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  1. So what's going on with the Mavericks? Are we getting a new look for sure or what? I can't remember if it was confirmed or not.
  2. According to this, the Chargers are going to wear a blue facemask with the blue jersey. That's weak. It's also interesting to see the Patriots throwback is still listed.
  3. One thing that bothered me about the Raptors rebrand a few years ago was the fact that the black and gold alternate colors were much better and more unique for the league. I know it's very heavily inspired by Drake and his goofy ass, but it is a good look if you can manage to disassociate the blatant advertisement for OVO.
  4. I have a good uniform idea for the Cleveland Browns. It's a little rough but it works. Please like my concept. Thank you.
  5. My first thought of that Bay logo was that it reminds me of the Disney World Horizons logo.
  6. You guys may think the Bears had a crazy uniform for 1936 but the Giants in that same season were even crazier.
  7. That Bears throwback is amazing. However, it's a huge mistake they won't wear it against the Packers who could wear throwbacks of their own. It's the 100th Season man!
  8. This one is a favorite of mine. The Clippers were going to switch to this for the 1992-1993 season.
  9. I get what they were going for and it was perfectly showcased in the reveal video. It looks fantastic. Then you see the actual logo and it's like what the hell happened here? This isn't what you see at all. This is like buying an amazing Playstation game on Game Boy Color as a kid only to be disappointed by the downgrade. There's no detail and the ribbon/ring around the planet/ball is miserable looking. This looks nothing remotely space-like, but the reveal video makes it look like the Death Star from Star Wars.
  10. I honestly wonder who it was that came up with the idea for the black side panels on the Lakers purple jersey. That organization is run by people who very clearly understand the history of the Lakers, so I'm not sure what happened. I was especially frustrated because I was ready to buy a Lebron Lakers jersey and I wanted it to be the purple one since I don't have that yet and it's my favorite color. The moment I saw the black side panel I didn't even bother buying it.
  11. Let's not forget the Raiders abandoned their white pants on their "Color Rush Throwback" and just turned it into a regular 1970 Throwback with the silver pants. I'm under the impression this is what the Raiders wanted to do the whole time but the league mandated them to wear all white. Also, DeAndre Washington wore the actual color rush uniform on accident. Not sure how that made it onto the field. As for the Color Rush uniforms in the league as a whole, the reason teams still go with the mono look is clearly because of team preference. I don't like it but it's what they want to do. You can't prohibit one color socks either because it will prevent throwbacks in the case of the Lions or Packers or maybe future teams.
  12. The Dolphins are going Full Brewers now. I'm going to enjoy what I see and hate it at the same time. They need to just pick a look already.
  13. The thing is that this is more of a logo that evokes what the team name is is: However, just because it does that doesn't make it a great logo for the Detroit Pistons. The Bad Boys logo means something much greater than any team name symbolism ever could.
  14. That's one of my all time favorite uniforms due to nostalgia. I play as the Kings alot in NBA Jam.
  15. I remember they actually did that in 2003/2004 against the Lakers. It was a pretty good looking game.
  16. Why did ESPN use the Phillies old logo and colors? It confused me when I turned the game on for a bit the other night. It was like this for the entire game too according to the highlights. I can't think of any specific reason for this outside of it being a mistake but you'd think if it were a mistake they wouldn't have gone an entire game with it right?
  17. I saw video of players doing photoshoots for Madden 20 and the NFL 100 logo is definitely on the pants.
  18. Looks like the NFL has trademarked the name Duluth Eskimos. The Vikings might get a throwback? Maybe there will be merch?
  19. What's up with the claims that the Jets helmet looks black now? I don't see it. It's clearly a medium shade of green and gets brighter when light hits it because of the metallic flakes or whatever. It's nothing we haven't seen with the Broncos or Eagles.
  20. The Rays wore some pretty crazy socks with their throwbacks yesterday. They also posted an incredible late 90's animation on their Twitter.
  21. How is this possible? The team colors are right there in every teams logo. Common sense should be that if you see a uniform that does not represent what is in the logo, then it is a special uniform and that's that. Look, I don't like the rampant alternates as much as the next poster but you guys don't need to make up ridiculous excuses to dislike it. You have the TV Broadcast telling you what teams are playing, the team logos to tell you what the team colors are, hell, the front of the jersey should be an obvious indicator as to who the team is.
  22. No. They've been doing this for the last couple years, it's just a marketing thing and nothing more.
  23. This is great news. The gold facemask really makes a huge difference in how good this looks. It all comes together well.
  24. Sleep Train name didn't bother me because here in the area Sleep Train is a local mattress place that has always gotten advertisement on TV and Radio. It just seemed to make sense that the Kings had an arena named that. I remember WWE always went there in the Attitude Era. My 10 year old self found the name hilarious.