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  1. 1. Stags 2. Cougars 3. Saints 4. Shamrocks 5. Pucks 6. Comets 7. Kings 8. Knights (Love the league by the way.)
  2. Oh my, I would never have expected to see a concept like this here. (As a Belgian myself, I'm quite hyped.) In my opinion, one of the hardest trick when you do concept in Belgium is to keep the crown feature fresh and interesting, since it will have to be included on most of the badges. Anyway, it's a great start and I'm curious to see who's next.
  3. So many wonderful intakes! G: 10 S: 5 B: 16
  4. Great idea to see the crest matching the jersey.
  5. The crests may not seem too 10s, but I love the work that you put into it. Great idea by the way, for the league story. (And thanks for the link, Steelman. I've never heard of this before.)
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