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  1. Looks good. I especially like the sock striping. If Notre Dame and OU were to meet in the final, I assume ND would be the home team, so I would love to see your take on a home version of these alternates for the Irish in either Navy or Green
  2. Incredible work. Love the Chargers and the decision to move the bolt to the sleeve, looking forward to your take on the Texans as well as the remaining teams.
  3. Other than the previously mentioned Ravens Blk/Purple/Mustard Uni, I actually like this combo from Oregon. I have a soft spot for these uniforms, but with that being said I think it works because 1) Oregon can get away with crazy combinations more so than the rest of us and 2) The green shoulders and yellow numbers connect the black jersey to the helmet and pants. Maybe an unpopular opinion. However, I was not a fan of these Kirk Cousins era alternates from Michigan State. Gold/Green/Blk just does not work as well here, especially for a school like Mich. St.
  4. Really wish the Ravens would go with purple pants on the road against a black heavy team like the Steelers. White pants would also be superior to the leotard look.
  5. Aggies wearing throwbacks from 1998 (big 12 championship season) for their matchup vs Kentucky in a few weeks. Very clean looking uniforms with the faux mesh look that adidas has done for Nebraska in the past. Really like the shiny helmets and white face masks and hope jimbo brings those back full time next season.
  6. This is a massive upgrade for Strake. Have you tried making only the Crusader's neck cross red? I think that would really make the logo pop and provide more consistency to past logos
  7. On the merchandise link posted above there is an under amour t shirt with "2017" written across it that features the football helmet. Interestingly enough, the UCLA on the helmet has the tail on the script and is featured in light blue, not navy. Of course, it's just a t shirt but I still thought it was noteworthy
  8. As someone who isn't very familiar with UNLV athletics, I was a huge fan of the new logo at first glance. It incorporates the rebel along with other Las Vegas elements in a clean, good looking manner. It's not surprising that people on this site would be a fan. But UNLV fans are completely ripping it up on twitter, and it's understandable why. When you compare it to the old Rebel logo, it falls short. It would be a great academic or alternate logo, but I have a hard time seeing it used on a helmet or uniform. The fans want a logo that is clearly a Rebel, not a logo that takes a few seconds to see what's going on. From any sort of distance it would be nearly impossible to distinguish what that logo is.
  9. If your goal is to truly make "good baseball concepts", then starting off a series with teams wearing green, purple, and black pants isn't the way to do it. ECU's gray cap could work with grey pants, but the black alt is a miss on all levels (no cap logo, lettering and numbers unreadable, etc)
  10. BVZ

    Los Angeles Rams

    Perfection. Wordmark and uniforms are both what I would want them to wear in LA. Agree that horns no longer work with the modern cuts and that the white pants don't need yellow and the yellow pants don't need white. Would love to see what you could do with the Chargers! Keep up the great work
  11. Execution of the gold is still horrible and completely muddles the Twins look IMO
  12. Australia and Israel are my favorites because they are unique to their particular country using symbols while also including the traditional letter logo, although the yellow bill for Australia is the best. The U.S. and canada try to do this but the execution is horrible. France is beautiful but I like them better in the darker navy blue version. Great Britain original hat is far superior to the one they chose. Mexico is great. I like the Dominican Republic but think it looks even better with a solid blue cap without the red bill, but both are good. New Zealand, Italy, and Panama are all simple but work. Most others are tolerable but some like spain, Thailand, Brazil and japan are just terrible. Netherlands, Germany, South Africa and Venezuela are small tweaks away from being great IMO
  13. This is a decent start. My first critique would be to draw inspiration from more aspects of a country than just it's flag. A national flag is just one symbol of pride out of many. For Scotland, use a darker blue and put the lion on the helmet that the soccer team uses. Incorporate gold and red and stay away from black. Like someone else mentioned, use the tartan pattern. And never make the number color the same as the jersey. I like the Irish design but just use more white on the home and rework the alt so the colors are more clear. Northern Ireland is interesting but looks like an Army concept, what's the inspiration for that? England's home sleeve caps don't work because they don't mimic the flag. Use a rose or crown or 3 lions in logo. Wales is my favorite, maybe use a dragon scale pattern somewhere? This has potential if you put more thought into it
  14. Current matte gold pants (basically khaki) for FSU look awful compared to the old shiny ones. However the new matte garnet is far superior to the shiny garnet they've used in the past IMO. Agreed that white numbers outlined in gold would improve the look though
  15. Always exciting when you post a concept Brandon. You put a lot of thought into your re-brands and they pay off. Excellent work, logos look great and would be extreme upgrade from current set. However, I think their current state flag blue color is fantastic and would love to see it incorporated more in this concept, maybe as an alt uniform or just as striping. The #4 in the numerals look awkward and the court seems a little lifeless without any color. IMO home should say "thunder", away should read "Oklahoma City" and alt say OKC. These are just minor issues I have though and only personal preferences. Great job again!!
  16. Very nice. Not a fan of the current uniforms but these are amazing. Only thing I would change is flipping the sleeve logos so that the ship is sailing forward on both sleeves. I'm a fan of the creamsicle but agree that it would feel out of place in this concept. Overall, great work
  17. Good work on these concepts. I like the placement of the GSH, always felt like it got somewhat lost in the sleeve striping. The helmets stripes are fine but I feel like the orange facemask sticks out, I would change that to navy. I also don't think the orange cuffs on the home uniform work well with the striping. Keep up the solid work
  18. This is probably the best logo concept/update I've ever seen on this site. Great work and got drastically better with each little tweak. Would love to see what you would do with uniforms or other teams, can't get enough of this. Well done sir
  19. This is one of my favorite series on the boards ever. Awesome work. Can't wait to see the alternates, keep it up
  20. If Ole Miss has to have navy pants, it would look so much better to have a single red stripe down the pants to match the helmet. The white pants look amazing this year with the stripes included as well.
  21. These are awesome. Throwback looks great, and I actually like the sleeve cap incorporation. The only change I would make is to change the numbers on the white uniform to brown
  22. That's a shame, I really loved Arky's all black cleats, gave the uniform a classy feel. But I'm sure these new white cleats will look sleek
  23. This is a good start, but I would say it's a bit too busy right now. Simplify the details in the compass, arrow and rooster and enlarge them. I would also simplify the border pattern and striping. Good work though!
  24. I have yet to come across a satin helmet finish that doesn't look absolutely fantastic, no matter what the color is. So far, and correct me if I'm wrong on this, but we have seen at the very least maroon (A&M), purple (Vikings), apple green (Oregon), green (Mich St), orange & navy (Syracuse), red (Utah). Not sure about black. Are there any other colors I did not mention?
  25. These 4 are tremendous work again. Perfect look for France and Sweden! Not sure about the orange facemask on Ireland, but the striping definitely works well. Keep up the solid work, can't wait for Spain and England!!