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  1. Me: Uniform ads in the NBA can't get any worse right? Jerry Reinsdorf: Hold on a second there pal.
  2. This kind of logo application needs to make a return. It's incredible.
  3. I don't understand how they have swooshing lines in their uniforms and marketing but don't do it in the helmet logo. By adding the swooping lines in the logo, you could kill two birds with one stone and reference the Namath era and the Esiason era. Something like these sloppy mockups I made would have been way better. I do apologize for the quality of these, I'm not very good at photoshopping.
  4. Is this the first time an NFL team has worn plain white socks outside of Color Rush?
  5. I'm like 90% sure this is what the Browns will be wearing next season.
  6. I don't normally mind leage wide uniform stuff but this is really stupid. Yeah, sure they would be great fashion jerseys and hats, I see people wearing all white and black hats but in a game though? Get the out of here. Not gonna lie though, the White Sox jersey is cool.
  7. According to Madden 20 you are correct.
  8. You won't want to watch the Windy City Bulls in the G-League then...
  9. The only shorthand/nicknames I want to see on jerseys are PHILA, ATL, PHX and Rip City. Everything else is unwelcome especially you Sacramento....
  10. In the new NBA 2K20 trailer, the number font on Klay Thompson's jersey is brutal. It seems that most numbers should be fine but #11 looks like ass.
  11. I'm excited for the teal Grizzlies uniform to return but the black alternate was really underrated. They adopted it full time with tweaks after moving to Memphis but the Vancouver version was way better.
  12. What we have here is a perfect example of how changing a font can make things much better.
  13. Spurs don't need a rebrand. They're a no nonsense franchise and need a no nonsense brand. What they've worn for the last couple decades is fine for that. I like the Fiesta logo, but the only reason it worked is because they wore neutral colors on their uniforms to offset the garishness of the fiesta colors.
  14. Stop posting fake NBA 2K20 leaks. Check the official NBA 2K20 Twitter first and if it's not there then don't post about it.
  15. I still can't believe that the 100th Season of the NFL will open with Bears vs Packers and neither team will be wearing throwbacks. That's a huge missed opportunnity. I tried it out on Madden 20 and it was pretty awesome.
  16. I'm currently playing Madden 20 and i noticed the Carolina Panthers have made changes to their uniforms for the first time ever. The striping on the jerseys is different and the logo on the pants is gone. This is definitely not an error as the game also has 2015 Home and 2015 Away listed.
  17. It's amazing to me that the Thunder blew it and lost all three of those guys.
  18. The new Thunder uniforms are a huge upgrade even if their overall brand is trash.
  19. The Raiders never wore this on the field but I owned this jersey and it was amazing. I miss metallic sheen on NFL uniforms in general.
  20. That's a good observation but Conrad has me thinking it's probably the wordmark of the new Statement uniform because we already know there will be a white coogi City uniform. It's important to remember that nearly every team is getting a new Statement uniform this year except the Lakers who are likely keeping their crappy purple jersey because it was just introduced last year.
  21. That Pelicans picture is 100% fake. It doesn't even come close to looking real. Just look how tiny the Nike logo looks and how impossibly distorted and small Zatarain's ad is. That's real bad stuff to get fooled by.
  22. I was looking at the Nets page on the mothership and I saw this alternate logo that just got added. I've never seen it before.
  23. It sucks that Anthony Davis picture is just an error. The classic drop shadow would be way better. All the Lakers need to do is fix the shade of yellow and fix the damn purple jersey. That's all I want man.
  24. As a Lakers fan I always felt like the Lakers should be the ones to have a yellow dominant court. I understand that at this point the yellow court is something that's embedded in the Warriors history now but I still would much prefer blue. In a perfect world, the Lakers go back to the Forum style court but with the logo at the middle and the Warriors get a blue court with yellow or white lines.