniforms are so terrible.
  8. Artist's Rendition: Additional proof that God will never stop punishing Canadians for Snow... INFORRRRRRMERRRR..
  9. That game had almost every single Fashion Jersey. Including the barfable Packers yellow.
  10. And as soon as Barkley left, the Suns changed their uniforms.
  11. Wait, its eventually gonna become the new logo for the Rangers soon??? I really like it.
  12. Wow. The jersey I have on NBA Live 06 for the PC is so close to the mock up made by my good buddy c0nr4d.
  13. The only time I've liked the black was the 96-97 Season... Pic from NBA Live 06 on the PC.
  14. I'd kill to have the Sixers return to their old logo.
  15. Ladies and gentlemen we have a winner.
  16. It looks waaaayyy better and readable now.
  17. We still have yet to see what the NFL Network will offer us come Thanksgiving, but then again it might be like what they had during their NFL Europe telecasts. I pray that's not what we see.