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  1. To continue the Pippen party, here he is in a throwback that he never wore but Jordan did.
  2. I cannot tell you how much this has bothered me. The whole rage over Stranger Things has been weird to me because every time I would see the logo, I would immediately think of the Atlanta Hawks. To me personally, it's the Hawks only font. They had it from 1972 to 2007 and it's what I and many others grew up on.
  3. I really liked this version. They messed it up when they took the white off the trim in 2004. The number on the shorts was cool too. Here's the change I'm referring to.
  4. Probably not. When the Rams were in St. Louis they rarely wore white at home. Here's a llisting of every teams white at home games. http://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/GUD/research3.shtml
  5. I wore a throwback White Sox hat when I went to a Packers scrimmage at Lambeau in 2013 because it was the closest thing to Wisconsin I had on my trip. I'm not even a fan of the White Sox or Packers, so it was a strange moment. If you're wondering why I was even there it's cause got family in Wisconsin and I just had to visit Lambeau as a football fan in general. So yeah, I can understand why someone would wear merch that isn't of the home team. They may just be visiting and put on something to represent the sport in general.
  6. I've seen alot of random hijackings in threads on here but Mugshot.com hijacking a thread is incredible. How does it even come down to that?
  7. That might be the intention when the team's name was invented, I'm not going to deny that part but I think if you asked most sports fans what the team name means they would probably say that the team is just named for America. Vet is right though, i just like them wearing red jerseys, it has nothing to do with historical accuracy to me personally. The Redcoats thing is a weird argument but it's also an argument that does make sense.
  8. So, a team that is named after America in general shouldn't use a color that is associated with America and is on the flag? Yeah, sure... The team only started wearing blue as of 1993. Nobody cared about that historical accuracy before and nobody should care now. Wanting them to skirt around the idea of using a prominent team color is how you get crap like this: You get a team jerseys that look like they were dragged through a Boston street and not cleaned before the game. As opposed to this, an actual decent looking jersey:
  10. I just can't get over the facemask, giant ATL and number font. Those three things are what makes me dislike the overall look. I want to like it. The potential is there but it's not met. Also, it's not about older people wearing the jersey looking bad because that jersey will look stupid on anybody. It doesn't pass the test.
  11. What's really cool about the navy Color Rush uniform is that the helmet is probably a reference to the very first helmet they had.
  12. As a Raiders fan, I am glad they play the Chargers twice a year because it means I get to see those uniforms. Incredible.
  13. The Color Rush uniform is kind of genius. The helmet stands out. That's perfect for the team, it's what their identity is, the helmet. It shouldn't work but it does.
  14. It's pretty obvious those Patriots jerseys were inspired by soccer kits, there is no way it wasn't. Even as a little kid I picked up on that. I actually liked that jersey at the time and still kinda do.
  15. It's a shame that the Raptors/Grizzlies throwback game didn't get to happen but atleast we can play it on NBA 2K20.
  16. I still think the Browns uniforms were a few tweaks away from being good but the classic look is far superior anyways. I feel the same way about the Buccaneers. In fact, if I'm gonna be completely honest, the Bucs didn't even need to change uniforms, they just needed to change the number font and shrink the helmet logo down.
  17. The old Big Logo style that the Patriots wore from 1995 to 2000. Apex innovated the big logo on the shoulders look and gave it to a handful of College teams to negative reaction. However, the Cowboys alternate version got a mixed reaction, some love it, some hate it. I think it only was accepted by people because it was strictly an alternate and was worn for Thanksgiving only for several years. Overall, the big logo trend failed. I personally like it though but that's because I have trash taste.
  18. I find myself to be very optimistic and lenient about design in sports but my first impression of this Falcons uniform is that I don't like it. I usually can find things to like but I'm just not getting it right now. Maybe it's better on the field? Maybe I need to see it in Madden? I feel like the Jaguars and Buccaneers previous uniforms were better and more consistent than this. I got it, the helmet, the lack of white on the black uniform and the large ATL are what is making this uniform not work for me.
  19. The reason Los Angeles isn't a "football town" is because of a lack of success with NFL teams and the existence of the Dodgers and Lakers who's legacies are far more richer than anything the Rams, Chargers and even Raiders could claim. If the Rams and Raiders didn't leave, kept building their history in LA and even had successful seasons then things might be different for how LA treats football.
  20. I think it's more likely that the Rams liked the designs and decided to use the designs. Anybody introducing anything knows how public feedback can go, this is the most obvious thing. They knew but they clearly want the audience to warm up to it, if not, do something else when the option arrives in 5 years, Demoff said as much. There is clearly no malicious intent from what they are doing unlike Spanos, who you can tell is a clueless turd. Demoff is a decent guy, presents himself well, doesn't crap on the fans, etc. You can not like what the logos and uniforms are, but PLEASE try not to overexaggerate how bad it is, that's just as bad if not worse. Go read the Rams social media replies, this teams fan base cares more about how it looks than the team on the field right now and that's kind of pathetic. "Hey we resigned this guy!" and the replies to it are like "LOGO LOOK LIKE A PENIS!!!!!!!!!" Come on. This is a team that was in the Super Bowl a year ago and now got rid of a top RB and suffers from various other issues. I understand the brand is bad looking to some people but people need to get it together.
  21. The problem I have with the Rams LA logo is that there's two different versions to use on a white background. The second one I posted is the much better one. This logo needs the gradient for it to work.
  22. The Cardinals are a boring team so they need to get a boring uniform.