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  1. That FC Dallas logo is a thing of beauty. You rendered the pegasus well, I don't think there's anything else you could have done with the back leg. Using the bridge as the font inspiration is very creative as well. Agree with @QCS on the green. It's a fun idea but doesn't fit into the overall look, at least on the crest. Still a solid secondary color on the clash.
  2. The Cavs update with the Lebron 1.0 wordmark across the chest is the best one for that set. Side note, there is no convincing me that the Lebron 1.0 color scheme isn't the best look they've ever had. If you can blend eras in that color scheme, I think you have a real winner.
  3. The Rockies pants seem off to me. Agree with @BenD on flipping the pants so that the bottom of the jersey matches the pants. But they need a side stripe or even pinstripes because the top is loud and the bottom is meh
  4. I've basically stopped commenting on these because each and everyone is so great. The Berkeley roundel really does capture the counter-culture vibe that you're going for. Can't believe you're still cranking out such high quality work. It'll be a sad day on the boards when this series comes to a close.
  5. That purple jersey is fire. The stripes seem almost like neon with the smaller stripes and gradient coming off it. Really smart to center the logo on both too.
  6. This looks great! The only difference I might suggest would be to make the black and orange even weights. Right now the orange kinda looks like striping instead of being 2 different C's.
  7. Another hit in this series. Everytime that I see the Iberaliga in bold again, it's the first thing I have to check. Can't wait to see the rest!
  8. Love the application of the wings on the Away. The Home feels like a classic uniform too. Overall great look for Lakeland.
  9. The rendering of the king from the Sevilla coat of arms is perfect. Another one that you knocked out of the park
  10. Oakland and the Mets two of your best yet. On the Yankees, I'd recommend a white stroke on the Yankees script and a navy stroke on the New York text. That will just separate them from the pinstripes a little so that it doesn't get lost.
  11. The two applications of hearts on those jerseys are perfect. Love the two tone top on the Clash. Only thing I would change is that those two jerseys probably wouldn't clash enough in a real application. Could always be remedied by a white Third which I'd be confident you would knock out of the park if you did Thirds too.
  12. I think black for the O's road would work better. It would let the bird and wordmark pop much more. They both get kind of lost as it is now.
  13. Really solid start to what sounds like a great idea. Only thing I would say needs adjusting is the size of the number. It could probably be about 80% of the current size and fit a little better.
  14. Haven't been commenting on this for a while simply bc there is absolutely nothing that I would change on any of the recent designs. Santa Clara is one of your strongest ones yet. Keep up the good work.
  15. I know a LOT of people who would buy that Philly one on the spot if they saw a sticker in a store. Great work so far.
  16. I'm seeing some of these old designs and can't believe that it's been 5 years since you originally made this series. Feels like yesterday that I was seeing these on the boards. Loving some of the updates here, specifically the switch to green for St. Pete and the new away for St. John's.
  17. I'm not sure if this is the North Side - White Sox version that you talk about in the post but I don't think I'm seeing the Cubs in this one. If it is just the White Sox then it's absolutely spot on. Can't wait to see what else you come up with.
  18. Beautiful as always. Wouldn't change a thing about them.
  19. Whenever I think "he can't possibly keep coming up with good designs for this", you knock it out of the park again. The cork pattern, the vineyard fields on the clash, the serif font is all
  20. Love the way you incorporated the dragon motif into the banner and the Home. Only change I'd make would be to flip the shorts from Home to Clash. An all-red jersey and a white-over-blue would look great.
  21. The garlic plant logo looks amazing. Usually a shrunken shield shape like that looks awkward but the way the top of the plant sprouts out looks great.
  22. Taking a break?? Noooo. Kidding, we'll all be looking forward to seeing the continuation of CSL2
  23. The Beverly Hills road signs are perfect for a soccer logo. It's what I used in my series but that monogram is amazing. The "palm trees as pinstripes" is executed very well too.
  24. The Wizards might be my favorite of the set. I've hated that they've gone with the Washington Monument logo in recent years. If you're going to keep the Wizards name (which they probably shouldn't), at least have a Wizard in the identity. That jersey is the perfect blend of both eras
  25. I didn't get the magic hat right off the bat but after hearing the explanation it pops. Loving the clash top too. It might be better with white shorts though.
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