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  1. I would really love it if the Christmas uniforms never happened again. Just because it looks good doesn't make it a great idea.
  2. I can deal with that but I gotta see the original Heat logo come back.
  3. What if the Heat just use the Vice uniforms but with the main team colors and also adding orange back into the mix? I think that would be nice.
  4. The Nike logo on the front sucks but it doesn't bother me that much. It could be so much worse...
  5. How did it bother you in this game? It's been like this in alot of arenas over the last 10-15 years. Also, that Celtics City jersey needs to just not be worn because the number font is god awful. It barely manages to be readable.
  6. Well the merchandise is going to likely say Las Vegas and stuff like that so he's not wrong, it would be pretty dumb to buy merch of the team right now unless it omits the city name. The Raiders are changing nothing in their logo or uniform. The only thing that seems possible to me is switching to silver numbers on the away jersey, likely because of Nevada being the Silver State.
  7. I'm at the point where it's put up or shut up with the Eagles on this. Either do something or don't and stop getting everyones hopes up. Double green alt? Full rebrand? I don't care what it is at this point, they just need to do something already so i can stop hearing about how much they want it. If they really wanted this then they would have already done it and not sat on their hands.
  8. I actually own one of those coach sweaters, it was given to me by a family member. Definitely not great to wear now though cause the material aged like milk after all these years.
  9. I'm calling it now, they're going to have a fiesta court next season. I'd be very surprised if the city uniform has it. By the way this Twitter graphic annoys me because the Kings have a throwback of the logo the Spurs used and did not wear it in this game.
  10. Oh no, believe me, I understand some of the criticisms, I just felt like the way it has been described has been a bit much. Double outlining the wordmark and not having it match the name and number is not good at all. Also, I really want to point out that the powder blue hat is really unnecessary.
  11. The way I'm seeing people react to these uniforms, you'd think it's the worst thing in history. It just looks like a standard lame baseball uniform. No offense to anybody but it seems like the standard for baseball uniforms on this forum have become astronomically high and any team is unable to please at this point.
  12. Home jersey is good but everything else is weird. Very inconsistent so I give it a 3 out of 5.
  13. Uniforms are alright. Anybody else see that the teams each have their own football? Interesting twist, however I'm not sure if players will appreciate different color balls for every game. Might give them problems.
  14. Thought I would like the Seahawks look but it wasn't good. I don't mind it but it didn't seem right.
  15. I mean it tells you who the home and road team is on the scoreboard and it says Sacramento on the baseline. It looks awful and all but come on.
  16. That wasn't a very good idea. The City uniform utilizes powder blue and the throwback court doesn't have that. I hope they just didn't want to change it over from their last home game which was using the throwback court.
  17. I personally feel like the Brewers will just make the pinstripes the regular home uniform in 2021 because the cream uniform seems like a 50th Anniversary thing, after all it's very much based on the first real Brewers uniform ever.
  18. Yeah, the kerning seems off a bit but overall I think it's fine and will probably be tweaked within a year or two. It looks like Bernie's fake alternate seems to correct the problem though.
  19. Falcons with the Georgia Dome field is a great surprise. Saints/Falcons is an incredible uniform matchup overall.
  20. The weird part about that Seahawks green jersey from 2009 is that the navy pants were worn multiple times at home that season. They were gone after that but might have been the catalyst for what they wear today.
  21. I don't know why but I seem to have a very vague memory of the Twins purple thing too. I never thought they were purple but I understand how someone could think that. It's like a Mandela Effect situation. To be honest, I wouldn't mind if the Twins went to a dark purple like the old school Vikings helmet. Dark purple and red would be badass.
  22. This is unnecessary. Atleast with the all white Color Rush it was to make the uniform completely white while this is just messing around just to mess around and I'm not into that.
  24. The Raptors are going to wear their throwbacks on January 28th against the Hawks. Why is this important? Vince Carter is on the Hawks. This means he has been in the NBA for so long that he will play against his original team wearing the jersey he originally wore as a throwback. VC never played on the original court design they're going to use though, but still it's pretty crazy to realize. Man, I feel old now.
  25. We could really use a post from @the admiral right now.