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  1. @LisleDennis What does she trade?

  2. @PhilipEMSkinne1 @politico Why should we settle for a lesser product?

  3. @DannyParkins Personally, I say limit the situations but eliminate the coaches challenge. Just get the call right the first time.

  4. @TWiT @Georgia_Dow @meganmorrone @Georgia_Dow is easily my favorite tech personality.

  5. @ChrisTannehill @dan_bernstein https://t.co/gIO93pLcNH

  6. @SarahSpain Bimmer* unless you’re talking about a motorcycle #dontkillthemessenger

  7. @Royknwsall0331 @GasMoneyBob https://t.co/DQ2gdMdkVH

  8. @RamblinGrimace @DannyParkins @MattSpiegel670 https://t.co/TM4EEbisxZ

  9. @IlliniDave34 He and Ned Yost are the worst in baseball, both live in MO, and both have a WS. Unbelievable.

  10. @whyamihere1922 @CoreyBlack20 @Jason1Goff Case by case, but don't pretend there isn't a reason for alimony.

  11. @reneritchie @AGCasella This is a really interesting episode. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I do wonder how the rumored… https://t.co/GBOusjkCc8

  12. @reneritchie @alexdobie 26 lenses for power users

  13. @RamblinGrimace When Jeff Bezos joins The Athletic, it's all over.

  14. @dan_bernstein Trey Leches sounds like a G-League point guard

  15. @RedLineRadio Also stupid