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  1. Yeah, that would be great. Thanks for the catch. I know there are some that are upset with the thread but can't please everyone. Changed a few things to make names more legible and colors flow better.
  2. I never said that this was a good logo. In fact, I really dislike it. This was more of a macro view of the NBA right now. Most teams are not going forward, they are going backwards into their history be good or bad. Either way, most are just recycling. And with new rules that include each logo must contain a basketball, might as well just make team a stupid template.
  3. I am sure I am not right or not wrong? Either way, here is a new thing, same as the old thing, but with tertiary colors. Again, they don't all work and for them to all look good, different rules would have to be applied to each which might happen in another iteration.
  4. I agree that there are a few that are hard to read. I tried to stay with the same convention for all of the logos with the primary being the outer ring and the inner being the secondary. I may look at reversing some of the colors. Thanks.
  5. With rumors that the Detroit Pistons might go to a logo that is very similar to their primary that was used from 1979 to 1996, I decided to remake the entire league in this fashion. There have been a lot of rules applied to NBA teams and their primary logos that, I think, eliminates a lot of creativity. So here is my "templated" NBA using each team's first two primary colors. Although, in the end, I found that one or two teams actually do look better with this generic basketball (anything would improve the Thunder).
  6. With the "announcement" of new primary logos for the Jazz, Kings, and Pistons, what does everyone hope to see? I think that the Jazz may just do something simple and make one of their secondary logos the new primary, but as for the other 2, I have no idea. The pistons will go back into their history in some way I am sure but the Kings could just go wild (and I hope they do).
  7. Really enjoy the project here considering the things that are happening to the large sculptures in San Francisco.
  8. The work you have done is great. I was looking at my college sports teams logo (Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) Raiders) and thought that he could use a refresh. I don't think the logo itself is vintage but a half hearted redraw.