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  1. Living in the LA area, I'm glad we got a team finally. For the Rams, it would make a lot of sense to do this: Obviously blue and yellow color scheme Jerseys Yellow home jersey. Yes, yellow. similar to the Color Rush jersey. It would be unique for the NFL and go well with a team from California. Away jersey based on the one used until 2000. The alternate as a throwback to the blue and white era. (Blue jersey). It would pay homage to that era of LA Rams football. It won't violate the NFL's one-helmet rule, as the yellow ram decal can be replaced with a white one easily. Pants White pants with a blue/yellow/blue striping; worn with both yellow and white jerseys yellow pants as the same as the Rams' current throwback pants; worn with white jerseys predominantly, can be worn with home jersey for a game or two throwback white pants identical to the ones in the 60s; worn with the throwback jersey only I hope this is how it goes, and it can be done.
  2. I found two Chargers mini helmets TOGETHER. A 1988-2006 one and their current one since 2007. $3
  3. Long time since this topic was in full swing. Can you give us an update on standings?
  4. On the last Sunday home game for the Angels, the promotion was the 2016 schedule. There was more navy than red on the promotion. Could that be a foreshadowing of the addition of navy?
  5. But we're talking about stadiums not crowd, so no.
  6. Indians playing at Miller Park in 2007 due to snow at Progressive: Angels playing at Dodger Stadium from 1962-1965, could not find a photo.
  7. The improvements are much better. Can't wait to see what will be in store for DC.
  8. Watch the Captains go 27-15 to end the season without 100 losses.
  9. FBS Conferences realignment based on how CONFERENCES should be: ACC: Living up to its name, this conference should consist of schools along all states on the Atlantic: Massachusetts, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida American: No specific boundaries due to its name; just prestigious football programs east of the Mississippi River Big Ten: Only 10 teams, all with prestigious football programs in the Midwest proper: Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio Big 12: Only 12 teams, all teams within or within the vicinity of the Great Plains states: Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas Conference USA: omitted MAC: all with lesser prestigious teams in the Midwest proper: Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan Mountain West: Any schools in states not bordering the Pacific, but within or within the vicinity of the Rocky Mts: Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico Pac-12: Any schools in states bordering the Pacific: Washington, Oregon, California, and Hawaii SEC: All with prestigious football programs in the South proper: Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and West Virginia Sun Belt: All with programs of less prestige in the South including Texas: Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida
  10. "those bastards". I say ditch the navy alternate, it doesn't really go IMO. For a vibrant team, their cap is a bit too boring. The navy should be replaced with their light blue.
  11. My proposed AAA realignment. Many teams switched affiliations in 2015, and got teams further away. Roster changes involving AAA and the MLB happen on the daily, so to cut down travel costs and to get a player on time for the next game is vital. This is what should happen in 2016: Miami Marlins - Charlotte Knights Washington Nationals - Durham Bulls Milwaukee Brewers - Indianapolis Indians Chicago White Sox - Louisville Bats Pittsburgh Pirates - Rochester Red Wings New York Mets - Syracuse Chiefs All other IL teams fit well with their MLB affiliates. Arizona Diamondbacks - Albuquerque Isotopes Minnesota Twins - Colorado Springs Sky Sox Los Angeles Dodgers - Fresno Grizzlies Anaheim Angels - Las Vegas 51s Cincinnati Reds - Nashville Sounds Tampa Bay Rays - New Orleans Zephyrs Texas Rangers - Oklahoma City Redhawks (changing the name back to what it was previously) Oakland Athletics - Reno Aces Houston Astros - Round Rock Express Colorado Rockies - Salt Lake Bees All other PCL teams fit well with their MLB affiliates.
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