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  1. I agree as well with the SK logo. I see that you're trying to do an interlocking combo, but I don't see a successful execution. And I also agree that the Kings look better with a silver accent rather than gold accent (even though I totally understand why you would try gold).
  2. You're absolutely right! Here, try these
  3. I like everything about this except the crown on the back! I also prefer the kings in purple road jerseys over black, but that's just a personal preference. I would love to see the Kings go with purple and silver as dominant colors, powder blue as an accent, and black gone completely. But don't take that as criticism cause I think your concept is dope! (other than the crown still haha)
  4. So earlier this week, I began slowly working on a concept for the King's inevitable new look for next season. I was basing my colors off of a picture I saw them post earlier in April. What I took away from this was a use of both blue and purple, along with a use of silver instead of black. I liked the idea of keeping purple as a dominant color and having blue and silver added as much as I saw fit. I made a home and road jersey with the assumption that an alternate jersey would just be the same powder throwback. Now, this concept is obviously obsolete thanks to the new logo leak earlier. But I still thought it was worth sharing! Another update to come with the new logo and font. As always, comments and criticism is very encouraged!
  5. I love the cream alternate, but how does it look with the logo having a different color (cream?) stick? I just think the red makes it look off.
  6. I'm a huge fan of this, but my only problem is having the full "TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS" on the shoulders. Its just seems to look too cluttered. Maybe try putting toronto on the road jersey and maple leafs on the home jersey?
  7. Wow...that's a funky number font. It almost looks like it's moving or 3D. My best guess is that it's supposed to vaguely resemble webbed feet?
  8. My only thing is that I believe the bolts on the pants should be flipped so the "peak" of the bolt is facing the front, but everything looks amazing. Kudos!
  9. I don't know how many people actually took 2 hours out of their life to watch UT Arlington and Memphis (it was a pillow fight), but the uniform match up was actually pretty awesome! Memphis's gray looked cool and slick with the white outlines, and matched up well with UT Arlington's blue. Wasn't really a huge fan of thesublimated camo-esque design on UTAs pants, but other than that they were simple but still stylish.
  10. You would be correct! I'm scared, but intrigued! It could go really well or really bad. I dont think I would like them having same pants and jersey colors with gold and red, I'm scared that's exactly what they'll do.
  11. DID ANYBODY JUST SEE THAT "COLOR RUSH" TRAILER AT HALFTIME!?! I could have sworn it showed a teaser of the jags and rams wearing gold (in separate games of course) and the bills wearing red.
  12. Memphis has a home game against Tulane on Halloween. Coach Justin Fuente tweeted this picture. I sense a CFCS (Charcoal For Charcoal Sake) coming.
  13. If the jerseys were black instead of dark grey I'd like them more. Still a good look for them.As much as I hate chrome helmets, I believe chrome with blue stripes would've looked 100x better. They wore those last year, and honestly I think they looked a little awkward with too much chrome combined with the thinness (is that a word?) of the tiger stripes so the blue didn't really stand out all that well.