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  1. The Rays wore some pretty crazy socks with their throwbacks yesterday. They also posted an incredible late 90's animation on their Twitter.
  2. How is this possible? The team colors are right there in every teams logo. Common sense should be that if you see a uniform that does not represent what is in the logo, then it is a special uniform and that's that. Look, I don't like the rampant alternates as much as the next poster but you guys don't need to make up ridiculous excuses to dislike it. You have the TV Broadcast telling you what teams are playing, the team logos to tell you what the team colors are, hell, the front of the jersey should be an obvious indicator as to who the team is.
  3. No. They've been doing this for the last couple years, it's just a marketing thing and nothing more.
  4. This is great news. The gold facemask really makes a huge difference in how good this looks. It all comes together well.
  5. Sleep Train name didn't bother me because here in the area Sleep Train is a local mattress place that has always gotten advertisement on TV and Radio. It just seemed to make sense that the Kings had an arena named that. I remember WWE always went there in the Attitude Era. My 10 year old self found the name hilarious.
  6. It looks like Elena Delle Donne is the silhouette. Not a fan of the font.
  7. I already saw someone wearing the new black alternate tonight in the crowd during Wrestlemania 35. It didn't look bad at all but I still don't think they should have a black jersey.
  8. Look no further than Jobing.com Arena. Not only is it stupid that it's called .com but JOBING.COM? What the hell kind of URL is that?
  9. The Jets are the only team in the NFL that have the full city name in their logo.
  10. I'm starting to get real sick of people acting like certain colors can only be used by one team only. Nobody has a copyright or trademark on any colors. Please stop.
  11. Dude, they gotta fix the alignment on the NEW YORK part. It's going to bother me until they change it. They couldn't move it down a bit towards the JETS part? Maybe enlarge it a little?
  12. It's similar to common workout gear for women, there's nothing wrong with it. No need to call them strippers.
  13. The way Amy Adams Strunk spoke of the Oilers uniforms makes me believe she doesn't know or remember that they did wear Oilers uniforms in 2009 and it was amazing. It was the AFL version though and not the one everyone wants but it was still pretty good.
  14. I'm guessing the stadium situation for the Raiders was in flux while the hat went into production so they decided to just use Raider Nation and no actual city or state. For those who don't know, the 2019 season is officially the final one in Oakland unlike what was previously speculated.
  15. I'm not sure it could work for the Packers but I feel like the Steelers could get away with it.
  16. I'm honestly surprised they haven't done it. It's probably going to look like ass but the option is there so you might as well do it. It was apart of the unveiling too.
  17. Change the helmet to black and you have one of the best looks in the league.
  18. What's even weirder is them using the Dawg Pound logo for the Browns.
  19. What happened to the Bucks alternate court?
  20. I vaguely remember the 90's look from football cards and Madden '98 on Playstation as a little kid and thought it was a lame look. It's funny because I'm 28 now and I think it actually was a sharp look. I sort of remember the 1998 change, I was at an arcade and saw NFL Blitz '99 with the Jets then new look. I was confused as to why the Namath era logo was there, I didn't hear anything about that happening. I was just a kid but I knew Joe Namath from videos and books I saw. I thought it was cool that it was back especially since I wasn't even alive when it was around the first time. I feel like the look has ran it's course by now and is just associated with sucking ass. It's unfortunate it had to end up that way.
  21. I realized this weekend that I don't mind the uniform approach to the All-Star Game logos because the actual design emphasis everywhere else isn't boring like the NFL has it with the Super Bowl. That court was awesome, the on screen graphics from TNT were great and the alternate logos were great too. We still got the uniqueness where it counts.
  22. That number font fits in line with the font they have been using in the endzones. I wouldn't mind seeing them use it. It's got that old school Hollywood feel to it.