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  1. Until this season that was the only other uniform combo they wore and that was back in 1998.
  2. I know we're not suppose to get political and stuff here or whatever but it's very well known that Vince is a republican and his patriotism is serious. He allegedly rewrote this weeks episode of Raw because of the passing of George H.W. in order to "lift the fans spirits" or something which is hilarious cause the show didn't lift any spirits and sucked like most WWE shows have this year. As far as the XFL goes, I actually do believe Vince will distance himself from any controversy, wrestling and general edginess. I think he really wants this to be a straight up shot at football. The last experience clearly bruised his ego and now he's out to get it right.
  3. I was honestly hoping the Thunder's Earned uniform looked EXACTLY like the Statement with the lines and gradient. I'm disappointed by the execution overall. Doesn't look that great.
  4. The Pacers logo has silver/grey/whatever they call it.
  5. I actually like the modern Dolphins look and I like the throwback look. What they're doing now works for me and it's probably how the team views it too. I understand that branding should be consistent and I hate how certain teams (COUGHBREWERSCOUGH) can't make up their mind but in this case I don't see any harm in running 2 games in the throwbacks. There's a place for a modern look and a classic look in sports and the Dolphins do it well. I personally believe that within the next 5 or 10 years the team will go back to the classic Dolphin logo. They might not want to do it right now but I think they'll just cave in eventually.
  6. The Heat need to drop this lame act that they're doing. People love the Vice look and you don't want to alienate your fanbase by not only not catering to their wishes but also playing bad basketball!
  7. I'm guessing he means it will be a Color Rush uniform? They'd have to have different striped socks but that would be a very interesting and clean look.
  8. I agree with this post except for the logo criticism. It's alot better than Bucco Bruce but I like that logo too.
  9. So I guess NBA teams can still wear whatever they want then even if the NBA scheduled them?
  10. This is one of the most overrated uniforms ever. I liked it when it first came out but it got old to me after several years. I just don't think it's as good as everyone says it is especially when it lacks the one color (orange) that everyone wants from this team.
  11. I was just going by the schedule on the Thunder's website. Weird how they'd just list all games as being white so far.
  12. Okay this is bizarre, apparently the Thunder have only worn their white uniform this entire season so far except for this past Saturday when they wore the City uniform. The normal "road" uniform won't appear until December 5th. Anybody else find that really weird? It's a very NFL move, wear white for the first half of the season then finally wear color in the second half.
  13. Hate to continue this off topic discussion but I really want to point out that the ORIGINAL Panthers script wasn't what everyone is talking about. They had a different one for their first season in 1995 and then switched to the edgier font. It wasn't even used on the field as they played at Clemson's Death Valley and the endzone wordmark just said "PANTHERS" in generic block font. Now back on topic, I have a bad feeling the Jets default home uniform next year is going to be mono green because they've worn the combo 4 times, one of them being the Color Rush.
  14. My point wasn't exactly that there HASN'T been there has been plenty but what I meant bout that the White Sox design is that it's weird and honestly stupid but some people just like that and I'm one of those people.
  15. It's not totally direct nostalgia, people like me just really like weird and abstract designs and there was alot of that prior to the 90's and just those designs do sometimes evoke a nostalgic feeling even if you weren't around during that era. Old logos in general actually have a fun vibe to them and that's what gets people going.
  16. Why does everyone always default to bashing millenials these days? I think people mean to bash those who were born in the late 90's/early 2000's. I'm basically a millenial and I'm almost 30 and have zero connection with what people describe millenials to be.
  17. I'm beginning to think the Panthers might finally be looking towards a uniform change for the first time in franchise history. I just really want to see this:
  18. I honestly think the Rams will just go navy and yellow. The Rams have always had a navy helmet (except 1949 when it was red) and I don't think they would randomly break that tradition but who knows? I mean the navy survived the St. Louis redesign, so I think it will survive the move to Los Angeles. I'm more concerned with what the jersey and pants will look like than the helmet. We know the helmet is off limits for any major changes but the jersey and pants? Anything goes with that.
  19. How can you possibly think this? They've never worn black in the entire history of the franchise, not even when they were known as the Staleys. The reality is that the shade of the navy blue depends all on the lighting and the quality of the photograph. It's alot like how the Cleveland Indians old navy jersey that they wore back in the 2016 World Series looked like it was black, but was just a super dark navy, I think it was officially midnight navy, but I don't think the Bears use that because the blue is much more pronounced than that Indians alternate.
  20. The Chiefs have never worn red pants against the classic Rams look according to the Gridiron Uniform Database. http://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/GUD/controller/controller.php?action=head-to-head&team_id_a=KC&team_id_b=LAR
  21. It wouldn't be right to use that Mecca court again anyways. They used it in the original Mecca building last year for a single game and that was it. Leave it be. I think what you guys want is for the Bucks to have a new, modernized court design for the City uniform. I don't think it's necessary as the uniform ties to the current court just fine and the colors pop appropriately. The Bucks uniforms didn't even match the Mecca court they played on so it only makes sense that the jersey based on it doesn't match the court.
  22. I think both styles work out for their own respective eras really. If powder blue was supposedly the road uniform of the future across the league then the Brewers did the best they could. It just works even though it's tacky as hell. I much prefer the Greg Vaughn picture but I can deal with the '82 duds from time to time.
  23. I don't know about them being all bad, just look at this picture of Rollie Fingers. LOOK AT IT.