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  1. Here are my changes on Thunder Bay. I personally like the original one better, but let me know what you think.
  2. The would look a lot better if they substituted their orange for the gold.
  3. And here's Winnipeg's updates: And thanks again for all the feedback, I can tell I have definitely improved.
  4. Here are my updates on Edmonton, and I will be posting my Winnipeg updates very shortly.
  5. As an Edmontonian, I have never been very fond of the city flag, which is basically the coat of arms on a blue version of the Canadian flag. The green you are using apparently comes from the "grassy mount" on which the shield's supporters are standing. This minor detail doesn't, in my view, merit use as a main colour. Other than blue, the main colours on the shield are purple and gold, either of which would (I think) would work better than green. Whatever secondary colour is used, make sure there is sufficient contrast to be able to read the numbers. White or gold would be far better for this. Based on the arms, Edmonton's "official" colours are purple and gold (not used by any of its major sports teams). I never thought about using the gold, i'll make sure I update it before my next post What would you suggest for their sponsor?
  6. Winnipeg I decided to switch to Raysox's new soccer template because it's a lot easier to work with. I also changed how I present my kits. Let me know how everything looks.
  7. I could probably fit Thunder Bay in after my next one.
  8. I decided to put my Canadian City Flag Soccer thread on hold for a few days, (it can be found right here), and I slightly modernized the Penguin's old logo. I smoothed out the lines, and made it look a little more fierce. Let me know what you think.